Cross Country Ski Season -


Ruth & Adam

Winter came early in . It arrived in late November and brought a lot of snow with it. While this put an end to our quadracycling adventures it brought an early start to cross country ski season!

We love cross country skiing! It is fantastic to be out in the fresh air and the snow, plus it is the best exercise program that there is. The winters here in Ottawa are short and we wouldn't want to miss any of it. We find it hard to believe some people go to Florida at this time of year!

We will use this page as our skiing photo/video diary and will add photos throughout the season - so check back often!

Distance & Days Skied


Last ski

Days skied

Total distance



302.5 km



335.5 km

Skiing Videos

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An actual clear day at the Champlain Lookout On the way to McKinstry McKinstry Cabin McKinstry Cabin interior Huron Cabin Norwegian Celebrations Huron Cabin Norwegian Celebrations

Ruth Ruth negotiates a steep hill Western Cabin Farm seen from Western Signposts

Ruth Adam Red Squirrel at Shilly Shally cabin Red Squirrel at Shilly Shally cabin

Snowfall on broken tree trunk Creek bed choked with snow Meech Lake with open water

Amazing skies Hairy Woodpecker at Huron cabin Red Squirrel at Huron cabin Ruth enjoys the sunshine Huron cabin Snowfield Ruth

Open water at Meech Lake Open water at Meech Lake No cycling allowed Private beach Snowman at Healy cottage

Trail 1 The grooming machine Black Cap Chickadee Ruth Hairy Woodpecker

Trail 50 Ruth Adam Meech Lake in the snow Pine Grosbeaks Herridge Cabin

Champlain Lookout Champlain Lookout Adam & Ruth

Adam Open Stream Open Stream Ruth Ruth at Lusk cabin Sign at Lusk cabin

Ruth Shilly Shally cabin Adam New snowfall on trees

Ski racing training track sign Green Trail 14 Ruth Open stream Ruth on Blue Trail 4 Blue Trail 22 where it meets Trail 4 A very busy day at parking lot P10

Ruth Fortune Parkway trail Keogan Cabin

Ruth tackles a hill Pente raide sign Ruth tackles another hill Ruth at Lac Taylor Adam at Lac Taylor Renaud cabin Ruth Renaud cabin

Stone Bridge on the Fortune Parkway Ruth having way too much fun Ruth Admires the View Adam Taking a Break

On the Champlain Parkway Icicles Ruth at Shilly Shally after lunch

Snow moving in on the Champlain Lookout On the way to Western Cabin Ruth wears yellow glasses, which makes her happy Western Cabin Ruth at Western Adam at Western Skiing back in the falling snow

Ruth Adam Snow after the rain Icicles Always good advice Trails after the rain

Even the kids were skiing today Ruth tackles a big hill on Trail 3 On the route of the Keskinada Loppett - we didn't go that far! Hoarfrost following a night of fog in the hills

Ruth on the Fortune Parkway Hoarfrost everywhere Ruth on the Fortune Parkway

Adam at Shilly Shally shelter Ruth at Shilly Shally shelter

Bird feeder at Huron shelter Huron shelter Whitetail deer at Huron

Snow on trees Ruth on Trail 50 The new Healey Farm cottage

Ruth Adam Ruth Icicles Ruth

Ruth Ruth Snow covered Rocks Snow covered trees Snow covered swamp Ruth & Adam Adam