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Pat Drummond

This library is a collection that has been helping people with computers and the Internet since about 2000. You can learn how to create a basic web page using HTML, or the considerations for creating a business website that works for you 24/7. Pat's Converter is a units convertion tool that can be downloaded for use offline - I use it all the time!

Internet Help

  1. Software downloads - best free browsers, email readers, Web editors, FTP, anti-virus, firewalls, utilities, office suite.
  2. Searching the Web - My favorites for finding information, people, news
    1. Reference Sites
    2. Deep Web - vast reservoir of information, where to find it.
  3. Email & Web mail
    1. Stop Spam with Email filtering - manage your mail by moving spam or mailing lists into separate folders.
    2. Stop Spam by "Munging" your address - don't become a spam target in newsgroups and Web sites.
    3. Outlook Express - setting up a email (POP) account.
    4. Synchronize Outlook with Android apps
    5. Sympatico email setup in Thunderbird
    6. RSS feed setup in Thunderbird
    7. Emailing MS-Word documents
    8. Email links in web pages don't work!
  4. Internet Terms
  5. Start a Blog - online news for a club or your family.
  6. File Associations - changing the program that opens on a double-click.
  7. Cookies - tiny files left behind by Web sites
  8. Downloading a browser update as a file (install later)
  9. Firefox & Thunderbird addons
  10. Bookmarklets - bookmarks that are actually javascript tools that do amazing things. More Bookmarklets
  11. 10-digit dialing connections - change phone or modem dialing from your computer from 7 to 10 digits
  12. Send an SMS / Text Message for free
  13. Tweeting via SMS (Twitter Canada)
  14. Getting "around" interactive voice response (IVR) systems
  15. Online Books - most are free to download
  16. Google Maps - maps & offline navigation
  17. 2 letter Country Codes - used in Internet domains (i.e. "ca" for Canada)
  18. Canadian provincial digraphs (abbreviations used for addresses)
  19. Use OpenDNS
    Welcome to OpenDNS tells you if you are already using this free DNS service. Over 30 million users use OpenDNS to improve online speed, security and website filtering on the internet.
  20. Computer Viruses & Malware
    1. Computer Viruses - protection, removal
    2. Famous Computer Viruses
    3. Virus Rules (Internet Tourbus)
    4. Virus Notes
    5. Palm Viruses
    6. Mal-ware scanners - learn about computer mal-ware
    7. List of Anti-Malware software
    8. Online Malware Testing - remove malware from your computer
    9. Wireless router security 1
    10. Wireless router security 2
  21. Online hoaxes - don't get fooled!
    1. Internet hoax that was real
    2. "Phishing" Attacks - online scams
    3. Scam Attacks - protect yourself from identity theft


Computer Help

  1. Computer Basics - Karl Tipple's explanation of computers, operating systems and software.
  2. Windows 10 - help and tips
  3. Shortcut to Switch to another Windows accounts
  4. Software downloads - best free software: browsers, email readers, Web editors, FTP, anti-virus, utilities, etc.
  5. My very favorite software
  6. Computer problem checklist - before you call for help
  7. Back up your computer - to restore files or the entire operating system
  8. Windows Tips - better search, block updates, etc.
  9. Godmode: Create a special folder to access most Windows Services
  10. Organizing Start Menus (Win 7)
  11. Windows XP, Windows 7, and Office 2003 support ends
  12. Windows Batch Programs - creating tools
  13. Display last modified date in a webpage - 2 different formats (Javascript)
  14. Direct X diagnostics - check graphics/games capability
  15. Converting PDF files - convert PDF to text.
  16. Emailing MS-Word documents - send email directly from MS-Word the easy way!
  17. Removing Windows Messenger (Windows XP)
  18. Windows Tips - Keyboard shortcuts, change screen resolution and colours, using the file explorer, and more.
  19. Windows Task Scheduler Problems - web pages that open in the wrong browser, bad file icons
  20. Create a screenshot image - using the PrintScreen key
  21. Travelling with a laptop
  22. Using WiFi Hotspots securely
  23. Better Battery Life
  24. Saving your Phone Battery
  25. Cleaning a Laptop
  26. Digital camera - quality, resolution, and size for fast Web photos or quality printed photos.
  27. Screensaver - display a slideshow of your own photos as a screensaver (Win XP)
  28. Desktop Web page - how to put a web page right on your Desktop (Win XP)
  29. Windows Vista Task Scheduler - how to edit tasks
  30. Why does my computer wake up? - tips for solving annoying startups when your computer should be on standby.
  31. Join a Zoom meeting room directly from a Windows Shortcut
  32. Keyboard suddenly displays the Wrong Keys [patdrummond.blogspot.com]


Android operating system, apps, phones

  1. OnePlus One smart phone - buying it, getting started
  2. Weloop Hey 3S Sports Smart Watch - help using it
  3. Android Help - forums, tips, getting apps without Google "Play"
  4. Editing and FTP'ing HTML files in Android
  5. Android Phone & Ford SYNC - how to connect - standard and "reverse pairing"
  6. Access Pandora radio in Canada on Android
  7. Synchronize Outlook with Android apps


Web Design

  1. HTML - Create your first Web page, testing it
    1. Basic HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
    2. Latin1 Accent Codes for HTML
    3. Web Design Bad Practices
  2. File formats (text, images)
  3. Web Images - formats, palettes, file size and speed.
    1. Web Page Colours
    2. RGB Colour Codes
    3. Screen Size Test
  4. Creating Beautiful Titles without Images
  5. QR CODE image for smartphones to scan
  6. Web Style - Design for accessibilty and speed
  7. Copyright protection for your work
  8. Twitter Widgets for your web page
  9. Push a Footer to the bottom of the browser screen
  10. Robots File to control search robots
  11. Redirecting Web Page URL Requests
  12. Coding a Popup box (Tool tip, mouseover)
  13. FTP publishing- Using software to publish Web files.
    1. FTP publishing using Ms-Word
  14. Digital camera - quality, resolution, and size for fast Web photos or quality printed photos.

Business on the Web

  1. Web 101 for Business
  2. Web 102 Web Marketing
  3. Business Web Plan
  4. 8 Steps to creating a Web site
  5. Starting a Consulting Business
  6. Domain Names explained :: Domain Name Authorities
  7. Internet statistics
  8. Canadian Provincial postal digraphs

A Web Presence for Business or Personal

What to know before you begin. (Ask Woody newsletter)

  • What is your Web presence?
  • Getting the perfect domain name
  • Choosing an email provider: Your biggest decision
  • Choosing a web-hosting service: The ins and outs
  • Building your business website: Understanding the options
  • Working with search engines
  • Business social networking
  • Currency, continuity, and commitment

Online Tools

  1. Pat's Converter (Javascript) converts kilometres, knots, kilograms, Celcius, litres, US prices, degrees - even Canada/US gas prices.
  2. Cooking Measurement Conversion Tables
  3. Pat's Calculators (Javascript) - scientific calculator and popup calculator
  4. PDQ Monthly Calendar (Javascript) - this month's calendar
  5. Moon phase display (Javascript) - displays what the moon will look like tonight, and how many days until a full moon
  6. QR CODE - image for smartphones to scan
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