"Window of Opportunity" - Playlists 2002

August - December 2002 playlists

12 - 2 am CKCU 93.1
Set One

CD  Sandy Denny,   "Crazy lady blues" (The Northstar Grassman and the Ravens), 
track 11 3:21

LP  Kate and Anna McGarrigle, "Heart like a Wheel" (Kate & Anna McGarrigle), side 1, 
track 4  3:09   [c]

CD  Clare Holley, "Fly away old bird" (Beat), track 11, 4:00?

LP  Judy Collins, "So Early, Early in the Spring" (So Early in the Spring: the first 
15 years), side 1, track 2, 3:10  

CD  Special Blend, "Don't you ever call me Sweetheart" (Don't you ever call me 
Sweetheart CD sampler), track 1,  3:13 [c]

Set Two

LP   Kingston Trio, "Three Jolly Coachmen"  (The Kingston Trio), side 1, track 1,  2:00

Cassette  Phil Ochs, "There but for Fortune" (There but for Fortune), side one, cued  2:35
-request for Mr. Love, who wanted Outside a small circle of friends, which the station does 
not have.  My husband had this song, "There but for Fortune" on tape. 

LP   Robert Paquette, "Le Soliel et la Pluie"  (Prends Celui Qui Passe), side 1, 
track 1 4:00   [c]

CD  Special Blend, "Let it Go - Move Along" (Don't you ever call me Sweetheart CD sampler),
 track 3, 4:21. [c]

LP   Bruce Cockburn, "Going to the Country"  (Bruce Cockburn), side 1, track 1  3:10  [c]

extro, station id, www.ckcufm.com

Set Three

CD  Jason Fowler, "Sebenza" (Big Hill, Little Hill), track 7, 4:23, [c]

LP  Melanie, "Psychotherapy"  (Leftover Wine) side 2, track 4, 5:38
-this is a joke song, if you're familiar with the Battle Hymn of the Republic

CD  El McMeen, "Greensleeves" (Breakout), track 7  4:18 
-This is brand new - he has won awards south of the border

LP  Arlo Guthrie, "Hobo's Lullaby"  (Hobo's Lullaby), side 2, track 5  4:00?

CD  Lynn Miles, "I know it was love" (Slightly Haunted), track 5, 4:56, [c]

CD Phil Ochs, "Outside a small circle of friends" (Chords of Fame) - listener request

Set Four

LP  Stan Rogers, "The Rawdon Hills" (Fogarty's Cove)  side two, track 2, 3:31 [c]

CD David Jacobs-Strain, "River was Green"(Stuck on the way back)  track 1, 4:02

CD  Frank Morey, "Luci" (Cold in Hand) track 3  4:19
Frank Morey comes from the same area as Tom Waits, from what he calls the 'wrong side 
of the tracks.'  This album is his latest and landed up in my mail box this week.

CD  Tab Benoit, "I'm Tired" (These blues are all mine), track 1 3:25

CD  Anders Osborne, "Snake Bit" (Ash Wednesday Blues), track 5, 5:25

extro, talk

Set Five

CD  Alise Bowler, "Ain't no industry" (Rasputin's Sing Along 2002 - Journey of Love), 
track 1 3:06 Cancon

CD  Carl Perkins and Paul Simon, "Rockabilly Music" (Go Cat Go!), track 3 3:21
request from Tony

CD Rick Altizer, "Renee is 14" (All-tie-zur), track 11 3:27

CD Carl Perkins and George Harrison, "Distance makes no difference with love" 
(Go Cat Go!), track 4 4:12
request from Tony

CD Jann Arden, "If it be your will" (Tower of Song - the songs of Leonard Cohen), 
track 11, 5:27  [c]

 CD Kelly Joe Phelps, "River Rat Jimmy" (Shine Eyed Mister Zen) - listener request

Set Six

CD Mike Craver, "Watson Come Here I want you" (Shining Down), track 14, 2:10

CD Nonie Crete and Curlew, "I Only want to be with you" (Danny Boy and Ballads), 
track 7, 4:14, Cancon

29 tracks, 12 Cancon  (41 per cent)

Window of Opportunity - August 9, 2002

Set One

CD  Serena Ryder,  "Pure"  (At Day at the Studio) track 1, 3:27  [c]
Serena played Blue Skies on Saturday night, and she captured the hearts of all there 
with ballads, and children's songs

CD  The Wailin' Jennys, "Deeper Well" (The Wailin' Jennys), track 2, 3:54  [c]

Interview with Wailin' Jennys with Tony Copple at Blue Skies  [c] 12 minutes

CD  The Wailin' Jennys, "Come all you Sailors" (The Wailin' Jennys), track 1, 3:57  [c]
[ extro - Cara Luft, one of the Jennys, was a comic at Blue Skies before introducing 
this song - told the audience how she liked sailing metaphors and sailors.  The other 
members, Nicky and Ruth, teased her and said they'd try to match her up with a sailor.  
What was also funny is that my husband Tony, who you just heard on the interview with 
these ladies, used to be a sailor.  What a perfect line that's not a come on!   

Make sure to check out the Wailin' Jennys, who are in Ontario and Western Quebec almost 
all month.  [Read the Wailin' Jennys tour list]  

Cassette 1 - Sting with Wailin' Jennys

CD  The Wailin' Jennys, "Bring me Lil' water Silvy"  (The Wailin' Jennys), 
track 5, 2:20, [c]

- my take on the Wailin' Jennys, their upcoming performance on Aug 22 at Black 
Sheep Inn.  Stay tuned for another interview with the Duhks at 1:00 am.

Set Two

CD   The Bill Hilly Band,  "Francis" (All Day Every Day), track 2,  3:38,  [c] (Victoria)
keep in player

CD   Anne Lindsay, "For the Children" (Eavesdropping), track 3, 3:20 [c]

CD   The Bill Hilly Band, "Andre de Sapato Novo (Andre's New Shoes)" (All Day Every Day)  
track 13, 4:04 [c]

CD  Aengus Finnan "The Ballad of Marguerite de la Roche" (Fool's Gold), track 1,  5:43, [c]
(South ON) Aengus will have a new cd out in October.  He'll be back in town for the Ontario 
Council of Folk Festivals and will have a cd release party on October 20th at the Black 
Sheep Inn.

CD  Tena Palmer and Justin Haynes, "Red Letter Day" (Not drowning, waving), track 2 3:35, 
[c] -Justin played Blue Skies as an entracte performer along with Rebecca Campbell

CD  Magoo, "Warm and Friendly" (Shirt Pay)  track 4,  [c]

Approx 1 am - station id, extro, show promo

Set Three

CD  The Duhks, "Rock of Ages" (Your Daughters and your Sons), track 2, 2:58, [c]

Cassette 1 - Interview with the Duhks with Tony Copple at Blue Skies  [c]
Interview - 10 min.

