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Skiing P9 to the Champlain Lookout

My seventh ski in Gatineau Park was 13 km from P9 to the Champlain Lookout on a really clear, calm and sunny day.

With warmer weather and rain on the way, this may be our last ski for this winter.

Ski tracks Adam Champlain Lookout Huron cabin White Breasted Nuthatch American Red Squirrel

Winter 2020-21 Skiing Summary

First ski

Last ski

Days skied

Total distance


123 km

Skiing the Gatineau Parkway

Our sixth ski in Gatineau Park was 10 km from P7, up past the Wattsford Lookout on Trail 30 and then Trail 1 to the stone bridge.

Trail 30 Kathryn Kathryn on Trail 1 Kathryn Stone Bridge

Skiing the Gatineau Parkway

Our fifth ski in Gatineau Park was 9 km from P9 to P8 and beyond, on a day that was above zero and with conditions that were quite fast and slippery.

Kathryn Adam Sign

Skiing Trail 55 at the North End

Our fourth ski in Gatineau Park was 9 km from the new start point this year at P20, around the Trail 55 loop.

Kathryn Skiing sign Signs Lac Renaud Kathryn Kathryn & Adam Steep hill sign

Skiing to the Champlain Lookout in a Snowstorm

Our third ski in Gatineau Park was a 12 km trek from P10 to the Champlain Lookout and back, during a snowstorm.

Kathryn & Adam Champlain Lookout Adam & Kathryn Kathryn Steep hill

Trail 53 in Gatineau Park

Our second day of skiing in Gatineau Park took us to the very north end and the 8 km Trail 51 & 53 loop from P19.

Signs Adam Kathryn Trail 53 Sign Sign Kathryn

First Ski in Gatineau Park

With our COVID-19 level now reduced from "white" to "orange" we can, at last, go and ski in Gatineau Park, so we headed out to do a 10 km ski from P9 up the Eardley Escarpment. Temperature was -9°C, but with sunshine and almost no wind.

Kathryn Fortune Parkway Sign Adam Kathryn Kathryn & Adam

More Skating on the Rideau Canal

The ice conditions on the Rideau Canal have been so good that we got out skating again this week, with our friend Jane.

Sign Kathryn Rideau Canal Adam & Kathryn Jane & Adam Jane Rideau Canal

Skating on the Rideau Canal

We didn't get skating on the Rideau Canal at all last winter just due to the poor ice and weather conditions. This year the canal opened very late, but today it was rated as "good" almost end-to-end so we got out and skated.

Adam Kathryn BeaverTails kiosk Rideau Canal

Skiing Pine Grove from P19

We did a 7 km ski today in Pine Grove from parking lot P19 on Trail 45. This was a new part of the greenbelt that neither of us had skied before.

Trail 45 Adam & Kathryn Kathryn Adam

Skiing Pine Grove

We did a 7 km ski today in Pine Grove to the Ramsayville Cemetery and back.

Sign Trail 43 Trail 43 Adam Kathryn

Skiing Dolman Ridge

Continuing to skiing in the Ottawa Greenbelt due to COVID-19 restrictions, we did a 7 km ski today at Dolman Ridge. We even made it to "L" and back.

Signs Bird feeders Kathryn Adam & Kathryn Adam Sign

Greenbelt Snowshoeing

We did our fist snowshoe of the winter on the Eastern Greenbelt Pathaway with our friend Jane.

Kathryn Jane & Adam Snowshoeing trail Jane Adam & Kathryn

XC Skiing Starts

This has been a very slow year for skiing so far. We have had only small amounts of snow until yesterday when 15 cm fell. All levels of government have been telling us not to go skiing in Gatineau Park due to the pandemic restrictions, even though we bought season's passes, so our first ski was in the Ottawa greenbelt instead.

Adam & Kathryn Pine trees Adam Kathryn Kathryn on Trail 42

Kathryn's Sewing Projects

These are Kathryn's completed sewing projects for .

Cuddle quilt Bunny Sweater

Ice Skating

After the holidays, when the crowds had thinned out a bit, we got back to ice skating. Winter sports are pretty limited right now, as there is very little snow to ski on and only the four outdoor, artificially-cooled ice rinks in the city are open for skating.

Adam & Kathryn ice skating Adam ice skating Kathryn ice skating

The COVID-19 Pandemic Continues

The pandemic started for us in and in I started a gallery of photos. As dawned, the pandemic was not only not over, but in fact was hitting record numbers, post Christmas, so I decided to continue with another gallery of photos for this year.

Line-ups Ice Skating No Ice Skating Outdoor Ice Skating Rules Outdoor Ice Skating Rules BeaverTails kiosk Sign on the Rideau Canal Sign on the Rideau Canal Line-up at Dollarama Shilly Shally cabin Sign at Huron cabin Sign at Huron cabin

Winter Arrives

We have had very little snow since this winter began, but today we got 8 cm. We did a walk along the Ottawa River and saw our friend Jamil there, with his new snow trike, trying it out on the new snow.

Snow scene Snow tricycle