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Christmas at Mer Bleue

The weather has been a bit unusual this winter so far, with any snowfall quickly followed by warming and rain. This has left Ottawa with almost no snow for Christmas Day. We decided to venture out in the fog and do a walk at the Mer Bleue bog, which we found pretty much deserted.

Adam & Kathryn Adam & Kathryn Adam & Kathryn

Ice Skating

Normally in the fall we do indoor ice skating during that period between the biking and skiing seasons. This year the indoor arenas are all closed due to the pandemic. At last the outdoor rinks are open and so we were able to do a morning skate on the Canterbury artificially cooled rink today.

Adam & Kathryn Adam

Biking to Osgoode

Biking season is nearly done, but we had a warm day, reaching +15°C today, so we biked the 53 km round trip to Osgoode for pizza.

We only did two more bike rides after this trip before the snow arrived on . We finished the biking season with 3915 km completed.

Kathryn & Adam The Osgoode Link pathway Kathryn Clouds Adam Sunset

Hike in Gatineau Park

To mark the end of sailing season, we did a fall hike in Gatineau Park to the Wattsford Lookout and onto Lac Fortune.

Bear sign Wattsford Lookout Birch trees Ice Trail 30 Beaver lodge Lac Fortune Adam & Kathryn

Vesper's Haulout

We had Vesper hauled out of the water today and stored for the winter. We hope that we will sail again in April, meanwhile ski season is hopefully coming.

Vesper on the crane Vesper on the crane Vesper gets a bath Vesper in storage Vesper wrapped

Last Sail of 2020

Today we had a lovely sail on Vesper on a day that reached 25°C, some 15 degrees above normal for this date, and gave us nice winds. This turned out to be our last sail of the year, as the weather is turning cold and looks like it will stay that way.

This year we completed 45 sails and 124.1 hrs, which is not too bad, considering the late start and all the other COVID-19 imposed constraints.

Adam and Kathryn Quebec shoreline Clouds GPS readout

Fall Sailing

September and October have been quite wet and rainy this year, but we have still managed to get in some good sailing days on Vesper with some great winds.

Kathryn Adam & Kathryn Garmin GPS 73 Kathryn & Adam Vesper


We have done a few quadracycling trips this year, including one today to pick up a library book and have a picnic in a park on a warm fall day.

Quadracycle at the library Quadracycle at the library

Helping a Friend Haul Out His Boat

Fall is here and that means that some of the boats are already coming out of the water. Today we helped our friend Thomas crane out his J/22 sailboat Great White J.

Great White J haulout Great White J haulout Great White J haulout Great White J haulout Great White J haulout Great White J haulout

Hike to Lime Kiln

On a warm, but windy day in September we did a hike to Lime Kiln, in the Ottawa Greenbelt.

Sign Trail Adam Kathryn Poplars Lime Kiln Lime Kiln Wildflowers Wildflowers Stones Sumac Wildflowers American Red Squirrel American Red Squirrel Beaver lodge Black-capped chickadee Crows Wildflowers Wildflowers

Overnight on Vesper

After a great sail, we had a really quiet overnight at anchor on Vesper in Crystal Bay. There was a beautiful sunset and fog on the river in the morning, before we sailed home again.

Kathryn Kathryn & Adam Kathryn Adam & Kathryn Adam Sunset Morning steam fog

Three Years

Today we celebrated three years since our first date! Since it was a beautiful, cool morning we did a 22 km bike ride along the Rideau Canal and reached 3000 km of biking for the year, passing last year's total already.

Adam & Kathryn Kathryn Adam

Biking to Pink Lake in Gatineau Park

As part of celebrating three years together we biked to Pink Lake in Gatineau Park, had a picnic lunch and hiked the trail around the lake, before heading home via downtown. It was 57 km of biking over hilly terrain.

Kathryn Adam & Kathryn Pink Lake Adam & Kathryn Kathryn mushroom Parliament Hill

Overnight in Crystal Bay

With no thunderstorms or heat wave this week, we did an overnight at anchor on Vesper in Crystal Bay.

Adam Adam & Kathryn Kathryn Adam Sunset Kathryn Kathryn & Adam


We see quite a lot of coyotes while biking in Ottawa, but often just quick glimpses. This one in the Experimental Farm was giving us a wide berth, but I was able to photograph him out in the open during daylight.

