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Who or what was IO?

Why is the sky blue?
Why did Scientists go to the Moon?


How do computer viruses work?
Where did Dinosaurs come from?
Who discovered fossils?
What were the first and last dinosaurs?
How big is a 100 foot Dinosaur's footprint?
How many kinds of dinosaours are there?
How did the dinosaurs die?
How long ago were dinosaurs alive?

Where did the sun come from?
Where does the world come from?
How was the earth made?
Where do the stars come from?
Where did Space come from?

If the big bang theory is true, how did it happen?

Will animals be extinct?
How far away is Pluto from Earth?
Is there a tenth planet?
How do they make the glasses for the potions for science?
How is sand made?
They say that hot air rises, then why is the Earth's core down below?

What forms a cave?
How can fish breathe under water?
Were do rapids come from?
If you lost a program on the computer, how would you get it back?
How old are you? Do you speak French? How come IO doesn't talk?
How did you make IO?
How does the scientist get the paper out of IO?
Do you like to read or write?
Why does IO eat questions as he is just a robot?

How do they make discs?
Noha M., room 2

What is1055055 x 1000555 x 100
Rob, room 13, Ms. Mastine

How are Jackets Made?
Sammy (q. 33) , room 12

Why when you put dry ice in water do you get smoke or steam?
If the Universe ends, what is after that?
How can a spider eat bugs and not get sick from the germs?
How do they make computer discs?
How do they make computer discs?

Tell me the population of Costa Rica
and I want the right one okay

How do Flowers grow?
How do you make books?
Who invented Paper?

Is there more smart life in the universe
Why are there different Languages?
How come Teachers teach Kids
Why doesn't a (computer) keyboard go in alphabetical order
How are Spaceships Made?
Where does water come from?
How did the water get into the ocean?

Who Invented Computers
How do we make computers
How do computers help us with our work
How is a computer smart

Examples of Computer BITS
Who Invented Computers?
What is inside a computer?
How do you make computers?
What was the first computer made in Canada?
How is computer memory put into a computer?
How do we fix computers?

How do they make computers
What's inside of a computer

How are Game Boys made
Who Invented the Computer?
What is inside a computer?
How are computers made?

How could a hammer break a rock?
Why do stickers stick?

Why are there worms on the ground when it rains?
Why does a fax machine cut off when you pick up the phone?
How were dinosaurs created and are you sure that you didn't mix dinosaur bones up?
How do they make gas? How does gas go into the cars at the gas station?
How is plastic made?
Why does the earth turn?
Why do the stars come out when it's dark?
How does the sky change from light to dark?

Who Invented Math?
Where did the word Math come from?

What can a raptor do?
Can you show me a picture of a Velociraptor?

How were Dinosaurs Made
Why do people have belly bottons?
Why do we need the sun?
How do birds fly.
How do you make skeleton bones?
What is this?

Who Invented Weapons
How does Santa come here from the North Pole
How does Santa Claus get Made
When was the first Christmas Day

How was Santa Claus Made?
How do Statues get made
How do you make food
How do you make food?
How does a computer disk work?
How does a computer tape have so many things on it?

Why do scientists look for bugs?
How do you make buildings?

Will the sun explode and will there be no more people on the earth?
Is there such a thing as a white hole?
And if there is, what is it made of?
Who Invented the 32X?

How did the Earth get made?
How do Antennae Work?

What's Inside A Radio?
Why Do People Ride Horses?
Who Invented the Clock and Did He Name It After Something?
Why are there so many butterflies in the world?

How do people digest food?
What was the first dinosaur?
How do Trees Grow?
How many Species are there and how many Dinosaurs?

How did Canada get it's name?
What is plastic made of and how is it made?
Why do lions roar?

How do people make electricity?
How does electricity make a light work?
What is electricity and who was the first one to discover it?

Who is the oldest person on earth?
What is the newest Creation?
How do you make a pencil?
Where did the Planets come from?
Is it true that if you hold your eyes open wide and squeeze, will your eyes pop out?
What causes a hurricane or a tornado?
How did God get invented?
How did God come from?
How was God made?

Why do Sharks attack humans?
What came first, space or heaven?
How did the Aztecs die?
How do you get a Brain?
What gases form the Orion Nebula?
What is the name of the largest nebula?

Why do little drops of water come out of the earth?
When is the next full moon?
How big can a fluke worm get?
How many muscles do we have in our bodies?
Why don't jelly fish have bones?
How Do You Make Light Bulbs?
What causes a Volcano to Erupt?
How Come Big People Know Everything?
How does a CD work?
What is Snow?
How do they make polyester and what is in it?

Can you tell me about Raptors?
Can you show me a picture of a Velociraptor?

How Were people Born?
How were people made?
How was Emily born?
How was Sammy made, how was I made?
Where do people come from?

How were people made?
How are animals made

How does a telephone cord work?
What is inside a phone that makes it work and makes it ring like a bell?

Who Invented Watches?
Why is it in China you are only aloud to have one child?
How many people are in China?

What are the northern lights and where do they come from?
Who invented the Telescope?
How do you make an atomic bomb?
How many breeds of horse are there in the world?
If your hair is dead, how can it have cells?
Why do people have different coloured hair?
How does steam relate with water? I know the evaporating stuff..
How is acid rain made?

