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My dialup connections no longer work - Help!

Canadian area codes now using 10-digit dialing include 613, 519, 450, 514, 819. People who use a computer with a modem and phone line to connect to the Internet must update all their "dialup" connections to use 10-digit phone numbers instead of 7 digits. (This does not affect high speed, broadband, satellite, or wireless connections.)

Use these procedures to set your dialup connections to dial 10 digits instead of 7 in Windows XP. Procedures for Windows 98 are similar - the selection text will be slightly different.

To set Dialing Rules for all Dialup Connections:

  1. From the START button select Settings > Control Panel > Phone and Modem
  2. Select the Dialing Rules/Properties" tab and look for Properties or Area Code Rules.
  3. If you see your area code listed, click "Edit". Otherwise, Click "New"
  4. Enter any text you want in "Location name".
  5. If not already set, select the Country {Canada} and enter the Area Code: {613}
  6. Under "Rules", check the rule that 'uses the area code to access a line for local calls'.
  7. Click OK three times.

If you set "Use dialing rules" in a connection's Properties window and the 3-digit area code will be added automatically.

To edit an existing Connection (icon)

To locate your Dialup Connection, use one of these 3 methods:

  • "Right click" on the connection icon on your Desktop. Click "Select Properties".
    In the window that opens, select "Find Target..".
  • Click on your START button and select: Programs > Accessories > Communications > Network  Connections
  • From the Control Panel select Network Connections.

To edit only one Connection for 10-digit dialing:

  1. Right click on your Connection icon and click "Properties".
  2. If you set "Dialing Rules" above to add the area code to all Dialup Connections, then simply check "use dialing rules" and click "OK". Repeat for all dialup connections.
  3. If you did not set "Dialing Rules", type the 3-digit area code in front of the existing number in the "phone number" box - and do NOT check "area code" and "use dialing rules"!
  4. Click "OK" to close the window.

Now double click on the Dialup Connection icon to test your changes.

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