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Suddenly Winter!

On 29 December 2015, Ottawa recieved over a foot of snow and suddenly it was time for skiing.

Adam skiing Christmas trees

Boxing Day Biking with the Ottawa Social Meetup Group

Today was sunny and +2°C with no snow still, so the the Ottawa Social meetup group organized one last 35 km ride today before a freezing rain storm arrived. The ride was from Billings Bridge to circumnavigate Lac Leamy and back. With my commute there and back I biked about 47 km total.

The snow in some of the photos was actually a pile outside a hockey arena in Gatineau that was dumped by the ice-smoothing Zamboni. We just posed on it for effect.

Winter is on the way, so this will be the last ride until spring time.

Ottawa Social meetup group Ottawa Social meetup group Ottawa Social meetup group Ottawa Social meetup group

Hiking to Shilly Shally

With a high of +6°C, today was a great day for a hike in Gatineau Park, so my friend Leanne and I hiked up for lunch at Shilly Shally cabin.

Adam & Leanne at Shilly Shally

Skating with the Ottawa Social Meetup Group

I thought indoor ice skating would be fun with all the warm weather we are having, so I organized an Ottawa Social meetup for skating.

Ottawa Social meetup group Ottawa Social meetup group Adam

More Biking with the Ottawa Social Meetup Group

It was +12°C and sunny today, so I was out biking once again with the Ottawa Social meetup group and did a fast-paced 32 km today, plus my commute there and back for 44 km total.

Ottawa Social meetup group

Biking with the Ottawa Social Meetup Group

Who knew we would still be biking at this time of year? It was +9°C and sunny today with no snow anywhere here, so I joined the Ottawa Social meetup group and did a fast-paced 30 km bike ride today, plus my commute there and back for 42 km total.

Adam Ottawa Social meetup group

Skating on the Rink of Dreams

This evening I went skating on Ottawa's outdoor artificially-cooled ice rink at Marion Dewer Plaza in front of City Hall. It is a good thing it is artificially-cooled, too, as it was +3°C outside! The Rink of Dreams has coloured lights in the boards that change colour as you can see in my video.

Adam at the Rink of Dreams

Hernia Surgery

Today was the federal election, but also my day for hernia surgery at the Queensway Carleton Hospital. I voted in an advanced poll. Lynn came with me for moral support and snapped this photo when we arrived at the facility. The surgery was quick and successful. Louis gave us both a ride to my place and then Cyndy joined us for dinner and an election party.

I saw my surgeon for a follow-up appointment on 10 November 2015 and he indicated that my recovery has been pretty much "ideal", mostly due to the training I did to get in optimal shape prior to the surgery.

Adam at the Queensway Carleton Hospital

Last Bike Ride of the Season

The weather forecast indicates snow flurries for this weekend and, as I head into surgery for a hernia soon, this will probably be my last bike ride until spring. I had a great biking summer, covering probably about 6000 km.

Adam at the Airport Parkway Bridge

Last Sail of the Season

Today marked the last day of sailing for the crew of Scotfree for the 2015 sailing season. I managed to sail 15 times this summer. Our last sail was a great voyage, with 15 knots of wind, we had full sail up.

C&C 115 and Tanzer 25 sailboats R/20 sailboat Sailboats racing Sailing Sunset

Biking to the Mackenzie King Estate

Since we are still doing trips as friends, today Lynn and I decided to try one of our more challenging cycling goals, biking up in the Gatineau Hills to the Mackenzie King Estate. We are both pretty fit and it surprised Lynn how easy it was to make the climb up there. We had lunch at the new cafe at Moorside and spent most of the afternoon exploring the estate and its ruins, before making the fast run back down the hills to the city.

Lynn arrives with her bike Abbey Ruins Lynn at the Abbey Ruins Moorside Cottage

Biking to Pink Lake

As the summer wears on and we have more biking miles behind us Lynn and I decided to try some more challenging trips. Today we biked up into the Gatineau Hills to visit Pink Lake.

Lynn at Pink Lake Pink Lake Pink Lake


Today, at Lynn's suggestion, we went to Bluesfest. We heard a number of bands: Moroccan Sun, Myers Brothers Band, KID, TJ Wheeler, Interpol, Nick Moss, Air Supply, Lowrider Band, Simple Plan and Deep Purple.

Air Supply were just as awful as they were in the late 1970s and we fled that show to listen to the Lowrider band instead. They turned out to be 4/5 of the band War and were fantastic. I thought they were the best act we saw. Simple Plan, one of Lynn's favourites, were good, too. The evening finished up with Deep Purple, less Jon Lord who died in 2013. They opened with Highway Star and sounded every bit as good as they did in 1972 on Machine Head.