Questions about Evolution
How do glow-in-the-dark stickers work?
Why doesn't liquid nitrogen freeze?
How can the Earth, planets and Stars stay in space?
What part of the Earth did dinosaurs live on?
What is in the centre of the sun

Why is the Earth Round?
Why is there a ball in a computer mouse and why is it easier to use a pad?
How does a mouse work?
What does the inside of a computer mouse look like?

How do people know when Christopher Columbus was born?
How did scientists know about the past like Colonel John By. How did they know what he looked like?

How do computers have sound?
How come when people are trapped in cars that are on fire and things like that some people can lift up the car?
What is 135,083,928 + 895,000,388?
How are shirts, skirts, coats and jackets made?
How did Oxygen develop?
How does a disk on a computer work?
Why do men have nipples?
Can you tell me what a catapault is used for these days? And if you can tell me how to make a mini catapault?
Why do Volcanoes have Magma?
Why does hot air rise when the core is burning hot?

How Can We Blink So fast?
How Do Birds Eat Corn?
How Do Bugs Wings Work?
How Many People are in the World?
What is the Population of the World?
How many people are in each planet?

Why is the Earth More Blue than Green?
When Was A Spaceship Made?
What's Beneath the Galaxy?
How Big is the Solar System?

How Do Satellites Work?
When Is The Next Leap Year?
What kinds of spiders are there?

How does a cassette work?
How does a VCR work?
How do you make TVs and VCRs?

How does the steering wheel on the car make the wheels turn?
How can you tell if a goldfish is a boy or a girl?
Do spiders and worms and flies have bones?
How do they put rocks in cement?
How are cars built?
How does the car work?

How do you make Paper?
Where did the Cat come from and where do the babies come from?
Your question baffled the Scientists!
How many books are there in the library?

How do your eyes work?
How come your eyes go big in the dark and little in the light?
Why do we have different coloured eyes?
If the light reflects off the cornea and you see upside down and your brain flips the picture, how can we feel them right side up?

How do they make big photographs?
How do you make TVs?
If you mess around with someone's genes, how bad can it get?
How do batteries work and how does re-charging batteries work?
What's inside a speaker of a radio?

How does a Camera Work?
Who found Pluto?
Why is Pluto cold?

Why is the Sun Hot?
What's under Jupiter's Clouds

What;'s in the middle of every planet?
What does the Earth look like in Outer Space?
What is a cell made of besides blood?
Does Anything Grow After Death?
How does a Rocket get out of the Earth's Atmosphere?
What is the Earth?
Why is the Moon a Sphere and what is it made of?
Is Winnie the Pooh a real animal?
How to make a chair slide Quietly
How come People have differnet blood types?
Who is the Prime Minister of South Africa ?
How do you grow hair ? 2)How do you make shoes ?
How big is Asia
How do doctors know if you're knocked out cold
Can you give me some pictures of Australian Animals
What was the Dreadnought?
How do you make a Sim City CD-ROM?
How does the sun glow? Is the sun a star?
Why is the Earth on a slant?
How do you make Computer Chips?
Why do computers need a memory check?
How did Dinosaurs Die?
IO, How do you make shiny rocks that are in the stores and how do you polish it? With What?
Are there Aliens on Mars?
Why is our school call "GRANT"?
How big is the Galaxy?
How big is the Universe?

What is the Hottest Star?
How much does Mars Weigh?
What does the inside of Jupiter look like?
How does a CD work and how are they made?
Do people see things and colours different?
What do stars Twinkle?

Why do puppies eat four times a day?
Who Invented Rockets?
Where does our language come from?
Why did they invent so many countries?
How does a war start?

How do Knights go to the washroom, and other related questions about human digestion.
How do People Talk, yell
How old is IO
How do cars get made
Can I get a lot of information on Wolverines

What do some of the pictures from the car that was on Mars look like
Where do ants come from
Why do we have Allergies
What does a wolf's skeleton look like
How big would a T-Rex be compared to a person
What is the Deadliest Spider in Ottawa
How do you make a Laser
Why do Rabbits have Long Ears?
Who Invented Math?

Why do Bats have Wings?
Why Don't People Fly?
How did Space Begin?
What Happens When you Go in Space?
When you go up in a rocket, does Space ever end?
Do cats have tail bones
How much damage did the Ice Storm do?

Questions about God.
Who Made God
Is God the first person alive
What made God
Are people made by God or by Nature

What kind of engine is in a 47 Ford Coupe
How come LEAD is poisonous?
How much Information can you store on a CD?
How was the first person and first animal made?
How do CD-ROMs work?
How do Computers work?

How do Cat's eyes glow?
How do you get Goose Bumps
Why are birds light and people heavy?
How does the book cover get made?
Have you seen any UFOs?
How were people, plants and animals made?
Could there be other planets we haven't found?
What Planet was first created?
How do they make the puck that shows up as blue on TV?
Can you give us some Ottawa Senators Information
When you make a tape and want to send it, tell me where

How many Languages are there and which language was the first made?
Why does Hair Grow even when you cut it?
How do you get all these books?
What is the smallest Rodent
Why were Electronics Made?
What produces Pooh?
Are there any Aliens?
How many computer chips are in a computer?