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About Vesper

: Skiing P20 to the Mud Lookout

: Skiing P16 to Herridge Cabin

: Snowshoeing in the Greenbelt

: Skiing P20 to Lusk Cabin

: Skiing the Gatineau Parkway

: Skiing the Trail 53 & 51 Loop

: Skiing in the New Year

: New Video: Snow Storm in Ottawa

: Pardus review

: New Video: Skating Chaos at Canterbury

: Kathryn's Projects for 2023

: Our New Photo Page For 2023!

: Skiing from P6 to the Lac Fortune Parkway

: Skiing from P5 to the Mackenzie King Road

: Skiing from P8 to the Champlain Parkway

: Skiing for 2022-23 Starts

: Biking Season Ends

: Skating Season Starts

: New Video: Skating at Canterbury

: MX Linux

: Ubuntu Budgie 22.10

: SpiralLinux

: Ubuntu Unity 22.10

: Early Snowfall

: Kubuntu 22.10

: Xubuntu 22.10

: Hiking the Wolf Trail

: Lubuntu 22.10

: VanillaOS 22.10

: Hike to Western Cabin

: Ubuntu 22.10

: Last Bike Ride to Osgoode for 2022

: Hike to Meech Lake

: Vesper's Haulout

: Last Sail of the Season

: Hike to the Ramparts Lookout

: Seven Sails on Slowpoke

: New Video: The Grampian 26 sailboat Slowpoke sailed on Lac Deschenes

: Hike to Lac Fortune

: New Video: Gatineau Park Hike from P7 to Lac Fortune

: New Video: Sailing Slowpoke to Aylmer Island

: Hike to Lusk Cabin

: Biking to Osgoode

: Hike to Shilly Shally

: New Video: Sailing the Grampian 26 Slowpoke


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I use the Ubuntu operating system. Linux is free, very stable, has tens of thousands of free applications to do everything you need and doesn't run Windows viruses or spyware. If you want to read about my experiences switching from Windows to Linux, have a look at The Ubuntu Diaries Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV.

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