CD  The Duhks, "Leather Winged Bat" (Your Daughters and your Sons), track 7,  4:00 [c]

Cassette 1 - Sting with the Duhks - 30 sec

CD  The Duhks, "Trooper and the Maid" (Your Daughters and your Sons), track 8,  2:45, [c]

Extro, talk  

Set Four

CD  Jason Fowler, "Waltz for Beth" (Hiss of Distance), track 3, 2:53  [c]
Jason was at Blue Skies again, but this time he was also part of Anne Lindsay's band.  
You know what this means?  Since Anne will be at the Ottawa Folk festival, he may be there 

CD The Malvinas, "Maria" (I'm not like this), track 2  4:49  [c]
-These three ladies are based in Texas, but Beth Cahill, who plays mandolin and guitar 
was originally from Wakefield.  Way to go, Beth.  I hope you make it.

LP  Harry Nilsson, "Me and My Arrow" (The Point), track 3, 2:04
-request from Mr. Love

CD Eddie Douglas, "Garbage Delight" (Alligator Ice Cream - Jelly Delight), track 13, 3:57 
[c] -Eddie played at the Hillside festival in the children's area.  I've been in 
correspondence with him and he's a great guy, and a very good musician.  He's from Guelph, 
and you can catch info on him at www.alligatorpie.ca

Set Five

CD Davy Spillane, "Undertow" (Pipe Dreams), track 2, 3:17

CD  The Cottars, "The Two Brothers Medley", (The Cottars), track 6, 5:26, [c]

Goodbye songs

CD  Bill Colgate, "Please phone home"  (When dinosaurs ruled the earth), track 8, 3:14  

CD  Colin Linden, "Moon follow me home" (Through the storm through the night), 
track 1, 4:04  [c]
Colin's going to be one of the headliners at the Ottawa folk festival on the Friday night

20 tracks,  18 Cancon.  2 interviews, 2 stings, both Canadian

Window of Opportunity August 16

CD  Sandy Denny, "Blackwaterside" (The North Star and the Ravens), track 2, 4:10
-Richard Thompson is playing electric guitar on this track.  He'll be one of the acts at 
the Ottawa folk festival coming up next week

CD  The Malvinas (featuring Beth Cahill) "Everyone's an artist" (I'm not like this), 
track 9, 4:57 [c]

CD  Eden's Bridge, "Stones and Sea" (5 track sampler), track 1, 5:47  UK release

CD  Nonie Crete, Eugene Rea with Curlew, "Broken Places" (Danny Boy and Ballads), 
track 4, 2:34 [c]

CD  Special Blend, "Caleb Meyer" (Don't you ever call me sweetheart CD Sampler)  
track 2, 2:50, [c]

CD  Lynn Miles, "Over You" (Unravel), track 5, 4:36, [c]

Set Two

CD  Bruce Piephoff, "Old Houses, Old Cars" (Slaughterhouse), track 19,  2:11

CD  Eddie Douglas, "Alligator Pie" (Alligator Ice Cream - Jelly Delight), track 5, 2:46  [c]
This song is dedicated to any of you who may have kids.

CD  Tim Tedrow and Terry Vreeland, "If you let it be"  (Tim Tedrow and Terry Vreeland 
and friends), track 12  3:58

LP  The Albion Band, "Ampleforth/Lay Me Low" (Rise up like the sun), side one, last track  
-back up vocals on Lay me low include Kate McGarrigle, Julie Covington,  Linda Thompson, 
Pat Covington and Richard Thompson, 

CD   El McMeen, "Le Mans" (Breakout), track 1, 2:58

LP  The Albion Band, "Afro Blue/Danse Royale" (Rise up like the sun)

Set Three

CD  Lenore, "I'll tell on you" (Summer Dancing), track 6  4:34  [c]

CD  Lynn Harrison, "Didn't know better" (Lynoleum), track 1  4:00 [c]

CD  Groovelily, "I want to know what love is" (Little Light), track 7  4:37
Groovelily and friends really jazzes up this Foreigner cover tune.  Speaking of Groovelily,
they will not only be at the Ottawa folkfestival, but they will also be playing next 
Thursday for a FREE lunchtime concert at the NAC.  That's Thurs. Aug 22, 
from 12 - 1 pm FREE at the NAC.

CD  Susan Aglukark, "This Child"  (This Child), track 1  6:24  [c]

CD  Stephen Fearing, "Rave on Captain" (That's how I walk), track7, 4:37  [c]
-Colin Linden plays exquisite mandolin on this track.

Set Four

CD  The Dustkickers, "Twenty Three" (Twenty Three), track 5, 4:16, [c]

CD  Mike Craver, "Watson, come here I want you" (Shining Down), track 14, 2:10

CD  Robin Mark, "Parenthood" (Days of Elijah)  track 11,  3:42  UK release

CD  The Bill Hilly Band and Jennifer Lester, "Bulkley Valley Home" (All Day Every Day), 
track 4, 2:57  Cancon
When the Bills sang this at Blue Skies, they had Ruth Moodie, one of the Wailin Jennies, 
join them on this song.  I wonder who'll they'll pick at the Ottawa folk festival, Ruth 

CD  Sharon Shannon, "Cavan Potholes" (Common Ground), track 4, 4:10

Set Five

CD  Capercaillie, "Skye Walking Song" (Naturally), track 1, 4:38

CD  Eileen Ivers, "March up Fifth" (Crossing the Bridge)  track 8, 3:29

CD  Anne Lindsay, "Latin Stroller" (Eavesdropping), track 1, 2:56  [c]

CD  Kelly Joe Phelps, "The House Carpenter" (Shine Eyed Mister Zen), Track 1, 6:43

CD  Kelly Joe Phelps. "Killing floor blues" (Lead me on), track 2, 5:27

last song -

LP  The Jam, "That's Entertainment"  - if I can find it for Mr. Love

28 tracks,  12 Cancon, 42.8 per cent 

Window of Opportunity  August 23 (pre Ottawa folk festival)

CD  Terry Tufts, "A little help from my friends", (Two nights, solo)  track  7  3:38 [c]
-This was recorded live at Rasputin's folk café in 1998, and Terry was not only at Blue 
Skies, but he'll be at the Ottawa folk festival as well at 6 pm Sunday.  He teaches guitar 
at the Ottawa folklore centre, and he's local.

CD  GrooveLily, "Weight of the World"  (Little Light), track 4, 4:22
-I hope you enjoyed GrooveLily at the NAC earlier on Thursday.  They'll play another set 
in the Ottawa folk festival at 6 pm on Saturday, and they're actually at Darcy M'Gee's in 
Bells Corners right now as I speak with Terry Tufts.

Cassette  Sting with the Wailin Jennys

CD The Wailin Jennys. "Bring me 'lil water Silvy" (The Wailing Jennys), track 5,  2:20  [c]
The Jennys are back in town.  Actually, they are playing right now at the Black Sheep Inn, 
but you can catch them before they run off to the Peterborough festival.  They'll be at the 
Darcy McGees on Friday night  at 10 pm, and then at the main stage of the folk festival 
at 2:15 pm.  Maybe they'll see Tony and I waving at them since that's so early.  Hmm.  
We'll see.