Coyote Coyote

Sailing history

Andy McKerroll sent me (via his sister, Jane) this photo, with permission for posting, taken today, of the former Vandestadt and McGruer building, just northwest of Owen Sound, Ontario. It was in this building between and that thousands of Vandestadt and McGruer sailboats were produced, a real slice of Canadian sailing history. Today it is a Payless Self Storage facility. I am sure it is much quieter now, than it was in the past!

Vandestadt and McGruer building

Biking to Osgoode Village

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have found ourselves doing more biking than last year, passing the 1200 km mark today. Today was a cool summer day, reaching only 21°C, so we biked the 52 km round trip to Osgoode and had a take-out Mexican lunch from La Cantina. We biked most of the way on the old rail route, the Osgoode Link Pathway, with detours at the north end for the ongoing LRT construction. We even saw raccoon on the pathway, a rare sight here in the daytime.

Adam & Kathryn Adam Kathryn La Cantina Raccoon

Vesper's Launch

With COVID-19 cases on the decline in Ottawa we were allowed to start preparing, launching and sailing boats today, but only with immediate family members. We took advantage of the nice weather to get all our preparation work done, get Vesper launched and even got a 1:16 sail in. We were the first boat to sail on Lac DeschĂȘnes this year.

Kathryn scraping Vesper's hull Vesper on the crane Vesper at the dock Vesper ready to sail Adam & Kathryn sailing Vesper

The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 global pandemic seems to be something we will have to live with for a long time and also of historic importance. I have collected some photos from our personal experiences of the pandemic in Ottawa and will add to them over time.

The first case was recorded on 17 November 2019 in Wuhan, China. Our personal isolation started on Saturday 14 March 2020.

COVID-19 masks Cookie Line-up at Walmart Closed library book return Loaf of bread Sign in a park Biscotti Sign at Hartwell's Locks Sign at an ice cream shop Blueberry loaf Closed outhouse Closed parking lot Adam & Kathryn biking Ginger snaps Sign at the Tulip Festival Bikes at Hartwell's Locks Kathryn at Decathlon Kathryn with a quilting row Golf course sign on Albion Road Line-up at hardware store Adam & Kathryn sailing Tulip Billboard advertising PPE Construction Sign on garbage truck Sign in Little Italy Store in Little Italy Sign at Hartwell's Locks Ice cream date Sign at a Quickie Convenience Store Store in Little Italy Metro supermarket sign Rail bridge under construction Sign at Pink Lake Sign at Pink Lake Sign at Pink Lake A bucket full of apples Apple pie Discarded mask Sign at Nepean Sailing Club Sign at Fabricland Sign at Petrie Island Sign at Keogan cabin Sign at Bulk Barn Sign at The Gap

Sailing in 2020

The Ontario provincial COVID-19 isolation precautions that we are currently living under have ordered all recreational facilities closed, including the sailing clubs. We were able to secure Vesper's cover for the summer, as, at this point in the year it looked unlikely that we would be able to sail this year.

Gatineau Park and all the provincial and municipal parks are now closed, so we feel fortunate that we are still permitted to get out and bike for exercise, at least at the present.


Biking Season Starts

Even with COVID-19 isolation precautions in effect, we are still being encouraged to get out and get some exercise each day. Our recent snowfall melted as the temperatures hit +6°C and so we pumped up our bike tires and got out for a 10 km bike local ride, some three weeks earlier than our first ride last year.

We reached 1000 km biked on and 2000 km on .

Adam & Kathryn Kathryn

Snowshoeing P13 to the Tawadina & Mahingan Lookouts on Trail 62

Today was our first snowshoe trek in Gatineau Park since the COVID-19 isolation measures took effect. The park is still open and is available for people to get out and get some exercise, so we did the last route that we did again, but in the other direction this time. It was 8 km round trip on Trail 62 (the Wolf Trail) from P13, to the Tawadina Lookout and then onto the Mahingan Lookout. With rain and much warmer weather on the way, this will probably be our last snowshoe for this winter.

Gatineau Park was closed to all users on Monday 23 March 2020.

