My Events 2017


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At The Carleton University Butterfly Show

Each year in October Carleton University's Biology Department puts on a tropical butterfly show in one of their greenhouses. This year I went with my friend Tammy and we spent some time with the butterflies in the heat and humidity of the greenhouse, watching them flying about.

Carleton University Butterfly Show Carleton University Butterfly Show Carleton University Butterfly Show Carleton University Butterfly Show Carleton University Butterfly Show Carleton University Butterfly Show Carleton University Butterfly Show Tammy at the Carleton University Butterfly Show Tammy at the Carleton University Butterfly Show

Nigel & Charlyn's September Visit

My brother, Nigel, and his girlfriend, Charlyn, came back to Ottawa at the end of September and we all went sailing on Vesper again.

This was Vesper's 47th sail of the year.

Charlyn & Nigel Charlyn and her C buoy Charlyn & Nigel with Vesper

September Sail on Wind Spirit 3

Today Kathryn and I sailed with Dave on his Hunter 34 sailboat, Wind Spirit 3, out on Lake Ontario. The winds were 10-25 knots and we sailed for 5:15.

Lighthouse Ferry Frontenac II The Hunter 34 Wind Spirit 3 Green water forward Bayfield 25 sailboat Dave & Kathryn Dave & Adam Kathryn on the wheel

Jane's Visit to Ottawa

Jane came to Ottawa for a short visit and a sail on Vesper. We also did a hike at Pink Lake and the Mackenzie King Estate in Gatineau Park. It was really lovely to see her again!

Jane at Pink Lake Pink Lake The Abbey Ruins at the Mackenzie King Estate Jane sailing Vesper Jane & Adam sailing Vesper

Vesper's Upgrades

Owning an older boat (Vesper was built in 1981) always means there are little things to fix and upgrade, but in many ways that is the fun of it, making the boat just the way you want it, so everything works right.

So far this year Vesper has had her woodwork all sanded down and redone in teak oil several times, the motor mount refinished, a new adjustable topping lift constructed, a new mainsheet car, block and righting spring, lightweight and heavyweight spinnaker sheets added, plus a new spinnaker launch chute.

adjustable topping lift new lightweight spinnaker sheets new mainsheet car, block and righting spring new topping lift and heavyweight spinnaker sheet woodwork all refinished in teak oil motor mount refinished spinnaker chute

August Sail on Wind Spirit 3

Today my friend Tammy and I were invited to sail with Dave on his Hunter 34 sailboat, Wind Spirit 3, on Lake Ontario. It was a perfect day with winds of 10-15 knots and we sailed for 4:45.

The Hunter 34 sailboat Wind Spirit 3 Adam & Tammy Dave & Tammy Dave & Tammy Island in Lake Ontario The view forward of Lake Ontario Lighthouse Cutter sailboat Neptune's Folly Tammy Trimaran sailboat

Nigel & Charlyn's August Visit

My brother, Nigel, and his girlfriend, Charlyn, came to Ottawa and we all went sailing on Vesper in what turned out to be quite good wind conditions.

This was Vesper's 26th sail of the year.

Charlyn & Nigel Adam Adam & Nigel Nigel & Charlynn

Flying Vesper's Spinnaker

With Dave and John along as crew on Vesper today we rigged and got the spinnaker up and flying in quite light winds. We even picked up a north wind and were able to sail back to the marina under the spinnaker.

Today marks the halfway point in the sailing season. This was Vesper's 21st sail of the year so far and 42.9 hours at sea.

Dave & John Spinnaker Dave & John Spinnaker

Vesper's Woodwork

I have been slowly working on rehabilitating Vesper's woodwork over the last month or two, but Laura and I got a lot of it done today, sanding, taping and teak-oiling. The last of it was completed by us together on 06 August 2017.

Wooden rails Adam & Laura Woodwork teak oiled Vesper with refurbished woodwork

Sailors on Vesper

I have been sailing with lots of new people on Vesper this year, a good opportunity to get more people out on the water. I'll add more photos here as more people come out sailing.

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Tammy Val Laura Tammy & Chantal Dave Mary Lou Adam Tammy Chantal Laura & John Val Catherine & Chantal Dave & John Val Laura Tammy & Dave Adam, Anne, Tammy & Val Nigel & Charlyn Laura Theresa Val & Eduardo Laura Tammy Carole, Susan & Val Catherine Susan Kathryn Kathryn Tammy & Cindy Kathryn Nicole Catherine Kathryn Kathryn Val Jane Cyndy & Tammy Kathryn Nigel & Charlyn Maddie Kathryn Cynthia & Tammy John Kathryn Kathryn & Val Kathryn Kathryn Kathryn & Tom

Nick & Steph's Wedding

Nick and Steph got married today in Guelph. It was truly an honour for me to be there for this event, along with Matt and Katia.