Cassette Lonnie Donnegan, "Bring me 'lil water Silvy" (single - different version)  
approx 3 min.  I thought it would be fun to play this version.  When my husband Tony 
interviewed the Wailin' Jennys at Blue Skies, he mentioned to them about this version 
of the song.  They were very interested and had never heard of skiffle before.  So Cara, 
Ruth and Nicky, this song's for you.

2/4 [c] set 14:40


Set Two

CD Kim Buchanan, "While My Guitar gently weeps"  (Illusions)  track 11, 5:31
-Kim is an amazing folk singer from North Carolina, and not only does her own originals, 
but she also does this amazing cover "White Rabbit" as well as "While My Guitar gently 
sleeps."  If she comes up this way, I'll be letting you know.

CD  The Cottars, "Ballinderry"  (Live from Cape Breton), track 5, 5:32  [c]
-The Cottars are playing tonight right before the headliners Colin Linden and Colin James.  They will also play Darcy McGees in Bells Corners in the afterhours café Saturday night, but given that they are so young, they may have to be on first.  This 2 brothers and sisters team are between the ages of 12 - 14.

CD  The Irish Descendants, "Raggle taggle gypsy"  (Gypsies and Lovers), track 1, 3:40, [c]
-I hope that some of you went to see the Irish Descendants on Tuesday night at the Super Ex.  I couldn't go, but was there in spirit.

CD  Serena Ryder, "37,000 years" (A Day at the Studio), track 3 [c]
-read from article on Serena Ryder

extro, station id
¾ [c]  19:43

Set Three

CD  Paula Eve Kirman, "That's my boy" (Today I lit a Candle), track 7, 4:46, [c]

CD  Anne Lindsay, "Blues Not"  (Eavesdropping) track 9,  3:56  [c]

CD  The Brothers Creaggan, "Will you come back to me"  (Sleepytime), track 13, 3:03  [c]

CD  Jerry Read Smith, "Childgrove"  (Homecoming - Strayaway Child Trilogy), disc 2, 
track 4   3:41 Lisa's wife plays flute on this track.  Jerry makes his own hammered 
dulcimers in North Carolina.  His workshop, Song of the Wood, is in Black Mountain NC 
and its website is www.songofthewood.com

Set Four

CD  The Bill Hilly Band, "Francis"  (All Day Every Day) track 2  3:38  [c]
The Bills, as they call themselves will be playing on the Ottawa folk festival 
mainstage at 9:20 pm.  They brought down the house at Blue Skies.  Check them out; 
they're great

CD  Tony Turner, "Kingpin" (A Matter of Time), track 6, 3:53, [c]
-Tony Turner is local, but what a wealth of talent - both him and those who are with him 
on this track.  Background vocals include Terry Tuft, Rebecca Campbell and Ian Tamblyn!  

CD  Nancy White, "Jesus at Tim's"  (Mariposa 2002), track 5, 2:57  [c]
This is more of a comedy song, but what is funny is that I've read articles about Tim's 
being one of the most popular places or chains in Canada.  I mean, even for Christians, 
it is true that many go to Tim's after church.  Nancy White will be playing at 7:15 Sunday 
night at the folk festival, right before Garnet Rogers 

CD Allison Lupton, "Bryan O'Lynn's /Mouse in the Mug"  (My True Love), track 4, 3:43   [c]
-Allison is from Cambridge, Ontario.  This area of Cambridge - Guelph has many folk 
musicians, and I've been hearing from some of them in past weeks.  Its like a discovery 
for me.  Allison is also a very, very nice lady.

Set Five

CD  Eden's Bridge, "Open Sea", (Isle of Tides), track 2, 6:50 new UK release

LP  The Everly Brothers, "On the Wings of a nightingale" (EB84), track 1, side 1, 3:30?

LP  Buffy Ste. Marie, "Universal Soldier"  (The best of Buffy Ste. Marie), LP 1, side 1, 
track 3
Buffy is the headliner Sunday night at the folk festival.  She starts just after 10 pm  
2:15  [c]

LP  The Beach Boys "Feel flows" (Surf's Up) side 2, track 1, approx. 5:00

Set Six

CD  Black's Mountain, "Party down yonder" (Paving the Soles) [c]

LP  Bob Dylan, "Highway 61 Revisited" (Real Live) - listener request

CD  Ben Harper, "Like a King"  (Welcome to the cruel world) track 7 - listener request

CD  Richard Thompson, "Sights and Sounds of London Town" (Mock Tudor), track 10

24 tracks, 14 Canadian, 58 per cent
4 LPs, 1 cassette, 19 CDs

Window of Opportunity August 30, 2002

CD  Sandy Denny and Fotheringaye, "The Sea" (No More sad refrains - The Anthology), 
disk 1, track 7 5:33 

CD  Sherri Youngward, "Falling Down:  (Six Inches of Sky), track 7, 3:50  new release
I'm going to see Sherri play on Saturday in Seabreeze Park in Rochester.  I'll tell you 
about it next week.  

CD  Jan Seides (pronounced Sigh-dees), "Everyday people"  (Everyday People), 
track 1, 3:56  n.release
-Jan is from Texas, and had an imaginative cover on this cd - since she since about
everyday people, there's a mirror on the front of the cover, to show us that we can be 
everyday heroes.  And isn't that right?

CD  Penny Lang, "Trouble in Mind" (Squeeze, Twang, Blow and Bang - V. Artists), 
track 5, 3:47  [c]

extro, weather/weather centre, ckcufm 93.1 in the National Capital region, or 
www.ckcufm.com on real audio around the world

Set Two

CD  Christine Lavin, "I was in love with a difficult man" (I was in love with a 
difficult man), track 1, 3:07 
-Christine is from the States, but graced Canadians with her presence at Canmore and 
Summerfolk festivals this summer. Her lyrics are simple here, so simple that I'm sure 
that people were singing along with her at the festivals

CD  Michelle Shocked, "What can I say?" (Deep Natural), disc 1, track 2, 4:18  new release

CD  Harry Manx, "Lay down my worries"  (Dog My Cat), track 5  3:18   [c]

Cassette - Harry Manx sting

CD  Harry Manx, "Only Then Will your house be blessed", (Wise and Otherwise), 
track 1 3:05 [c]
Harry Manx was amazing when he played the first night of the folk festival, and 
he had everyone spellbound in playing his guitar, banjo and Mohan veena.  
Next week I'll play you something from his new cd that I picked up.  My husband and I 
really enjoyed talking to Harry.  I'll tell you a really interesting story about him.  
In the late 70's he used to be a roadie for Rush.  He's come a long way since then.  
And while he's lived in both Ontario and BC, he was born on the Isle of Man in the UK.  
There's also a good article about him in the Summer issue of "Penguin Eggs."  

