PDQ Library:  Removing Messenger from XP

Removing Messenger

When you go to your "Control Panel" and select "Add or Remove Programs", the list may not contain Windows Messenger. The operating system actually hides some applications to prevent you from removing them (I have no idea why). If you cannot locate the application in your Program List, and are comfortable with editing Windows XP system files, then proceed. Add a note to your computer log - you keep one right?!

  1. Find the file SYSOC.INF in the INF subfolder of your Windows folder and make a backup copy (Right click and drag then select "Copy Here" from the popup menu). Since this is a system file it may be "hidden" (a file display option). If this is the case, you may simply open it directly in a text editor (Notepad or NoteTab) and make a backup copy there.
  2. Open this file:
    Note: If your operating system is NOT located in C:\WINDOWS, open this instead:
  3. Find and remove the work "hide" from this line:
    so it looks like this:
  4. Save and Close the file. Now you should be able to see and remove the application from "Add or Remove Programs" in the "Control Panel". Remove it and it will finally go away.
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