Nick and Kayden Stephanie arrives with her father Wedding ceremony With the bride's parents The wedding party Nick and Kayden Katia, Stephanie, Nick & Matt Matt & Nick Katia & Matt

The Commodore's Sailpast

Today was the Nepean Sailing Club's Commodore's Sailpast. This is an old naval tradition that many clubs continue each summer for fun. The boats in the fleet are sailed past the anchored club Commodore's boat for a salute, followed by a BBQ back at home port. It is an event to mark the formal opening of the summer sailing season and this year we had about 100 boats participate.

For Lynn and I this was our 8th sail of the season. We did one more sail together and then Lynn broke up with me.

Club boats on the sailpast

Launching Great White J

Today Lynn and I helped our friends Thomas and Stan get their J/22 sailboat, Great White J, into the water on a cold and windy day in early June. It looks like everyone is set for a summer of sailing, if the weather cooperates.

Great White J on the trailer Great White J in the launch bay Great White J on the way to her slip

Sailing on Wind Spirit 3

Today Dave invited us to help move his Hunter 34, Wind Spirit 3, to its new home, which involved a voyage on Lake Ontario. The wind was blowing and the seas were up, but the big sailboat gave us a lovely ride, followed by lunch at the dock once we were tied up. I am looking forward to some more sailing with Dave on Wind Spirit 3 this summer.

Hunter 34 Wind Spirit 3 Dave Lynn Adam View of Lake Ontario over the bow

Sailing with Friends

Today Lynn and I did our sixth sail of the season and our first with passengers, as we took Leanne and Leeloo out in what turned out to be really nice sailing conditions, with winds of 8-17 knots

Leanne, Leeloo and Lynn on Vesper

Five Years Without a Haircut!

Today marked five years since I last had my haircut. Looking back two years I really don't think it is getting any longer now.


First Sail of the Season

We made our first sail of 2017 on Vesper today, on a warm 26°C day with good winds and sailed for an hour and a half. Even though it had been almost six months since our last sail, it felt like a very short lay-off.

Lynn at the helm Lynn at the helm Adam & Lynn on Vesper Adam & Lynn with Vesper

Vesper is Launched

Vesper was launched today on a beautiful and warm spring morning. After she was in the water we rigged her and gave her a good washing and she is already to sail.

Vesper on the crane Vesper at the dock

Vesper is Ready to Sail

April has been pretty wet so far this year, but Lynn and I found a dry day today to work on the boat and get Vesper ready for launch.

Vesper on her cradle

More Ice Skating on the Rink of Dreams

Outdoor sports have been difficult in the last month due to many thaws, rain and freezing rain making it hard to ski, snowshoe or even skate on the canal (which has been closed since ). The artificially-cooled Rink of Dreams at City Hall is still open for use, though, so Lynn and I went skating there.

Lynn & Adam ice skating Lynn & Adam ice skating

Last Ski of the Winter?

With a big two-week long melt in the forecast it looks like winter might be already at an end. We took the opportunity of a last day below freezing to get out and ski on all the new snow.

With the weird weather it has been an odd year for skiing and so I have only done 13 days of skiing and 96.8 km to date.

Lynn & Adam skiing Snow ridges on pond ice

At the National Gallery

We were at the National Gallery on a very quiet Thursday afternoon. We were there for The Advent of Abstraction: Russia, 1914–1923 and the The Intimate World of Josef Sudek photography exhibit, too.

Lynn & Adam

Ice Skating on the Rideau Canal

At last the weather has cooled off and our previously melted Rideau Canal has become available for skating! This first time out on the canal this year Lynn and I did the 15.6 km end-to-end skate and included a stop for lunch. Yes, Lynn ate all the saurkraut.

Lynn ice skating Lynn & Adam ice skating Adam ice skating Lunch Lynn tackles the saurkraut sausage

Ice Skating on the Rink of Dreams

January 2017 has so far been quite warm. The Rideau Canal has only been open briefly for skating and even then the conditions were not good. With a recent warm spell it has closed again. Lynn and I met up downtown and went for a skate on the artificially-cooled Rink of Dreams at City Hall instead.

Lynn & Adam ice skating

Snowshoeing in the Greenbelt

For Lynn's birthday we did a snowshoeing expedition in the NCC greenbelt. Due to a big thaw and refreeze the conditions have been poor for XC skiing, but good for snowshoeing this past week.

Lynn on snowshoes Adam on snowshoes

Snowshoeing Expedition

Lynn and I took our new snowshoes and set off along the Ottawa River shoreline for a hike. Snowshoes give the ability to reach places that can't be accessed any other way, especially at this time of year and we saw some things other people wouldn't see from the roads and pathways, like an abandoned power boat.

Lynn on snowshoes Adam on snowshoes Abandoned boat

Skiing in the New Year

Today was my first ski of the new year and I covered 7.5 km in the Sawmill Creek Constructed Wetlands in great conditions. So far this winter there has been lots of snow and I have skied 38.9 km over seven days to date.

Adam Skiing Blue Spruce