PDQ Library:  Reference Sites

Encyclopedia of Life - International project to put 2 million plant and animal species online.

AskOxford.com - searchable access to the Compact Oxford English Dictionary, resources for writers and students.

Cyberschoolbus (United Nations Statistics Division) - teaching materials for kids and training teachers.

Epicurious - food meta-site, cooking, nutrition, recipes, cookbook reviews, wine information

Household Products Database - 4,000 consumer brands, including health effects from Material Safety Data Sheets provided by manufacturers.

New York Public Library Picture Collection - 30,000 digitized images from books, magazines and newspapers, original photographs, prints and postcards, mostly created before 1923.

University of Michigan Documents Center - comprehensive directory of government and statistical information

Previous MARS winners

Answers.com (was GuruNet) - free online service

Library of Congress & Wondir - search services by humans

Wikipedia - a collaborative, multilingual encyclopedia

All Music Guide

Free Books & Research Papers

ConneXions - share education modules

MIT Open CourseWare - share lecture notes, exams, and videos

TextBookRevolutions.org - free educational materials

The Naional Academies Press - 4,000 free online books (PDF)

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