Adam & Kathryn Kathryn on Trail 62 The Tawadina Lookout Kathryn Kathryn on Trail 62 Adam on Trail 62

Snowshoeing P13 to the Mahingan & Tawadina Lookouts on Trail 62

Another snowshoe trek today in Gatineau Park with our friend Jane. This one was about 8 km of fairly steep terrain along Trail 62 (the Wolf Trail) from P13, to the Mahingan Lookout and onto the Tawadina Lookout, the most remote lookout and the best view in the park.

Jane Ice Kathryn Signpost Jane & Adam Jane & Kathryn Trail 62 marker Jane & Kathryn at a hole Adam & Kathryn Jane & Kathryn Jane, Kathryn & Adam at the Mahingan Lookout Tawadina Lookout Jane & Kathryn at the Tawadina Lookout

Snowshoeing P19 to Renaud Cabin on Trails 74 & 73

Today was a snowshoe trek from P19 to Renaud cabin via Trail 74 and home again along the shoreline of Lac Philippe and Trail 73, a total distance of about 8 km. It was warm, hitting +12°C while we were out and, consequently, there were very few skiers about.

Start of Trail 74 Adam & Kathryn Adam Kathryn Kathryn Kathryn Renaud cabin Blue Jay Adam Lac Philippe Log barn

Snowshoeing P17 to Brown Cabin and the Trail 72 Loop

Today we did a snowshoe trek from P17 to Brown cabin and around the Trail 72 loop, through some beautiful countryside, a total distance of 10.0 km. The temperature was just above freezing, with some snow squalls in the morning.

Adam & Kathryn Signs Adam Trail 72 Kathryn Brown cabin

Snowshoeing P15 to Healey Cabin

Recent warm weather left XC skiing less than optimal, so we did a snowshoe trek with Jane on Trail 70. This took us from parking lot P15 on Cross Loop, up the escarpment to Healey cabin and back, a distance of 7.4 km round trip. The day started off just below freezing and the temperature rose to +3°C by the time we returned.

Kathryn Kathryn & Jane Sign Jane & Kathryn Jane & Kathryn Jane & Kathryn Adam, Jane & Kathryn Healey cabin Adam & Kathryn Jane & a snowman Kathryn Fat tire bikers at Healey cabin

Skiing P19 to Lusk Cabin Again

Our 15th ski of the winter was from P19, far in the north end of the park, to Lusk cabin again for our second visit there. We skied on trails Green 50, 55 & 54, a distance of 13 km round trip. It was considerably warmer today, reaching about -6°C under bright sunshine, while we were skiing.

We had a big melt coming after today and so proved to be our last ski of the winter.

Adam & Kathryn Kathryn Adam Trail 54 Kathryn

Winter 2019-20 Skiing Summary

First ski

Last ski

Days skied

Total distance


188 km

Skiing P10 to Huron Cabin via Trail 3

Our 14th ski of the winter was from P10 to Huron cabin, via the Fortune Parkway and trails Blue 3 & Green 1, a distance of 12 km round trip. The day was cool, with a high of -10°C, but once again clear and sunny. After the recent melt and then a 22 cm snowfall the trails were in great shape.

Kathryn Adam Kathryn Trail 3 Snowfall Trail 3 Kathryn Huron cabin Snowfall Pente Raide sign Kathryn

Trip to Toronto

We had a short, three day trip to Toronto to see Heather and Sara there, as Sara was recieveing an ACTRA award. Despite the warm temperatures, we got to skate at Nathan Phillips Square in front of Toronto City Hall and even shot a video there.

Adam & Kathryn skating Toronto City Hall Kathryn, Heather & Sara

Skiing P16 to Renaud Cabin

Our 13th ski of the winter was our longest ski yet, from P16 to Renaud cabin, via trails 50 & 55, a distance of 27 km round trip. The day was cool, with a high of -12°C, but clear and sunny. The trails, however, were in bad shape with lots of leaves, pine cones and branches on them, which made skiing slow and difficult.

Meech Creek and bridge Adam & Kathryn at Renaud cabin Adam & Kathryn Adam in Renaud cabin Renaud cabin Leaves and debris on Trail 50 Adam with Pente Raide sign Kathryn with Pente Raide sign

Skiing P17 to Renaud Cabin

Our twelfth ski of the winter was from P17 to Renaud cabin, via trails 53, 51, 50 & 55, a distance of 19 km round trip. It was Family Day in Ontario and a beautiful, sunny day, so the park was very busy.

