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The playlists for shows hosted by Laurie-Ann Copple were unfortunately lost in a computer failure.

Host Tony Copple

CD-R  The Copples, “Window of Opportunity” track 1 [c]

CD  John Newlands: “The song I never wrote”(Invincible summer) Tr 1 [c]

CD  Stan Rogers: “Lookout Hill” (For the Family) track 1 [c]

CD  Jonathan Byrd: “My Generation” (The Waitress) track 6 

CD  Nick Drake: “Poor boy” (Way to blue) track 6  

CD  Radiohead, “Like spinning plates” (I might be wrong) track 4 

CD  Ariana Gillis: “Little Lantern” (Ariana Gillis) track 6 [c] 

CD  Blossom Dearie, “The bee” (Sweet Blossom Dearie) track 3  

CD  Bryan Anthony,  “I don’t wanna be here anymore” (Feeling down in Dirty Town) track 5 

CD-R  T.P.O., “Track 12” (Chronological Disorder) track 12 

CD  Chris Staig, “Rock’n’Roll Holiday” (Davenport) track 1 [c]

CD  A band of Owls, “Wick” (Of Wood and Water, Stars and Song) track 6 [c]

CD  Steve Schellenberg, “Hit the ground running” (Run away) Tr 5 [c]

13 tracks, 7 New releases, 6 Canadian, 46 per cent [c]

Friday Jan 26, 2007

Host Tony Copple

CD-R  Kate & Hollis, “Window of Opportunity” track 1 [c]

CD  Michael Brennan: “Time for a change”(Cautious Man) Tr 10 [c]

CD  Andrea Revel: “Rainy Day”  (City Song) Tr 3 [c]

CD  Bob Mackenzie: “Life is a poem”  (Assume nothing) Tr 1 [c]

CD  Bob Mackenzie: “Cowboy Rolly Rose”  (Assume nothing) Tr 12 [c]

CD  Danielle Denin:“I’m looking through you” (La France et Les Beatles)
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CD  Breathe:  “Empty Vessel”   (Songs to live and die for) Tr 1

CD  Miles Davis /Easy Mo Bee:  “Sonya”  (Doo-Bop)  Tr 6

CD  Bryan Anthony: “It’s only Love”(Bryan Anthony Does the Beatles) [c]

CD  Peter Lacey:  “Right Place, Right Time”  (Permanent Wave) 

CD  Michele Aranud: “Yesterday” (La France et Les Beatles) 

CD  Michael Franti:  “Never too late”  (Power to the Peaceful)

CD  Leah Morise:  “The Panty Song”  (Take me anywhere)  Tr 2 [c]

CD  Dave Crossland:  “Madison Rose”  (Pearl)

14 tracks, 8 New releases, 7 Canadian, 50 per cent [c]

Friday Feb 2, 2007

Host Tony Copple

CD  Beatles,  Gnik Nus

CD-R  The Copples, “Window of Opportunity” track 1 [c]

CD  Mark Erelli: “Passing Through” (Hope and other casualties)

CD  Sarah Burnell: “Terri’s tunes”  (Sarah’ndipity) [c]

CD  Chuck Baker: “Atherian banquet hall church”(A little piece of
                  quiet)  [c]

CD  Stonefox: “White flag”  (The things I wouldn’t know about) [c]

CD  Various artists (Darcy Ataman, CEO):  “Song for Africa” [c]

CD  Pam Gerrand:  “So perfectly”  (Pray Rain) [c]

CD  Karyn Ellis:  “Hearts Falls”  (Hearts Falls) [c]

CD  Adrian Jones and Kim Regimbal:  “Decollage”  (Calm Down) [c]

CD  Natalie Edelson:  “Into deep blue”  (Mayfly Days)  [c]  

CD  Norah Jones:  “Be my somebody”  (Not too late)    

13 tracks, 10 New releases, 9 Canadian, 69 per cent [c]

Friday Feb 9, 2007

Host Tony Copple
CD  Beatles,  Gnik Nus

CD-R Kate & Hollis, “Window of Opportunity” track 1 [c]

