PDQ Library:  Pandora for Android in Canada

Android Pandora can be used in Canada with a little work.

You need to install the Pandora app but the Play store won't allow you to install this app. You need to manually install the Pandora app by downloading an APK file.

  1. First, backup your Android device before installing any APK not vetted by a trusted software service. **
  2. Locate and install a Pandora APK file. Search online for Pandora APK download or try our link below - I used this link March 2013, but downloading executable programs (apps) always expose you to the risk of getting malware and viruses. (See previous suggestion to back up.)
  3. Download APK: http://page2.yunfile.com/file/wodeaigsq/b6913f23/
  4. On this page, select slow (free) download.
  5. Download file to your PC or tablet and install it. (Pandora.1.6.NoAds.AsX.apk)
    If you download this file to your PC, you must transfer it to your device, locate it using an Android file manager. Pressing any APK file will ask you to install it. Press "OK" but do not run the app until you instal and setup Hola.
    Install and run Hola for Android on your device. Do not turn unblocker ON until you first press unblocker and then press Settings. This will open your default Android browser (or open a selection popup).
  6. When the webpage opens, just check the box beside Pandora from the list of sites.
  7. Manually install the application's APK on your phone by downloading it from the site and then pressing 'install'

I recommend paid apps Sprite Backup for Android v2 and MyBackup Pro for Android v4. If you have a lot of apps to restore after a device "reset", a backup app will make it much less painful!

If you don't care about backups or have only a few added apps from Google Play, open a Google Play account and select the option to backup your app settings. Google Play keep a list of your installed apps by default, but this additional setting makes it easy to restore them.

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