Bookmarklets for your Browser

A bookmarklet, also called a favelet, is a small piece of javascript in a bookmark that you click to do something useful. The following examples work in Firefox. They may also work in other browsers.

Creating a Bookmarklet

You can create a bookmarklet like any other bookmark. Here is the method to create one in the Firefox "Personal Toolbar".

  1. Highlight the bookmarklet code (Select All), then type CTRL+C (hold the CTRL key while typing C) to copy it to the Clipboard.
  2. Create a New Bookmark (open All Bookmarks for editing).
  3. Beside Name in the Properties box, type a short name for the function.
  4. Beside Location, type CTRL+V to paste the text you just copied.

1. "Fit to Screen Width" Bookmarklet

Instantly shrinks a page to fit your screen width.

(CTRL+C to copy)

2. "Calculator" Bookmarklet

The tool prompts you for an equation and displays the result.

(CTRL+C to copy)

3. "Convert $USD" Bookmarklet

U.S. dollars you enter is converted to Canadian dollars at OANDA.COM.

(CTRL+C to copy)