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EMAIL CLIENT SETUP for "OutLook Express"

  1. Contact your ISP and findout the following information:
    • Ingoing POP server name?
    • Email address (you may have to create an email address online)
    • Email Account Username and password
    • Outgoing SMTP server name?
    • Does the SMTP server Require Authentication?
    • What are your username and passowrd if the server requires authentication?
  2. Open your Outlook Express client
    • Go to Tools > Accounts
    • Select Accounts
    • Select the mail tab from the Internet Account
    • Select Add
  3. Set up a new mail account
    • Select Mail
    • The Internet Connection Wizard will start
    • Provide a display Name (e.g. Jan Smith or ISP.CA)
    • Next
    • Enter an E-mail address (e.g. jansmith@isp.ca)
    • Next
  4. Set up connections to ISP Mail
    • Incoming Mail POP3 Server: Provided by your ISP in step 1 (e.g. pop.isp.ca)
    • Outgoing mail SMTP Server is: Provided by ISP in step 1 (e.g. smtp.isp.ca)
    • Type the full email account username: from step 1 (e.g. jansmith@isp.ca)
    • Remember to include the @YOUR_DOMAIN.CA in the user name
    • Type the password in password field (hold SHIFT key to type upper case characters)
    • Next
    • Select the Finish button. (The setup wizard closes and returns you to the internet accounts window.)
  5. Check your new mail settings
    • Highlight the newly created account and select properties
    • On the general tab make sure that the following are filled in:
    • Server is mail.
    • E-mail address: (e.g. jansmith@isp.ca)
    • Reply address : (e.g. jansmith@isp.ca)

  6. On the server tab:
    • My incoming server is a POP3
    • Incoming mail: Provided by your ISP (e.g. pop.isp.ca)
    • Outgoing mail: Provided by ISP (e.g. smtp.isp.ca)
    • * If your outgoing server requires authentication:
        Check the 'myserver requires authentication' checkbox
    • Select more settings if required by your ISP
    • Add the username and password provided in step 1
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