Environmental songs played on Window of Opportunity

Following my encounter with Earthgauge, on the CKCU Thursday Special Blend, I was motivated to see if there was anything I should be doing to offset global warming, in addition to personal habits (turning off lights, etc).

I addressed my listeners on Window of Opportunity, our Friday afternoon folkish show on CKCU 93.1 (Ottawa) and challenged those songwriters among them to get to work writing protest songs against the excesses of today's society in its headlong rush to damage the planet. Here are some of the songs that are out there: Environment songs 1  Environment Songs 2  Environment songs 3.
I also decided to play an environmental song each week that I host the program.   

Here are the songs I (and other Window hosts) have played so far:

2014 May 16:   Pesticide Song, by Terry Winchell (Songs for a Better Planet)
2014 Apr 04:   A mile outside of Kirkland, by Charlie Angus & the Grievous Angels (Watershed)
2014 Mar 07:   The shoals of herring, by Oscar Isaac with Punch Brothers (Inside Llewyn Davies)
2014 Jan 17:   The Tree, by Tim Grimm (The Turning Point)
2013 Nov 15:   Moving Mountains, by Amelia K Spicer (Songs for a Better Planet)
2013 Oct 18:   Basement Appartment, by Sarah Harmer (You were here)
2013 Oct 11:   No water no more, by Vince Halfhide (CKCU studio recording)
2013 Oct 04:   Tarpaper shacks, by Si Kahn and the Looping Brothers (Aragon Mill)
2013 Sep 27:   Escarpment Blues, by Sarah Harmer (I'm a mountain)
2013 Sep 20:   Save the wolverine, by Brian Gladstone (Songs for a Better Planet)
2013 Sep 06:   Pllution, by Tom Lehrer (That was the year that was)
2013 Aug 30:   Bones, by Kris and Dee (Bloom)
2013 Aug 23:   The Universe, by Gregory Alan Isakov (The Weatherman)
2013 Aug 16:   Global warming Blues, by Lenny Soloman (Songs for a Better Planet)
2013 Jul 18:     On the Mexican Coast, by Richard Berman (Songs for a Better Planet II)
2013 Jul 05:     Upstream, by Si Kahn (Bristol Bay)
2013 Jun 28:    Abundance, by Si Kahn (Bristol Bay)
2013 Jun 21:    Shine, by Norm Hacking (Songs for a Better Planet II)
2013 Jun 07:    Our world, by Kate MacDonald (Songs for a Better Planet)
2013 May 24:   Reverence and ridicule, by Layah Jane (Songs for a Better Planet)
2013 May 03:   People stuff, by Harmonius Wale (Songs for a Better Planet)
2013 Mar 01:   Don't cut me down, by Olivia Newton John (Gaia - One Woman's Journey)
2013 Feb 01:   Open letter to the Earth, by Terry Tufts (The Better Fight)
2013 Jan 25:    You can close your eyes, by James Taylor (Amchika)
2013 Jan 04:    I'm a mountain, by Sarah Harmer
2012 Oct 05:    Rhythm and Revolution, by Phil Oochs (Amchika)
2012 Aug 17:    For Free, by Joni Mitchell (Amchika)
2012 Apr 20:    Radium rain, by Bruce Cockburn (Big Circumstance)
2012 Apr 13:    Dirty old town, by The Pogues (Very best of the Pogues)
2012 Mar 30:    Monkey gone to heaven, by Black Francis (Frank Black Francis)
2012 Mar 16:    Beautiful creatures, by Bruce Cockburn (Life short, call now)
2012 Mar 09:    The Aucilla River song, by Rod Macdonald (Into the blue)
2012 Feb 24:    The trees are all gone, by Roger McGuinn (Back from Rio)
2012 Feb 10:    Mama, you been on my mind, by We are Augustines (Chimes of Freedom)
2012 Jan 27:    Polar Bears, by Kris & Dee (Still here inside)
2012 Jan 13:    Arctic World, by Midnight Oil (Diesel and Dust)
2011 Dec 23:    Pollution, by Nineteen James (A bottle of wine on Tuesday nights)
2011 Dec 16:    Everything is broken, by Bob Dylan, sung by Glen Soderholm (This Bright Sadness)
2011 Dec 09:    Passing through, by Mark Erelli (Hope and other casulaties)
2011 Dec 02:    Don't go near the Water, by The Beach Boys (Surf's Up)

- Tony Copple, one of the show hosts
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