PDQ Library:  Converting PDF files

PDF Text Converted to Plain Text using Adobe Acrobat

Converting PDF files to text PDF software doesn't have an "export" or "save as.." function. If you want to use the text in another application, you will have to use the following work-around using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  1. There is a small icon at the bottom that allows you to set "continuous" instead of "single page" display. (Using menu preferences to set this option didn't seem to work).
  2. Once this option is set, you can select all the text in the document (CTRL+A or use the menu EDIT-Select All). Copy the text just selected (CTRL+C or use EDIT-Copy). You get the entire doc this way, not just a single page.
  3. Now paste into your wordpro (CTRL+V) and check for errors.

PDF using Foxit Reader

There is nothing worse than clicking on a link to a PDF file only to have your browser lock up while it loads up Adobe Acrobat reader. You donít need it. A better solution is Foxit Software, which makes a free, fast PDF reader called Foxit Reader (less than 1 MB) that is far better and faster than Adobe Acrobat. The Foxit Reader allows you to type into any document and select and copy text. Adobe Acrobat Reader, over 50 times larger, doesnít do either of those tasks very well. It also provides a text mode that allows you to copy text from the PDF - not the whole thing, but useful.

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