PDQ Library:  Google Maps

Google Maps provides a free mapping tool to get a map and driving directions to any address. You can tell it to use street intersections, street addresses or even postal codes for the start or end locations.

For example, if you are at the corner of Baseline Road and Clyde Avenue in Ottawa and you need to get to an address on Fallowfield Road in Barrhaven, here's how you use Google Maps to get there.

  1. Go to: http://maps.google.ca
  2. Enter your start address in the box at the very top and click "Search Maps". e.g. "Baseline Road and Clyde Avenue, Ottawa, ON" (don't forget the city and province)
  3. Google maps will return you a page with a pinpoint at your current location on a map. Use your mouse wheel to zoom in/out.
  4. Click on the "From here" link.
  5. In the "End Address" box, enter the location to go to "1234 Fallowfield Rd., Ottawa, ON" (Nepean, Ontario also works).
  6. Google Maps will return you a page with the distance and estimated driving time with the directions. You can print it or email it.
  7. At this point, if you click on "Link to this page" Copy the URL from the address box. (It will begin with http://maps.google.ca/maps.)

Once you've created the map link for your location, you can save the URL in your Favorites or bookmark it for later use. These links rarely fit in 1 line, so you can use the services of SnipURL (http://snipurl.com) to shorten the link for publication or sending to friends.


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