Set Three

CD  Jennifer Clarke Skromeda, "The Raggle Taggle Gypsies"  track 2, 2:24  [c]
-last week I played this song by the Irish descendants.  This version by Jennifer is 
perhaps a bit more like a ballad.  I love it when there are different versions of the 
same song

CD  Vali Talbot, "The Knight's Farewell" (Home of my Heart), track 2  3:30

Cassette - The Cottars Sting

CD  The Cottars, "Suilean Dubh" (Made in Cape Breton), track 1,  2:44, [c]


Set Four

CD  Fred Eaglesmith, "Cumberland County" (Falling Stars and Broken Hearts), track 6 4:06  [c]
Fred will be here in Ottawa two nights - November 23 at Barrymores, and November 24 at the 
National Library

CD  Zubot and Dawson, "Hellhounds on my trail" (Chicken Scratch), track 5, 6:31, n. 
release - out Sept 10
-This one arrived in my mailbox on Tuesday, and I love it.  Kelly Joe Phelps is on this 
track.  The whole album is a bit blue grass - blues.  Check it out, it'll be in the stores 
Sept 10th

CD  Brooks Williams, "Mountain" (Skiffle Bop), track 6, 3:13

CD  Colin Linden, "Wasn't that enough" (Big Mouth), track 6, 3:28, [c]
Colin joins with Keb Mo for this number.  Colin put on a wonderful show when he joined 
Colin James last Friday night. He's amazing on mandolin, dobro, and guitar.  
I can't wait until he comes back again.

Set Five

CD  Tim Grimm, "Better Days"  (Heartland), track 1  4:58
-This singer used to be an actor in Los Angeles, but is now around farmers in Indiana.  
His cd Heartland is delightful. You can check him out at www.timgrimm.com

CD  Richard and Linda Thompson, "Wall of Death" (Shoot out the Lights), track 8,  3:42
-Richard was amazing at the festival on Saturday - it was so special to be there.  
I picked up this cd, but unfortunately they didn't have Linda Thompson's latest that she 
did with her son.  I'll keep looking for it, since the radio station doesn't have it either.

CD  Terry Tufts, "Marylou in Burgundy" (Two Nights Solo), track 2, 4:28, [c]
-Terry was good at the Ottawa folk festival, and he was joined by the festival choir.  
I preferred his set at Blue Skies, which included Marylou in Burgundy, but he had a bit 
more time at that festival

CD  Tony Furtado, "Some of Shelly's Blues" (American Gypsy), track 3,  3:52  New Release
-This is another cd that arrived in my mailbox.  Tony's represented by the Canadian label, 
True North, so perhaps he's an honourary Canadian.  He's quite good, and although he calls 
himself a roots-blues musician, he transcends boundaries

LP  Phil Ochs, "Too Many Martyrs", (There but for Fortune)

Set Six

CD Barra McNeills, "Song for Peace" (Song for the Mira - Performances of the works of Cape 
Breton songwriter Allister MacGillivray), track 5, 4:23, [c]
-This cd came to me by surprise.  After my husband Tony and I had the Cottars do a sting 
for this show, the dad of Ciaran and Fiona, who was accompanying them, came running after 
us with this cd.  His songs have been recorded by the Cottars of course, but also the
 Barra McNeills, Foster and Allan, The Garrison Brothers, Richard Burke, Ryan's Fancy, 
John Allan Cameron, Phil Coulter and many others.

CD Allison Lupton, "The Final Trawl"  (My True Love),  track 3, 4:59 [c]

CD  Eddie Douglas, "The Puzzle" (Alligator Ice Cream - Jelly Delight), track 5, 2:46, [c]

CD  Steeleye Span, "The Blacksmith", (Please to see the King)

CD  Beth Cahill, "As Good as Anyone" (Hitching to LaPaz), [c]

25 tracks, 12 Canadian [c] 48 per cent
Window of Opportunity September 2002 playlists

Window of Opportunity - September 6, 2002

Set One

CD  Nonie Crete / Louise Peacock, "Pointless Conversation" (10 Weezy Pieces), 
track 4, 3:39  [c]
-Louise is a publicist of many other bands.  This time she's come out with her own 
cd and is assisted by Nonie Crete

CD  Michelle Shocked, "That's so Amazing" (Deep Natural), cd 1, track 6,  5:04

CD  Sherri Youngward, "Beyond these Skies" (Faces, Memories, Places), track 1,  4:02
-Sherri sang this song a few times at the Life Together fest in Rochester NY last week.  
It was a wonderful show, and Sherri was such an approachable, laid back person.

CD  Valerie Vigoda, "Inhabit my heart" (Inhabit my heart), track 3, 4:38

Cassette GrooveLily sting

CD GrooveLily, "Breathe in, Breathe Out" (the Nutshell EP), track 4 4:27, new release


Set Two

CD  Harry Manx, "Crazy Love," (Wise and otherwise)  track 8, 3:55, [c]

CD  Zubot and Dawson, "Ed's Wake" (Chicken Scratch), track 1, 4:54, [c]

CD  Anders Osborne, "Boxes, Pills and Pain"  (Living Room), track 1  4:06

CD  Colin Linden, "Big Mouth"  (Big Mouth), track 1  5:29  [c]


Set Three

The next bunch of cds were in my mailbox today!

CD  Paul KamM and Eleanore MacDonald, "All the Young Boys" (Live), track 2  5:07

CD  David Piper, "Blood of our mother" (All my angels past) track 9  5:27

CD  Rise, "Thinking about you"  (Uncertain Wonders), track 2  4:27
-new band from Scotland

CD  Chris and Meredith Thompson, "Clearwater"  (Clearwater), track 2,  3:28

CD  Brian Gladstone, "Asphalt Cowboy"  (Psychedelci Pholk Psongs), track  1, 3:29  [c]


Set Four

CD  Aengus Finnan, "Wild Rose"  (Fool's Gold), track 3  3:45  [c]
-Aengus is from the Cobourg area and is often up here in Ottawa.  He'll be at the 
Black Sheep Inn for the release of his new cd on Oct. 22

CD  The Duhks, "The Leather Winged Bat" (Your daughters and your sons),  
track 7, 4:00  [c]
keep in player, but turn to track 6 during sting

Cassette  The Duhks - sting

CD  The Duhks, "Le Meunier et la Jeune Fille/ Les Quatre fer en L'air"  
(Your daughters and your sons), track 6,   3:16  [c]  

CD  Eloi et Jonathan Painchaud, "Shalala"  (Au Nom du Pere), track 3  3:53  [c]


Set Five

CD  Martha Trachtenberg, "Why do you wake me now" (It's about time), track 2, 3:43
-Martha doesn't live far from us - she lives in New York state

CD  Lynn Miles, "I know it was love" (Slightly Haunted), track 5  4:57  [c]

CD  Special Blend, "Don't you ever call me sweetheart " (Don't you ever call me 
sweetheart), track 1 3:14  [c]

CD Mark Graham and Orville Johnson, "Still Going Strong" (Still Going Strong), 
track 1, 2:53  -This dynamic two-some comes from Washington state.  Both Mark and 
Orville play many instruments

