PDQ Library:  Emailing Word documents

Microsoft WORD, a word processor used by many, has a feature to allow you to send a document directly to your Internet mail editor. The feature is located in the FILE menu and is called SEND. Unfortunately, the MS-WORD default option is to send an Email attachment, not the best option for general use.

How to Email WORD documents as plain text:

  1. Open Microsoft WORD and open any document (this will display all the menus).
  2. Select Tools|Options and the General tab.
  3. In the GENERAL tab, you will see "Mail as Attachment". Turn this OFF so your messages prepared in MS-WORD will be sent as plain text. Click OK.
  4. Prepare an Email message, select SEND from the File menu. Your document is automatically converted to plain text in your Email editor.
  5. Queue your message for sending "later".

How to Email WORD documents using Microsoft Outlook 2002:

  1. You can reduce the file size by filtering HTML without changing the text or formatting.
  2. Open Microsoft WORD and open any document (this will display all the menus).
  3. Select Tools|Options and the General tab.
  4. Click on Email Options, the General tab, then select Filter HTML before sending. Click OK.

Why you should not use Email attachments:

  • MS-WORD attachments take a lot longer to download.
  • People with older version of MS-WORD may not be able to read your document.
  • Attachments are often deleted by busy people or those afraid of MS-WORD viruses, the fastest growing source of computer viruses!
  • Some people refuse to open ANY unsolicited attachments.

More tips

Addressing envelopes in MS Word:
In the TOOLS menu, choose OPTIONS and the "User Information" tab. Type your mailing address in the Mailing Address box, then highlight the intended recipient's address in your Word document. Go to TOOLS|ENVELOPES AND LABELS where both addresses will already be entered. Select your envelope size, click on Print, and your envelope will print. Remember to put the envelope into your printer left edge first if you are printing in landscape format.


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