CD  Dawn Tyler	Blues Project: “Hey hey”  (Ten dollar dress) [c]

CD  D.Parton, L.Ronstadt, E.Harris: “To know him is to love him” (Trio)

CD  Rodney Brown & the Northern Roots Band: “Voyageurs”  (The Big
       Lonely) [c]

CD  Prof ML Liebler: “The Lazarus Dream”  (The moon a box)

CD  Echohunters:  “All I want to do”  (20 years) [c]

CD  Rukanas:  “San Juacum”  (Encanto)

CD  Rob Lutes:  “Cold Canada Road”  (Ride the Shadows) [c]

CD  Eric Bogle:  “The last of the old times”  (Other peoples children)

CD  Petula Clark:  “Please please me”  (La France et les Beatles)
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CD  Pat Johnson:  “Big box store”  (Pitchin’ Day) [c]

LP  Charlie Byrd:  “How insensitive”  (The look of love)

CD  Ella Fitzgerald:  “My Funny Valentine”  (Essential Ella)

CD  Garnet Rogers:  “All that is”  (All that is) [c]

15 tracks, 8 New releases, 8 Canadian, 53 per cent [c]

Friday Mar 26, 2007

Host Ian McLeish

CD  Alabama:  "Highway driving"

CD  Ian & Sylvia:  "I don't believe you" [c]

CD  Arlo Guthrie:  "Wouldn't you believe it?"

CD  Sam Phillips:  "Flame"

CD  Fairport Convention:  "Stranger to himself"    

CD  Lyle Lovett:  "Friend of the devil"

CD  REM:  "Laughing"

CD  Hollies:  "Stop right there"

CD  Bruce Cockburn:  "Loner"  [c]

CD  Melanie Doane:  "My sister sings"  [c]

CD  James H Robinson:  "One time flyer"

CD  Lovin' Spoonful:  "Darling companion"

CD  The Byrds:  "See the sky about to rain"

CD  Stephen Fearing:  "Thrasher"  [c]

15 tracks, 4 Canadian, 27 per cent [c]

Friday May 11, 2007

Host Tony Copple

CD-R  The Copples, “Window of Opportunity” [c]

CD  Lea:  “Not that kind” (Great big world) 

CD  Golden Dogs: “Never meant any harm” (Big eye little eye) [c]

CD  Harry Belafonte: “I’m just a country boy” (Harry Belafonte Collections) 

CD  Erick Saint Laurent: “She’s leaving home” (La France et les Beatles) 

CD  Norah Jones: “The sun doesn’t like you” (Not too late)

CD  Shawn Phillips: “Hey Miss Lonely” (Faces)  

CD  Bryan Anthony: “Meet you half way” (Feeling down in Dirty Town) [c]

CD  Harry Belafonte: “My Lord what a morning” (Harry Belafonte Collections) 

CD  Flatt and Scruggs: “Before I met you” (Grand Ole Opry live classics – The Blue Grass Collection) 

CD  Liz Carlisle: “Rest for a while” (Big dreams) 

CD  Maria Muldaur: “Handyman” (Naughty, Baudy & Blue)

CD  Austin and Elliott:  “What a woman knows” (Truth that hurts)

CD  Les Compagnons de la Chanson: “Yellow Submarine” (La France et les Beatles) 

14 tracks,  3 Canadian, 22 per cent [c]

Friday May 25, 2007

Host Tony Copple

CD  Kate and Hollis: “Window of Opportunity” [c]

CD  Kate and Hollis:  “Jennie wore white” (Sugar Babe) [c]

CD  Kate Rusby: “The blind harper” (Underneath the stars) 

CD  Stan Rogers: “Cliffs of Baccalieu” (For the Family) [c]

CD  Rod MacDonald: “The man who dropped the bomb at Hiroshima” (Recognition)  

CD  Dory Previn: “I dance and dance and smile and smile” (In Concert, Carnegie Hall 1973)