Set Six

CD  Brendan Milburn, "The odometer song" (Brenda and the extenuating circumstances), 
track 13, 3:32
-Well, you heard from both GrooveLily and Valerie Vigoda earlier.  This is Brendan's 
solo cd, and its great, but its out of print.  Fortunately some tracks, like this one, 
will be on their new cd which will be coming out very soon.  See if you can pre-order 
this cd at www.groovelily.com

CD  Charlie Sohmer, "Never been on time" (The Kiss before the Calm)  [c]

TT   Phil Ochs, "Outside a small circle of friends" (Chords of Fame)

CD  Allison Krauss and Yo Yo Ma, "Simple Gifts" (Classic YoYo) track 15, 2:37

September 13, 2002 - Window of Opportunity

Set One

CD  Kate and Anna McGarrigle, "Green, green rocky road"  (The McGarrigle Hour), 
track 13, 3:54       [c]

CD  Martha Trachtenberg, "Near Miss" (It's About Time), track 4, 3:30 NR

CD  Phil Cooper, Margaret Nelson, Kate Early "Return No More" (Return No More), 
track 12, 5:58  NR

CD  Jan Seides, "Jenny Jones" (Everyday People), track  9, 3:33  NR
-check out Jan's website at www.janseides.com

extro, weather

Set Two - Jan Krist feature

CD  Jan Krist, "Walk away Renee" (Wounded Me, Wounded You), track 8,  3:29  NR
keep in cd player

CD  Jan Krist, "Parallel Universe" (See Stone EP), track 5, 3:36   NR

CD  Jan Krist, "Let's not be Strangers"  (Wounded Me, Wounded You), track 11 4:25  NR

Set Three

CD  Lynn Miles, "Big, Brown City" (Slightly Haunted), track 10  4:01  [c]

CD  The Malvinas, "Picture Show" (I'm not like this), track 1, 3:27  [c]

CD  Lucy Kaplansky, "Every Single Day" (Every Single Day), track 3,  4:14

CD  Lynn Harrison, "Stage" (Lynoleum), track  7, 4:01  [c] 

Set Four

CD  Lynn Miles, "Brave Parade" (Unravel), track 8, 3:17  [c]

CD  Connie Kaldor, "Coyote's Call" (Small Café), track 5, 4:45, [c]

CD  Dolly Parton, Linda Rondstadt, Emmylou Harris, "To know him is to love him" 
(Trio), track 3, 3:50

CD  Chris and Meredith Thompson, "Wildest Sea" (Clearwater), track 1,  3:19, NR


Set Five

CD  Missy Burgess, "If we can" (September)  [c]

CD  Nonie Crete and Curlew, "The Giving" (Danny Boy and Ballads), track 1, 2:41 [c]

CD Scott Cameron Smith, "Poets and Painters" (Poets and Painters)  [c]

CD  The Bill Hilly Band, "Bulkley Valley Home"  (All Day Every Day), track 4,  3:00  [c]
-the female voice singing with the Bills is Jenny Lester, an honourary Billie 

CD  Carolyn Arends, "River of Love" (Travellers), track 7, 3:20, [c]


Set Six

CD  Kim Buchanan, "Illusions"  (Illusions), track  1,  3:44 

CD  Sarah Harmer, "Basement Apartment"  (You were Here), track 2, 4:08   [c]

CD  Alison Lupton, "My True Love"  (My True Love), track 1,  4:15, [c]

CD  Richard and Linda Thompson, "Walking on a wire"  (Shoot out the Lights), 
track 2,  5:24

Set Seven

CD  De Denann, "Hey Jude"  (The DeDenann Collection), track 6,  4:20

CD   Sandy Denny, "It suits me well" (No More Sad Refrains - the anothology), 
disc 2, track 5, 5:04

CD Chris Thomas King, "Me, My guitar and the blues"  (Me, my guitar and the blues)

Set Eight

CD  Eve Goldberg, "Let's Throw a Party for ourselves" (Ever Brightening Day), track 2, [c]

CD  Eddie Douglas, "The Tiniest man in the washing machine" (Alligator Ice Cream - 
Jelly Delight) [c]

CD  Steeleye Span, "Cold Hilly, windy night"  (Please to see the king)

CD  Jan Krist, "St John reads 21st century want ads" (Wounded Me, Wounded you), track 1

CD  John Stewart, "September" (September) [c]

33   tracks,   15  [c].   45 Per cent Canadian 

Window of Opportunity  -  September 20
CKCU 93.1 FM  Fridays 12 - 2 am
12 - 1 am this week on air/internet
1 - 2 am on internet www.ckcufm.com

CD  Linda Thompson, "Weary Life" (Fashionably Late), track 8,  3:41 NR
-Linda is backed up by her son Teddy and daughter Kamila.  Guess who's playing mandolin? 
Dave Pegg of Fairport Convention.  

CD  Lucinda Williams, "Bus to Baton Rouge" (Essence), track 9, 5:50  NR  

CD  Kim Buchanan, "White Rabbit" (Illusions), track 3, 2:53  NR

CD  Michelle Shocked, "House Burning Down" (Deep Natural), track 13, 5:44, NR 
(Mighty Sound)

set 1 - 18:08  extro, weather

Set Two

CD  Sara Hickman, "Shortstop" (Shortstop),  track 2, 4:38

CD  Eve Goldberg, "Sweet Sorrow in the Wind" (Ever Brightening Day) track 1, 2:43  [c]
keep in cd player

CD  Colleen Peterson, "Who will the next fool be?"  (Beginning to feel like Home)  
track 2, 4:40  [c]
-let people know about the Colleen Peterson tribute on October 6 in Toronto (but read 
the promo for it later)

CD  Eve Goldberg, "Watermelon Sorbet"  (Ever Brightening Day), track 7, 3:19   [c]
-Eve says that her sister Ruth makes a mean watermelon sorbet.  One summer afternoon 
while they were enjoying the latest batch, we decided that watermelon sorbet would 
make a great title for a tune.  A few weeks later, the name attached itself to this 
tune that Eve had been working on.

