PDQ Library:  File Formats

Formats are listed in order of preference for a client to supply to us for Web site work.

Text Copy

  • TXT ASC - Plain text, ascii from any basic editor
  • RTF - generic word processing format
  • DOC - Microsoft Word
  • WPD - WordPerfect
  • HTM HTML - Web page

Image & Graphics

  • CDR PSD - professional graphics formats
  • TIF TIFF BMP - general image formats
  • JPEG JPG - Photo image (use 100% option if possible)
  • GIF - Line drawings, Logos
  • PNG - Photo or line drawing format
    Using web images...

Files in these formats can be sent to us on floppy disk, zip disk, or in an email attachment (read your software help to learn how to attach a file to email).

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