Kathryn Adam Renaud cabin

Skiing P19 to Lusk Cabin

Our eleventh ski of the winter was from P19 to Lusk cabin, We skied on trails Green 50, 55 & 54, for about 11 km total. It was a cold and windy day, after a cold front had passed.

Adam skiing Snowy stream Lusk Cabin Lusk Cabin interior Kathryn at Lusk Cabin Adam & Kathryn Kathryn skiing

Skiing P10 to Trails 51 & 53

Our tenth ski of the winter was from P19 once again, in the very northwest end of Gatineau Park, around the trail 51 and 53 loop, for about 8 km total. This ski also marked 100 km of skiing for the winter!

Adam & Kathryn skiing Adam skiing Kathryn skiing Steep hill sign Snow on pine trees

Skiing P19 to Renaud Cabin

Our ninth ski of the winter was from P19 in the very northwest end of Gatineau Park to the new Renaud Cabin, including the trail 55 loop, for about 15 km total. It was a great ski on 26 cm of fresh snow. This ski also marked the "break-even point" on our ski passes for the winter!

Kathryn skiing Adam skiing Hill Steep hill sign No skate skiing sign Renaud Cabin Blue Jay

Skiing P8 to the Champlain Parkway

Our eighth ski of the winter was from P8 past P5 (Penguin) to the Champlain Parkway, for about 10 km total. It was a great workout on fresh falling snow.

Adam skiing Kathryn Kathryn skiing Kathryn skiing

Skiing to P9 to Huron on Ground Hog Day

Our seventh ski of the winter was from P9 past P10 and up the Eardley Escarpment to the Champlain Parkway and over to Huron Cabin via the Champlain Lookout, for about 13 km total. It was snowing pretty hard at times, as snow showers blew though, giving us some fresh snow to ski on.

Adam & Kathryn skiing Huron Cabin Kathryn skiing Snow laden pine trees

Skiing the Gatineau Parkway from P9

Following a multi-day melt, our sixth ski of the winter was from P9 past P8 and on towards P5. It was a gorgeous sunny day for this 10 km ski.

Adam & Kathryn skiing The Eardley Escarpment

Skiing P7 to Huron

Our fifth ski of the winter was to Huron cabin from P7, a distance of 14 km return.

Wattsford's Lookout Kathryn arrives at Huron cabin Kathryn has lunch at Huron Adam at Huron Kathryn skiing Kathryn skiing

Skiing P16 to Healey

Our fourth ski of the winter was from P16 to Healey cabin and then onto Herridge cabin, both located on Trail 50, a distance of 11 km return.

Kathryn skiing Healey cabin Herridge cabin Adam Adam & Kathryn

Snowshoeing in the Greenbelt

With 15 cm of fresh snow on the ground today we went for our first snowshoe trek of the winter in the greenbelt.

Kathryn snowshoeing Adam & Kathryn snowshoeing

Skiing P10 to Shally Shally

Our third ski of the winter was to Shilly Shally on a day where the Eardley Escarpment was in the clouds and there was hoar frost on everything.

Adam American red squirrel Hoar frost Hoar frost Kathryn skiing

Skiing Really Starts

Other than one single ski day we had in November, there has been insufficient snow to ski this winter, until last night's snowfall. The new snow gave us the opportunity to ski the 10 km round trip to Shilly Shally cabin on a beautiful sunny day.

Kathryn at Shilly Shally Adam & Kathryn at Shilly Shally cabin Kathryn skiing

Skating in the New Year

Due to the lack of snow so far this winter we have been doing a lot of ice skating. This evening we skated at the Fred G. Barrett arena with our friend Jane. This was my 21st skate of the winter and Kathryn's 19th!

Adam, Kathryn & Jane

Kathryn's Quilts and Other Sewing Projects

This pandemic year has given Kathryn a chance to do lots of quilts and other sewing projects.

Kathryn's quilt Kathryn's quilt Cushion cover Overalls Three charity quilts Charity quilt Leo's quilt Heather's scarf Boat upholstery Knitting needle case Knitting needle case Jacket COVID-19 masks Thunder Bay wall quilt Mask Baby Quilt Shirt Shirt Shirt Quilt Quilt Quilt Quilt Quilt Quilt Quilt Quilt Quilt Santa Claus Wall Quilts Bear Bear Bags Cuddle quilt Cuddle quilt