Set Three

CD  Charlie Sohmer,  "Heaven Calling"  (The Kiss before the Calm), track 9, 4:22, [c]

CD  Brian Hughes, "Andalusian Night"  (Straight to You), track 3  4:57   [c]

CD  Doug Kershaw, "Go Right On" (Easy), track 4, 3:05    NR

CD  Todd Thibaud, "Dragging me Down"  (Squash), track 1, 2:44


Set Four

CD  Scott Cameron Smith, "Little Davy and the Champ"  (Poets and Painters), track 4, 3:47 [c]

CD  Terry Tufts, "Never No More" (Transparent Blue), track 12, 5:17, [c]

CD  Terry Tufts, "Flag Station Fireball" (Down the Eighth and Gone), track 1, 3:16     [c]

CD  Greg Brown, "Dream City" (Covenant), track 7, 4:12

set 4 - extro

Set Five

CD  Robert Johnson, "Travelling Riverside Blues"  (King of the Delta Blues Singers), 
track 17  2:39

CD  Colin Linden, "Just Believe"  (Big Mouth), track 7, 3:41   [c]  NR

CD  Chris Thomas King, "Bourbon Street Blues" (Me, My Guitar and the Blues), track 9, 3:55

CD  Quartette (Sylvia Tyson, Caitlin Hanford, Cindy Church, Colleen Peterson), "The Circle 
Song" (Summerfolk Compilation 1995 Sampler), track 1  2:41, [c]
keep in player

Set Six

CD  Phil Ochs, "No More Songs" (The War is Over - The best of Phil Ochs), track 15, 4:15

CD  Jackson Delta, "Lookin' Back" (Summerfolk Compilation 1995 Sampler), track 5, 4:14, [c]

CD  David Piper and Robin Jung, "That's How" (All my angels past), track 1, 2:53, NR

CD  Nonie Crete and Curlew, "The Mira" (Danny Boy and Ballads), track 9, 4:49, NR  [c]
-Written by Allister McGillivray, the father of Fiona and Ciaran of the Cottars

Set Seven

Goodbye song?

CD  Steeleye Span, "Rosebud in June" (Below the Salt), track 2, 3:41  

25 tracks, 12 Canadian [c] 48 per cent

Window of Opportunity - September 27, 2002

Set One

CD  Sara K, "Waterfalls"  (Waterfalls), track 5, 2:41    NR
-Sara comes from Sante Fe, New Mexico.  If any of you understand Russian, the first track 
starts off with busker accordian tunes and Russians talking on the street.  Now how did I
 know it was Russian???  They said "Nyet, Nyet, which means 'no, no'  If any of you 
remember the Canada - Russian hockey games in 1972, the crowd chanted, "Da, da Canada, 
nyet, nyet Soviet"

As for this track, this song Waterfalls is dedicated to all of you who love waterfalls as 
I do.  Imagine that Ottawa has two visible falls, plus the ones in Gatineau park and 

CD  Beth Cahill, "This road goes nowhere" (Song Along - Journey of Love) track 4, 4:51 [c]
-Beth's orignally from Wakefield, but often drops in at the Black Sheep Inn, and sometimes 
Rasputin's, like the time she was recorded there doing this song.
keep in player

cassette - Wailin' Jennys sting

CD  Wailin' Jennys, "Sun's Gonna Rise" (The Wailin' Jennys) track 3, 4:28  [c]

CD  Carrie Sparkling, "Running for Life" (Song Along - Journey of Love), track 5, 3:29, [c]

CD  Wailin' Jennys, "Come all you sailors" (The Wailin' Jennys), track 1  [c]

extro, weather

Set Two

CD  Ella Fitsgerald, "A Fine Romance" (Essential Ella), track 6, 3:36

CD  Lucy Kaplansky, "Somewhere Out There" (Ten Year Night), track 9, 3:16

CD  Ennis Sisters, "Turn up the Radio" (Ennis Sisters) track 1,  3:45   [c]

CD  Holly Cole, "You want more"  (Dark Dear Heart), track 5  4:32   [c]


Set Three

CD  Terry Kitchen, "Back when yellow meant slow down" (Right now), track 1, 2:48  NR
keep in cd player

CD  Bruce Cockburn, "My Beat" (Anything, Anytime, Anywhere), track 1, 4:34  [c]

CD  Terry Kitchen, "Today I'm gonna laugh" (Right now), track 7,  4:32  NR
-This song is dedicated to the survivors of tornadoes, especially from Red Deer AB.  
The song is the story of a family who survived a tornado in the southern US.

CD  Tanglefoot, "God had a plan" (Agnes on the cowcatcher), track 12, 4:17  [c] 
This song is based on a true story.  The liner notes say:  "In July of  1960, there was a 
boating accident in the upper Niagara River.  A man and a young boy were swept over the 
Falls.  The man died but the boy was rescued by the boat, the Maid of the Mist.  
A third person, a teenage girl, was pulled from the water only feet from the brink by 
two men, one black and one white.  The black man, John R. Hayes, a bus driver from New 
Jersey,  felt that God had directed him to the falls that day"


Set Four

CD  Stephen Fearing, "Like the way you said" (That's the way I walk), track 1,  4:32 [c]

CD  Anders Osborne and Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, "I'm the Big, Big Chief"  
(Bury the Hatchet), track 1, 4:09 NR

CD  Zubot and Dawson, "Hoedown"  (Chicken Scratch),  track 6, 4:12, [c]

CD  Andy McGaw, "Like a Fool" (Andy McGaw), track 1, 3:08  [c]


Set 5

CD  Beth Cahill, "Hitching to La Paz" (Hitching to La Paz), track 3,  4:57, [c]

CD  Linda Thompson, "Dear Mary" (Fashionably Late), track 1, 3:29  NR

CD  Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention, "Crazy Man Michael" (No More Sad Refrains - 
the anothology), track 3disc one  4:36

CD  Sara Hickman, "In the fields" (Shortstop), track 1  4:39


Set Six

CD  Phil Ochs, "No more Songs" (The War is Over), track 15, 4:15

CD  Tim Readman, "$1,000 Ring"  (Into the Red), track 2  3:52   [c]  NR

CD  Louise Peacock and Nonie Crete, "You are a deceiver" (10 Weezy Pieces), track 2,  4:03  [c] NR

CD  Chris and Meredith Thompson,  "Neruda"  (Clearwater), track 4   4:38  NR


Set Seven

CD  Chris Thomas King, "Gambling Woman" (Me, my guitar and the blues), track 8, 2:33

CD  Missy Burgess, "If we can" [September], track 4, [c]

27 tracks,  14 Canadian [c] 52 per cent

Window of Opportunity October 2002 playlists

Window of Opportunity - October 4, 2002 - This show was on air on 93.1 FM only between 12 - 1 am, then only on the Internet from 1 am to 2 am.

Set One

CD  Lynn Harrison, "My Messy House"  (Lynoleum), track 5  3:45  [c]

CD  Jan Krist, "Someone to Watch over Me" (See Stone EP), track 1  5:11

CD Steeleye Span, "Lovely on the Water"  (Please to see the King)  track 10, 5:19

CD  Sharon Allitt, "Sable" (Independent Thought), track 2  5:15

Set Two

CD David Piper,  "Angels in the Snow", (Lucky Penny)  track 8, 5:04  

cassette 1 - GrooveLily sting

CD  GrooveLily, "No room in your bag" (Nutshell EP), track 1 5:01  NR

CD  Bruce Cockburn, "Anything, Anytime, Anywhere" (Anything, Anytime, Anywhere), 
track 16  3:33  [c]

CD  Kirk Franklin, "Brighter Day" (The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin), track 6, 5:40  NR
(listener request by e-mail)  

Set Three

CD  Chris Stuart, "Springhill Mine" (Angels of Mineral Springs), track 2  4:19  NR

CD  Aengus Finnan, "War Bride's Waltz" (Fool's Gold), track 4, 4:50  [c]