Lynn and I broke up on 17 August 2015, but we are still friends, so you may see some more photos of us here over time.

Adam & Lynn get ice cream at Bluesfest Adam & Lynn at Bluesfest Simple Plan on stage

Light Wind Sailing

Today was a very light wind day for sailing, but we did sail for a few hours without starting the motor. Lynn was on the helm of Scotfree for the whole voyage! This was my fifth cruise of the year so far and our friend Cyndy came along to do some sketches afloat.

MacGregor 26 sailboat Sailboat Pier Pressure Sailboat Sonar sailboat Sailing sunset Sunset and canoe Lynn on the helm as we head for port, with Cyndy sketching


Today was a busy day, with lots of biking. We started at Lynn's house and first biked to the lookout that has a view of the Rideau Falls over in Gatineau, Quebec. Then we went to my house, via a stop at the Bytown Museum for a popsicle, to drop our stuff off and back to Mooney's Bay and the Dragon Boat Festival. This photo shows us biking home at the end of the day, as the sun was setting.

Biking shadows


We have now been sailing several times on Scotfree and the result is always worth some photos. This day was a bit cool on the water, but we did bike there from my place.

Lynn biking to go sailing Sailboats Sailboats Sailboats Tanzer 22 sailboat Sailing sunset

Rideau Falls and Rideau Hall

Today we biked from Lynn's house to the Rideau Falls and onto Rideau Hall to see the rose garden there.

Rideau Falls The Monument to Aid Workers Roses at Rideau Hall Adam & Lynn at Rideau Hall

First Sail of the Summer

Today was the first cruise on the Ottawa River this year for the crew of the ketch Scotfree, including Lynn and me!

Lynn & Adam Sailing as the sunsets Lynn Sailboats with spinnakers up on the river Sailing sunset Scotfree back in her slip after dark

Scotfree's Mast Raising

Today the crew raised the masts on Scotfree, in preparation for the upcoming sailing season.

Scotfree's masts being craned into postion Scotfree's masts up

Holiday in Quebec City


In May, Lynn and I took Via Rail to Quebec City for a short three day holiday. The weather was quite mixed with one warm day and two cooler and windier ones, but we were prepared and had a fun time there.

Quebec City Via Rail Station Hotel St Paul in Quebec City The Petit Champlain district Lynn on the funicular Adam & Lynn Lynn at the Erico Chocolate Museum Gun Battery Lynn with Joan of Arc Quebec City street scene Wolfe's plaque Wolfe's column Adam & Lynn with a gun

At Andrew Haydon Park

After launching Scotfree we took a walk in some of the more remote parts of Andrew Haydon Park in west Ottawa.

Andrew Haydon Park Andrew Haydon Park Adam at Andrew Haydon Park Lynn at Andrew Haydon Park Andrew Haydon Park Andrew Haydon Park

Launching Scotfree

Today was the day for the 44 foot ketch we sail on to be launched by crane. The 28,000 lb boat made the trip from its cradle into the water safely and Lynn and I were crew for the short voyage to her slip for the summer. We will be sailing on Scotfree with skipper John all summer.

Scotfree slung by crane

At The Canadian Tulip Festival

Lynn and I picked the right day to bike to the Tulip Festival. The weather was nice and the crowds were not too thick.

Canadian Tulip Festival Canadian Tulip Festival Canadian Tulip Festival Lynn with her bike at the Canadian Tulip Festival Canadian Tulip Festival Lynn & Adam at the Canadian Tulip Festival

Three Years Without a Haircut

On this date last year I noted that Ruth made "me promise to grow [my hair] down to the bottom of my shoulder blades, so I still have some distance to go." Here it is a year later and my hair is a bit longer, but not that much. Lynn measured it at 15.5" (40 cm) and I think it may be hitting its natural growth limit. I guess I will know next year!

Adam in Lubuntu T-shirt

Ruth's Tulips Return

Many years ago Ruth planted about a dozen tulips in our garden. Ravaged by time and squirrels, last year, after Ruth had died in January 2014, no tulips came up in the spring, but this year two appeared.

Ruth's Tulips Ruth's Tulips

Tulips at Hogs Back Falls

Today Lynn and I biked across the city, including a stop at Hogs Back Falls to see the tulips just out and in bloom. The Rideau Canal is now filled up with water and ready for the navigation season.

Adam & Lynn at Hogs Back Falls Tulips at Hogs Back Falls Tulips at Hogs Back Falls Tulips at Hogs Back Falls Tulips at Hogs Back Falls The Rideau Canal, now filled The Rideau Canal, now filled

Long Distance Cycle Picnic

On Monday we biked up to Lynn's house from mine, a distance of 24 km. Lynn was impressed at how easy it was through the Experimental Farm Pathway route. We stopped at Britannia Park for a picnic lunch of bagels and Brie, just in time to see the park staff setting out the picnic tables for spring.