CD  Pat Moore & Vinyl Frontier: “There’s a dark cloud” (Take it to heart) [c] 

CD  Fairport Convention: “I’ll keep it with me” (What we did on our holidays) 

CD  Duane Eddy:  “Love minus zero/no limit” (Duane does Dylan)  

CD  Wilco: “Please be patient” (Sky blue sky) 

CD  Paul McCartney: “The end of the end” (Memory almost full) 

CD  Bruce Springsteen: “Youngstown” (The ghost of Tom Joad)

 12 tracks,  4 Canadian, 33 per cent [c]

Friday June 29, 2007

Host Tony Copple

CD  The Copples: “Window of Opportunity” [c]

CD  Kate & Anna McGarrigle:  “Kiss and say goodbye” (Kate & Anna McGarrigle) [c]

CD  Ian Tamblyn: “Voice in the Wilderness” (Voice in the Wilderness)[c]

CD  Louvin Bros & Tommy Cash: “Rise and shine” (Louvin Bros & Tommy Cash) 

CD  Neil Young: “Only love can break your heart” (After the Goldrush) [c] 

CD  David MacDonald: “Multi-nation generation” (Life is the only choice) [c]

CD  Jane Siberry: “If I ever see Mark Benson” (Tootie) [c] 

CD  Carolyn Arends: “More is less” (Polyanna’s Attic) [c]

CD  Eppiphane:  “This is a love song” (Theis plastic world) [c]  

CD  Rick Altizer: “Think about these things” (Scripture memory) 

CD  Gordon Lightfoot: “Canadian Railroad Trilogy” (Fantastic Gordon lightfoot) [c]

CD  Louvin Bros & Tommy Cash: “Six while horses” (Louvin Bros & Tommy Cash) 

CD  Trevor Baker: “Oh Canada” (Simple man) [c]

 14 tracks,  10 Canadian, 71 per cent [c]

Friday July 27, 2007  3pm – 4pm  CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa

Host today: Tony Copple

CD  Kate and Hollis: “Window of Opportunity” [c]

CD  Tony Turner:  “Raymore Drive” (The Lost Sketches) [c]

CD  Steeleye Span: “All around my hat” (The best of Steeleye Span) 

MP3 Junior Dix: “Wait for me” (THE SETTING SUN /Tribute songs for The Beatles) [c]

CD  Amos the Transfarent: “The stale scent of old beer” (Everything I’ve forgotten to forget) [c] 

CD  Marianne Faithful: “Chords of fame” (An introduction to Marianne Faithful)

MP3 Jacob and Lily: “I’ll see you off” (The Cathedral) [c] 

CD  Brown Ale: “A toast to Henry VIII” (Windsniffer and other assorted legends) [c]

CD  Tim Aylesworth:  “What would you say” (Dream of sleep) [c]  

CD  Mem Shannon: “I won’t back down” (Mem Shannon Live) 

Cas The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards: “Highland Cathedral” (Highland Cathedral) 

CD  Youssou N’Dour: “Joko: From village to town” (Don’t walk away)

CD  Siobhan: “Whisky in the jar” (The patron saints of debauchery) [c]

CD  Jaime RT Andy Hillhouse: “Forest ridge /big tree” (Spark) [c]

14 tracks, 9 Canadian [c], 64%

Friday Sept 21, 2007  3pm – 4pm  CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa

Host today: Tony Copple

CD  The Copples: “Window of Opportunity” [c]

CD  Meredith Luce:  “Needle in the groove” (October) [c]

CD  Jory Nash:  When Summer comes + Smoke + Love on the Northern side + The Last man (Spaz loves weezie) [c]  NB: this disk was put on continuous while a file alarm was on and we evacuated for 15 mins) 

Live  Meredith Luce: “October”  [c]

Live  Meredith Luce: “Pennies in the well”  [c]

CD  David Francey: “Far end of Summer” (Far end of Summer) [c] 

CD  The Undesireables: “Summer’s gone” (Summer’s gone) [c]