CD  Special Blend, "Don't you ever call me sweetheart" (Don't you ever call me sweetheart),
track 1, 3:14, [c]

cassette 1  Harry Manx sting 

CD   Harry Manx, "Only then will your house be blessed" (Wise and Otherwise), 
track 1, 3:03 [c]  

Set Four  (on internet only)

CD  Blind Boys of Alabama, "Amazing Grace [ to the tune of House of the Rising Sun]" 
(The Spirit of the Century), track 6  4:26

CD  Rick Altizer, "John Lennon's Glasses" (All Tie Zur), track 12  3:38

CD  Rob Lutes, "Jackson" (Middle Ground), track 1, 5:48  NR  [c]

CD  Peter Rowan and Don Edwards, "The Old Chisholm Trail" (High Lonesome Cowboy), 
track 2 4:19 NR

Set Five

CD  The Malvinas, "Everyone's an artist" (I'm not like this), track 9, 4:57  [c]  
-once again, Beth Cahill features on this song that she wrote with the Malvinas

CD  Tim Readman, "Oh Canada" (Into the red) track 7  2:56  [c]

CD  Stephen Fearing, "On the Great Divide"  (That's How I walk), track 5  5:04 [c]

Set Six

CD  Martha Trachtenberg, "Something 'bout travelling" (It's about Time), track 10, 3:54  NR

CD  Brian Gladstone, "Save the Wolverine"  (Psychedelic Pholk Psongs), track 2  5:16  [c]

CD  Moxy Fruvous, "" (Thornhill), track 4 [c]

22 tracks, 10 Canadian, 45 per cent

Window of Opportunity - Friday October 11, 2002   12 - 3 am 

Set One

CD  Tannis Slimmon, "Falling Together" (Oak Lake), track 1  3:20 [c]
keep in cd player

CD  Clare Holley, "Sea Boy" (Clare Holley) (on Paste Music Sampler 2), track 3, 2:56
keep in cd player  Clare will be playing Detroit this weekend.  If you'd like details, 
e-mail me at lcopple@igs.net since I don't have them here right now.

CD  Tannis Slimmon,  "A Miracle" (Oak Lake) track 7, 5:08  [c]

CD  Cara Luft, "Come all you sailors" (Tempting the Storm) (on Paste Music Sampler 2) 
track 10,  4:08

Set Two

CD  Scott Cameron Smith. "Dancing with Angels" (Poets and Painters), track 3, 3:11  [c]

CD  Pierce Pettis, "Georgia Moon" (Paste Music Sampler 2), track 6,  3:57

CD  Tony Turner, "A matter of time" (A matter of time) , track 1,  4:05  [c]
keep in player  

Tony Turner sting

CD  Tony Turner, "Circle of Song" (A matter of time), track 12, 4:31  [c]
-Tony will be playing Rasputins on Oct. 19th for a fundraiser with other musicians.  
Make sure to book your seats by either calling Rasputin's.  My husband and I saw Tony 
Tuner this past Saturday night at the Heart and Soul café in Dunrobin, near Kanata.  
Tony was delightful.  He's approachable, has a wonderful manner with his guitar and a deep 
soft voice that is soft on the ears and goes straight to the heart.  He's a local talent, 
but he's good enough to make it. Check out his cd called It's matter of time.  It includes 
Terry Tufts, Ian Tamblyn and Rebecca Campbell as well as Tony. You'll be hearing more from 
him in future.

Set Three

CD  Bruce Piephoff, "They've turned the light out at the end of the tunnel" 
(Slaughterhouse), track 18, 3:58  NR

CD  Colin Linden, "Just Believe" (Big Mouth), track 8, 3:53  [c]  NR

CD  Tim Readman, "You change" (Into the Red), track 1, 3:22, [c]  NR

CD  Terry Tufts, "Azelie" (Transparent Blue), track 5  4:50, [c]

Set Four

CD  Mad Violet, "Save a Song" (Mad Violet), track 3  4:53  [c]
Mad Violet was one of the delights of the Ottawa folk festival this year.  
I wasn't able to catch them, but did enjoy this cd!

CD  Madrigal, "Yahweh" (Reverie), track 13, 4:31, [c]
-This is a duo from New Brunswick, and they're singing about that music soothes.  
Remember the saying "music soothes the savage beast?"  Well in the Bible, David played music 
to soothe a troubled King Saul.  This song is about that story.

CD  Sherri Youngward, "What I'm living for" (Six Inches of Sky), track 9,  4:15  NR

CD   Christina Smith and Jean Hewson, "Up the Hills of Down" (Like Ducks - from Squeeze, 
Twang, Blow and Bang), track 15, 3:48  [c]
keep in cd player

Set Five

CD  Pentangle, "Bruton Town" (The Best of British Folk) cd 1, track 12,  5:18

CD  Tanglefoot, "One More Night" (Full Thousand Abandon) in (Squeeze Twang, Blow, Bang) 
track 12¸ 5:02  [c]

CD  Fairport Convention, "Sir Patrick Spens" (Liege and Lief), track 9  4:03

CD  Sandy Denny, "It'll take a long time" (No More Sad Refrains: The Anthology), 
disc 2 track 1, 5:13

Set Six

CD  Glen Shaffer, "Rebecca Smile"  (Glen Shaffer), track 1, 4:09  NR
-Glen is a 23 year old singer songwriter originally from West Virginia.  
This track is an original one.  

CD  Lucinda Williams, "Essence" (Essence), track 7, 5:54  NR

CD  Jan Krist, "Walk away Renee" (Wounded Me, Wounded You), track 8, 3:29  NR

Set  Seven

LP   The Specials, "Ghost Town" (Ghost Town extended)
(listener request)

CD  Aengus Finnan, "O'Shaunessy's Lament" (North Wind) NR  [c]

CD   Lynn Harrison, "If I didn't know better" (Lynoleum), track 1, [c]

CD  Bruce Cockburn, "My Beat" (Anything, Anytime, Anywhere), track 1, [c]

CD  David Piper, "Try Love Instead" (All my angels past), NR

Set Eight

CD  Rob Lutes, "Last Chance"  (Middle Ground), [c]

CD  Harry Manx, "Gist of Madhuvanti / Thrill is Gone" (Wise and Otherwise), [c]  NR

CD  Kim Buchanan, "While My Guitar gently weeps" (Illusions)

CD  Charlie Sohmer, "Heaven Calling" (The kiss before the Calm) [c]

Set Nine

CD  Kim Buchanan, "White Rabbit" (Illusions)

33  tracks,  19 Canadian, 57 per cent

Window of Opportunity - October 18, 2002  12 - 2 am 

Set One

CD  Tannis Slimmon, "What to do" (Oak Lake), track 4  3:37  [c]

CD  Jann Arden, "It looks like rain" (Living under June), track 10  4:53  [c]
fade up and mix with end of Tannis - it starts really softly

CD  Trace Elements, "Martinique" (As you can see), track 11  4:47 [c]
-Trish Pye in this duo has also led Alabaster Jar.  Trish lives here in Ottawa with us 
and is continuing to work on some real songwriting gems.

