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Security issues for wireless routers

Too many people using wireless routers just take them home, plug them in, and use them. Without a few basic settings, their Internet connection can be used by anyone on the street! Not to mention, nasty people with easy access to their home network, could access their computer.

Most wireless routers are shipped with all security measures turned OFF and with standard, well-known settings. It's a simple matter to changed the router's default settings and turn ON the wireless security protocols. Pull out the manual and find out how to access the router settings. For my Linksys router I type URL "" in a web browser and log on (see the manual) to change the settings. The default SSID (identifier) is "Linksys" and wireless security may be set to "none" or "open" (modern setup programs will force you to setup proper security before you use the router). "Open" security means anyone within range can connect to your home network! Setting up proper security is easy...

  1. First log onto your router in any web browser (see your router manual for the default username and password).
  2. Immediately change the default password on your router to protect your settings! You may even write this one down in your computer records.
  3. Change the SSID identifier from "linksys" to something unique that does not identify you in any way (but you will recognize in a list).
  4. Others will tell you to turn OFF SSID broadcast, but it's a waste of time.
  5. Set up WPA encryption for a Wireless router (WEP can be easily bypassed) This will require creating a secure pass code (password) for connecting to your home network using WiFi (not required for wired router connections).
  6. Turn on your router's firewall

- based on posting by Christina Johnson (March 2005)

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