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Skiing in 2018
Skiing in 2018

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About Vesper

: Snowshoeing in the Greenbelt

: Skiing in the New Year

: New page of photos for 2018 posted

: The Canadian Private Fleet Rebounds (Slightly) in 2017

: Snow = Skiing

: Chromium 63 Versus Firefox 57

: Indoor Ice Skating

: Ice Skating Starts

: Firefox 57 Quantum

: Firefox 52 Breaks Audio on Lubuntu - updated, as the Lubuntu devs came up with a final fix for this issue

: The Poets' Pathway

: The Year in Biking

: Vesper's Haul-Out

: New Video – Sailing Vesper in October 2017

: At The Carleton University Butterfly Show

: Nigel & Charlyn's September Visit

: September Sail on Wind Spirit 3

: New Feature – Lac DeschĂȘnes buoy photos

: Jane's Visit to Ottawa

: Vesper's Upgrades

: Kathryn

: August Sail on Wind Spirit 3

: Nigel & Charlyn's August Visit

: Flying Vesper's Spinnaker

: Vesper's Woodwork

: Sailors on Vesper

: New Video – Sailing on Wind Spirit 3

: New Menus for Chromium 59

: Nick & Steph's Wedding

: The Commodore's Sailpast

: Launching Great White J

: Sailing on Wind Spirit 3

: Firefox 52 Breaks Audio on Lubuntu - updated, as Mozilla closes the bug raised as "wontfix"

: Sailing with Friends

: Five Years Without a Haircut!

: New Video – Hogs Back Run-Off

: Three Bad Sectors

: First Sail of the Season

: Vesper is Launched

: Vesper is Ready to Sail

: New Video – Hogs Back in Full Spring Flood

: Firefox 52 Breaks Audio on Lubuntu - updated again, this time with market share news, plus a fix on Lubuntu!

: uBlock Origin, Web Browser Wide-Spectrum Blocker Extension

: More Ice Skating on the Rink of Dreams

: Firefox 52 Breaks Audio on Lubuntu


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I am on Diaspora, the free, disbursed social network that is community run on free software, advertising free and you own your data.

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Since I have been using Linux-based computer operating systems and you could be too, for free!

Right now I am using the Lubuntu operating system. Linux is free, very stable, has tens of thousands of free applications to do everything you need and doesn't run Windows viruses or spyware. It is perfect for me. If you want to read about my experiences switching from Windows to Linux, have a look at The Ubuntu Diaries Part I, Part II and Part III. I also supply Linux DVDs.

These two websites have some very useful background for people new to Linux:

For information on free and open source software for Windows have a look at the Windows Open Source/ Freeware Project. I also have a Best of Free Windows Software DVD for users on dial-up who can't download huge files themselves.

For a list of recommended free software for all operating systems see the Free Software List.

Worthwhile free software that I use