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Computer Problems Checklist

When you suddenly have drive problems that are now, such as a CD drive tray that just won't open any more, there are a few possible situations:

1. A cable can be dislodged from vibration or moving the computer.

2. The drive or cable connecting the devide has failed - you have a hardware failure and need to have the failed part repaired, or more likely replaced.

3. There is some software preventing you from accessing and connecting to your drive - you have a software problem. Very often, when a drive is no longer functional, it is due to spyware/adware programs that have been installed in your system without your knowledge when you downloaded and installed some "free" program. For good, free software see PDQ Library: Best Free Software Downloads: Anti-virus & Anti-malware.

You should uninstall recently installed programs that may contain spyware.

4. Hackers can get into your sytem when you are on the Internet. They can cause all sorts of odd symptoms on your system.

a) Always apply any needed security updates to your operating system and other software such as MS Office.
b) Update your virus scanning software daily. In addition, run a system scan regularly.
c) Install "Firewall" software that will protect your computer when you are online.

And generally, take the time to do regular system maintenance:
Run a "Cleanup Wizards" or manually or delete all files in these folders:

"Temp" folder
"Temporary Internet Files" folder
"Trash" folder

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