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Project Gutenberg was to be the best online book project, but didn't live up to the hype, but has over 13,000 titles from The Online Books Page.

Librivox - volunteer, open source project provides free audiobooks from the public domain (mp3, ogg)

Google Books - classic public domain books scanned to PDF format. Search the full text of books.

Freebook Sifter - lists 35,000 free eBooks on Amazon.com by category.

Bartleby reference books - great books online

Our Roots - Canada's local history

University of Pennsylvania digital library has over 20,000 free books online:

The Internet Public Library
Online Texts [Subject Collections > Arts and Humanities > Literature]

"Online Literature Library" - collection of classics

University of Texas (Austin) Online Library - many books are limited to UT Austin students

Math.Gatech.Edu - math textbooks from Georgia Institute of Technology

Arxiv.Org - Articles on astrophysics, relativity, quantum cosmology, high energy physics from Cornell University

55 Ways to Have Fun with Google -by Philipp Lenssen http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2006/09/55-ways-to-have-fun-with-google.html.

The Internet Archive


eBook Mall

Aesop Fables

bibliomania: Chekhov, Wilde

WorldWideSchool.org: classics

The Creative Commons - novels, photos, media, music

NetGuide Best of the Web Reviews - searchable digital library

National Academy Press -searchable, 3000 publications (free)

The Invisible Web - libraries, databases

World Wide Web Virtual Library - maintained by volunteers


    PDQ: "Deep Web" - vast reservoir of information missed by most web searches, far larger than the Web we are more familiar with.
    PDQ: Search - links to Web search services and directories.
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