This trip was the first one Lynn made with her new MEC Division panniers on her bike and full of cargo. She was impressed with how much they can carry.

Lynn at her Trek bike and MEC Division panniers at Hartwell Locks

Painting Season Starts

On Sunday Lynn and I joined our friend Cyndy on her first outdoor painting expedition of the spring. It was just warm enough for outdoor painting and the high water on the Ottawa River made for a good start to the summer's art.

Lynn Cyndy Cyndy Cyndy with the completed work

First Cycle Picnic of the Spring

Today was our first cycle picnic of the new year. We rendezvoused at the Ottawa River and then rode together to Hogs Back Falls, one of Lynn's favourite spots. There we had a supper of bagels and brie.

Hogs Back Falls in flood Adam and Lynn at Hogs Back Falls Adam and Lynn picnic at Hogs Back Falls

Cycling Season Starts

Today the temperature reached 23°C and so I cleaned, oiled and filled up the tires on both my 1986 Norco Alpine mountain bike and my 2006 Catrike Speed trike, ready for the summer!

Adam with his Norco Alipne mountain bike Adam with his Norco Alipne mountain bike Adam with his Catrike Speed trike

April Skating

Even though winter is pretty much done and we had two days of +15°C temperatures, there is still skating, indoors at the arenas! The main disadvantage of skating under these conditions is that you have to carry your jacket, gloves and toque to the arena as you don't need them outdoors.

Lynn & Adam Skating

Skating on the Rideau Canal Before the Big Thaw

With a big thaw in the weather forecast, Lynn and I headed out to the Rideau Canal for some skating. It looks like everyone else in Ottawa had the same idea, though as it was Sunday and busy! As we skated, the temperatures rose and the high traffic really chewed up the ice surface. We had intended to skate the whole canal twice, but melting surface conditions slowed us down and we ended up skating about 26 km in total.

Lynn has now skated 70 km over 5 days on the canal and I have done 46 km over 3 days.

Lynn skating the Rideau Canal Lunch on the canal

Our video:

Ski Weekend


Lynn and I decided to take advantage of the deep snow and somewhat warmer temperatures to do three days of skiing from her house on the western greenbelt. We explored the Watts Creek Pathway to Kanata and also to Shirley's Bay, plus we skied about half way to downtown along the Ottawa River, too. We covered 31 km in the three days of skiing.

Lynn has now skied 102 km over 13 days and I have done 160 km over 20 days.

Adam & Lynn Adam Lynn Whitetailed Deer Lynn The frozen Ottawa River Whitetailed Deer Adam & Lynn Lynn at Mud Lake

More skiing:

Skating on the Rideau Canal

On we got out skating on the Rideau Canal on a really nice day, but didn't finish the skate after I broke a blade off my old 1992 vintage CCM 502 skates. The old skates proved not economically repairable, so this week I bought some new K2 Breakaway skates and we gave it another try today. This time the day was much colder at -17°C and a windchill of -26, but we completed the skate all the way from the Mackenzie King Bridge to Hartwell's Locks and back again, a distance of 15.6 km.

Adam with new K2 skates Lynn Adam & Lynn

More skating:

Skiing on the Watt's Creek Pathway

We went skiing on the Watt's Creek Pathway, in the city's western greenbelt, near where Lynn lives. The pathway is a great skiiing area and we plan to spend some more time there in the near future, exploring the pathway.

So far Lynn has skied 52 km over seven days and I have covered 67 km in nine days out.

Late day skiing shadows Lynn and the moon

At the Canadian War Museum

Today we had planned on going skiing, but very low temperatures and high windchills made a visit to the Canadian War Museum a more fun activity.

M3 Stuart tank Lynn with Field Marshal Harold Alexander's Staff Car Adam with Kettenkrad

Cross Country Skiing on The Osgoode Pathway

The ski conditions have been steadily improving lately and so we skied 10 km south today onto the Osgoode Pathway. I have now skied 52 km over seven days so far this winter.

Adam & Lynn Lynn

First Cross Country Skiing in 2015

We lost all our snow in Ottawa back during a big five day thaw and didn't get enough snow back to ski again until today. In Ottawa, especially with ongoing climate change, you have to ski when conditions allow, as everything may melt any day.

Lynn Adam & Lynn

At the RIA Artist Project Exhibition

I started the new year by attending an art exhibit with Cyndy and Lynn called "Growing Up Human" held in Ottawa.

Cyndy Cyndy & Lynn Adam, Lynn & Cyndy