MP3/iPOD Wilco: “Will you love me tomorrow” (unknown)  

CD  Pat Moore: “Take it to heart” (From one cheatin’ heart to another) [c]

12 tracks, 11 Canadian [c], 92%

Friday Sept 28, 2007  3pm – 4pm  CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa

Host today: Tony Copple

CD  Kate & Hollis: “Window of Opportunity” [c]

CD  Manitoba Hal:  “A night like this” (This condition) [c]

CD  Steve Chizmadia:  “Average Man” (It is what it is)  

CD  Susan Levine:  “Letter home” (Atlas)  

CD  Stirling: “I came late to the party” (Northern light)

CD  Reid Jamieson: “I don’t care if the sun don’t shine” (The Presley sessions) [c] 

CD  William Tay: “Plus la meme” (La France et Les Beatles Vol 4)

CD-R  Dangermouse: “Encore” (The Grey Album)  

CD  Fr David: “Strawberry Fields Forever” (La France et Les Beatles Vol 2)

CD  Billy Bragg: “I guess I planted”  (Mermaid Avenue)

CD  Youssou N’Door: “Red clay”  (Joko)

CD  Dennis Lakusta: “Kick your television in”  (Kick your television in)  [c]

CD  Marilyn Duncan:  “Wiley Herman Duncan”  (Departures)

13 tracks, 4 Canadian [c], 31%

Friday Dec 21, 2007  3pm – 4pm  CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa

Host today: Tony Copple

CD  Kate & Hollis: “Window of Opportunity” [c]

CD  Tomita:  “Snowflakes are dancing” (Snowflakes are dancing) 

CD  Maggie Reilly/ Mike Oldfield:  “Man in the rain” (Tubular Bells III)  

CD  Ana Miura:  “Mary’s song” (Goose: The Christmas Platter) [c]
45  Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark: “Messages” 

CD  Jane Siberry: “In the bleak midwinter” (Child) [c] 

45  Fats Domino: “Everybody got something to hide except me and my monkey”

CD  Moya Brennan: “Wexford carol” (An Irish Christmas)  

45  Syreeta: “To know you is to love you” 

CD-R  James & Debbie Copple: “Away in a manger” 

CD  Rik Leaf: “Days of Wonder”  (Now is the Winter of our discontent) [c]

CD  Les Fradkin: “Ding dong ding dong”  (Spirit of Christmas)  [c]

45  Duane Eddy:  “Because they’re young”

CD  Chaim Tannenbaum:  “Blue Christmas”  (The McGarrigle Christmas Hour) [c]

CD  Kate & Hollis:  “Christmas stars”  (Goose: The Christmas Platter) [c] 

15 tracks, 7 Canadian [c], 47%

Friday Dec 28, 2007  3pm – 4pm  CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa

Host today: Tony Copple

CD  Kate & Hollis: “Window of Opportunity” [c]

CD  Robert Farrell:  “Rain catcher” (Express) [c]

CD  Jacob Moon:  “You gotta get up” (This Christmas) [c]  

CD  Heather Dale:  “Quem Pastores” (This Endris Night) [c] 

LP  Rund um Kitzbuhel: “Der Reifentanz” (Kitzbuheler National Sanger)

CD  Wilco: “Either way” (Blue sky blue) 

LP  Joan Baez: “All my trials” (Joan Baez on Vanguard)

CD  Nick Drake: “From the morning” (Way to blue)  

78  Lonnie Donegan: “John Henry” 

CD  Graham Kendrick: “Reckless Love”  (Dreaming of a Holy Night)

LP  Tim Hardin: “Love Hymn”  (Bird on a wire)

45  Bette Midler: “Wind beneath my wings”  

CD-R Peter Lacey: “Miss Tere” 

CD  Holly Cole:  “Count your blessings”  (Count your blessings) [c]

CD  Mike Oldfield:  “Far above the clouds” (Tubular Bells III)  

15 tracks, 5 Canadian [c], 33%

Window of Opportunity