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There is nothing that can compare to the Web as a marketing tool with its flexibility in presentation, its huge potential market, and its much lower costs compared to conventional marketing. Businesses are forming new relationships with both suppliers and customers that save time and are more convenient for everyone. Car Shopping on the Internet
  1. Online marketing: Simply having a Website will not achieve your business goals. If your Website is designed and marketed properly, people will find and visit your Website instead of your competitors. More than 85% of Web surfers use search engines to find what they are looking for on the Web. A professional Web designer can do this for you - an amateur may not know how, or may not consider it important.

  2. Save time: You and your customers save time and money when compared to Fax, telephone, and postal mail. People can access information and communicate with you any time of day or night. Busy people prefer the time flexibility to deal with email communication. No more voice mail, "telephone tag", huge phone bills or waiting!

  3. Customer service: Your customers can find out basic information about your business without having to phone. Instead, you will hear from people who are already interesting in doing business with you. It saves time for you, your customers and suppliers.

  4. New business: Busy people are searching for products and services online rather than using traditional means. Internet users are doubling every 18 months; content has doubled every 12 months; E-commerce has doubled every 6 months; bandwidth has doubled every 4 months. February 2000 marked the first survey by Zona Research showing more people in the U.S.A. using the Internet than don't - 90 million American adults are Internet users; 85.3 million are not. Women will soon make up half the people on the Web.

  5. Communicating: Modern businesses know that Web based information and online communication is imperative to their daily activities with customers and suppliers. Futurists predict that companies not on the Web will disappear.

  6. Affordable: Anyone can now afford a Website. With a professional designed Website, no one knows or cares if you are small or large, only if you sell what they want at a competitive price. Companies with a Website and email address can attract people they could never hope to reach before.

  7. Save money: You can provide more information about your products or services, and update information quickly and easily - at considerable cost saving over printed brochures.

  8. Online sales: Customers can order online, use query forms, or do credit transactions, depending on the service level provided by your Internet provider and Web designer.

  9. Develop traffic to your business: An entry level Website that mirrors existing brochures may bring low rewards. If you provide related value-added information of interest to your audience, it will bring people back again. Bookmarks from related business sites will increase traffic to your Website.

  10. Modern business: A Website on your business cards, advertising and printed material tells the world that you are a modern company in touch with the latest technologies.
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