PDQ Library:  Saving your Cell Phone Battery

The battery is the most important - and frustrating - part of your mobile phone. Here are some tips to keep your phone working during a power outage or a long time away from a wall plug. A blackout is a good chance to go cold turkey on some of the "features" that drain the battery quickly.

  1. Turn off Bluetooth off. [Settings - Wireless and network - Bluetooth settings - uncheck Bluetooth]
  2. Turn off GPS location services. [Settings - Location and Security - uncheck Use GPS satellites]
  3. Turn off Wi-Fi communications. [Settings - Wireless and network - Wi-Fi Settings - uncheck Wi-Fi]
  4. Turn off the 4G connection if your phone has that option - 4G is a power hog.
  5. "Flight Mode" ("Airplane Mode") is very handy to toggle all the radios used for Bluetooth, GPS, and phone calls on and off. You can get separate icons for most of these but the Android "Control Widget" combines toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Brightness and Auto-sync. [Press/hold the Power button and select Flight Mode from the popup menu]
  6. Keep your phone charging if a power outage is expected. If you have a spare battery, charge it too.
  7. Most smartphones are set up for reading e-mail with messages being pushed down to your phone on a regular basis. You can save a lot of battery by turning off the push notifications. [Menu - Settings - Accounts and Sync - uncheck Auto-sync for all accounts]
  8. Take a holiday from online musuic, videos and games.
  9. Close applications that continue to run in the background. Close Android widgets that update on a regular basis. With Flight Mode on they won't be able to update anyway so there's no point in running them.
  10. Dimming the display and setting the timeout to the lowest setting (15 seconds) saves the most battery power. [Settings - Display - Brightness | Timeout]
  11. Send text messages instead of calling. A text message send the information quickly and efficiently.

When your battery finally dies there are options for charging it. A fully charged laptop can be used to charge a phone through its USB cable. If you have a power transformer for your car that converts tje 12-volt plugin to 110-volt power, you can use your standard house charger. If you have a car adapter, you can charge your phone from the car's 12-volt plug.

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