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"Window of Opportunity"
CKCU's Friday Folk-ish Show

Broadcast from Ottawa every
Friday 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

CKCU 93.1 FM, Ottawa

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The final edition of Window of Opportunity was on Friday 28 July 2017. Co-hosts: Laurie-Ann and Tony Copple. L-A has hosted since 2002 and Tony since 2005. Trish Bolechowsky, Chris White, Ron Weiss and Shelley Ann Morris have also been on the hosting team.

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Hosts: Laurie-Ann & Tony Copple, Chris White

For the 2016 CKCU annual funding drive, Window of Opportunity received $1,564 in donations, and our Christian show Over my Head received $1,590 from our loyal listeners and supporters. The station achieved its goal of $135,000. It is not too late to contribute on-line which would be awesome . . . Donate on-line

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From 2006 - 2009, playlists were posted on the OMH My Space site.

Recording the Allison Brown/Erin Gignac version of the "Window" theme: Allison, Laurie-Ann, Erin
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Recording the Tony Turner version of the "Window" theme:
Sharon Reeve, Tony, Laurie-Ann
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The green green grass of home

*Theme song versions:
  1: Allison Brown
  2: Tony Turner
  3: The Copples
  4: Kate & Hollis
  5: Kenbits - video

Brian Gladstone on L-A