PDQ Library:  Create a Screensaver

Create a Slideshow Screensaver

There's an easy way to set up a screensaver using your own photos, and it's built right into Windows XP! Just follow these instructions to get your computer to display a slideshow whenever you are not using your computer.

Photos in JPG format about the same size as your screen resolution will work fine.

  • Collect your favorite photos into a folder called "MyScreensaver".
  • Starting with your Windows Start button or screen button, select:
    START >> Settings >> Ctrl Panel >> Display >> Screensaver
  • In the screensaver drop-down list, select My pictures slideshow
  • Click on Settings, and find the folder with your photos
  • Click OK
  • Click Preview to see what it looks like. Any mouse movement or key stike will stop it and return to your desktop.
  • Change the time before the screensaver starts!
Note: Other ways to access Control Panel and Display Settings:
  1. Double-click "My Computer" and select "Change a Setting" from the left menu (or click on "Control Panel" in "Folder" display).
  2. Hold down the Windows Key while typing "E" to open the file explorer. Under "My Computer" click on Control Panel. Double-click on "Display" in the right pane. Under the Settings tab you will see what display resolution you are currently using (800 x 600, 1024x768 etc.)
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