The Duhks sting

CD  The Duhks, "Rock of Ages" (The Duhks), track 2 2:58 [c]

Set Two

CD  Nonie Crete, Eugene Rea with Curlew, "Miracle or Two" (Danny Boy and Ballads), 
track 6, 3:46 [c]

CD  The Ennis Sisters, "Lord of the Dance" (Three) track 1, 3:37 [c]

CD  Martina Sorbara, "Bonnie and Clyde" (The Cure for bad deeds)  track 1, 4:18 [c]

CD  Kate Windle, "One of a Million" (On of a Million - single), track 1, 2:50  [c]
-This song is by a local lady, who was touched while in Zambia by seeing the children 
in poverty.  All proceeds from this cd single go toward the Sunsuntila Orpha Centre 
in Mbala, Zambia.  

Set Three

CD  Martha Trachtenberg, "Close to the Bone"  (It's about Time), track  10, 3:54 NR

CD  Kate and Anna McGarrigle, "Matapedia" (Matapedia), track 1, 4:52, [c]

CD  Tony Turner, "The Place where love is" (Song Along 2002 - Journey of Love), 
track 14, 2:42 [c]

CD  Tony Turner, "Silvery Moon" (A Matter of Time), track 5, 4:09 [c]
-Tony will be at Rasputin's on Saturday night along with a bunch of other artists.  
It's a fundraiser
for the homeless.  I will be there with my own Tony, and my folks.

Set Four

CD Tony Quarrington, "Savannah/For South Africa" (One Bright Morning), [c]
-Brenda Lewis and Tony Quarrington will be at Royal Oak in Kanata, on March Rd this 
Friday night, the 18th.  I hope to be there…

CD  Sara K, "Turned my upside down" (Water falls), track 3, 4:24  NR

CD  Linda Thompson and Rufus Wainright, "Evona Darling" (Fashionably Late), 
track 6 3:18 NR

CD  Lucy Kaplansky, "For Once in your life" (Ten Year Night), track 8, 4:13

Wailin' Jennys sting

CD  Wailin' Jennys, "Deeper Well" (The Wailin' Jennys), track 2, 3:54 [c]

Set Five

CD  Chris and Meredith Thompson, "Tanglewood Tree" (Clearwater), track 8, 3:57  NR

CD  Sherri Youngward, "Beyond these Skies" (Faces, Memories, Places), track 1, 4:02

CD  Aengus Finnan, "One hand on the radio" (North Wind)  track 9, 2:58 [c]
-this song is about Peter Gzoksy, who was a prominent radio host on CBC for many years.  
He died earlier this year.

CD  Aengus Finnan, "Fool's Gold" (Fool's Gold), track 10, 4:05  [c]
-Aengus will be at the Black Sheep Inn this Sunday, on the 20th.  Make sure to check this 
out to see this skyrocketing troubadour from the Coburg area.  He also recently was 
awarded a commemoration medal in honour of the Queen's golden jubilee.  Catch him while 
he's here, because soon he'll be off on a long, long tour of the US.

Set Six

CD  Bucky Halker and the Complete Unknowns, "The Maud Wreck" (Welcome to Labor Land), 
track 10, 4:33 NR
-This cd is full of old work protest songs - reading it reminds you just how bad work 
conditions were at one time - in the mines, on the railroad and many other places.

CD  Phil Ochs, "Tape from California" (The War is Over - The Best of Phil Ochs), 
track 1,  6:47 

CD  Mike Craver, "Argonne Wood" (Shining Down), track 9, 3:35 

24 tracks,   16 Canadian,   67 per cent [c]

Window of Opportunity - October 25, 2002 

Set One

CD  Brenda Lewis and Nonie Crete, "Nothing but a child" (Holidays in Harmony: 
The Snow Angels), track 2, 4:15  [c]

Brenda Lewis sting

CD  Brenda Lewis and Tony Quarrington, "Funny Boy" (One Voice: A Tribute to Norm Hacking), 
track 5, 3:12 [c]
-This song is part of a tribute cd - it has so many good artists on it, including Jason 
Fowler, Nancy White, and many others.  Thanks to Brenda for this cd. 

CD  Brenda Lewis and Ian Malesworth, "The Way you drive" (Heart so black), track 6, 3:14  [c]
-Concerning how others drive, did any of you see a certain article in Monday's Ottawa Sun?  
It stated that 20 per cent of all spouses are terrified of being passengers in the car when 
their spouses drive.  The cases are higher of women being nervous about their husbands, not 
the other way around, so a crack about women drivers won't work here.

CD  Andy and Denise, "Living in Suburbia" (Go), track  6, 3:08  NR
-This new cd from Andy and Denise is really fun.  Make sure to check them out at 

Set Two

CD  Norm Hacking, "Thunder and Lightning" (Skysongs - A Writer's Collection), 
track 8  5:40 [c]

CD  Andy and Denise, "South"  (Go), track 1 3:39  NR
-Valerie Vigoda of Groovelily joins Andy and Denise on this track.  They really sound like 
they've had fun.  And speaking of Groovelily, their new album is due out soon.  
As soon as I have it, I'll be playing it for you.

CD  Dennis Lakusta, "Value Village Shuffle" (Suusa's Room), track 5, 3:54 [c]
-Dennis gave a great show at Rasputin's last Saturday night along with others like 
Brian Gladstone, Lynn Harrison, Tony Turner and many others.  Their show will be compiled 
into a cd to benefit the homeless.

Cassette 1  Dennis Lakusta sting

CD  Dennis Lakusta, "Car Alarm Song" (Kick your television in),  track 1, 4:39  NR
-This song is for all those frustrated with car alarms.  And while I would never wish 
anyone hell, it is annoying, isn't it?

Set Three

CD   Ron Nigrini, "Cuckoo Crazy" (Songs from Turtle Diary), track 1, 2:57  [c]  NR
-Ron is from Toronto and he gives his greetings to all who are listening.  Darlene, 
who was honoured at the recent Ottawa folk festival, is doing background vocals on 
this track.

CD  Nineteen James, "Mary and Jo" (Hope you're not lonely), track 6,  3:19 [c]  NR
-Nineteen James comes from Parry Sound - a really beautiful place in Muskoka.  
They've been around for a few years, and are starting to branch out into other 
Ontario areas like Ottawa!

CD  Michael Cooney, "Figure it out" (Together Again), track 3, 2:00 

CD  Zubot and Dawson, "Ed's Wake" (Chicken Scratch), track 1  4:52 [c]  NR

Set Four

CD  Lynn Miles, "Now I understand" (Unravel), track 2, 4:30  [c] 
-Lynn came out with this album last year, and I can say that I've never tired of it.  
Each time I play it a different song pops right off the cd, saying 'play me! play me!

CD  Diane Zeigler, "With my eyes closed"  (Paintbrush), track 5, 3:37  NR
-This artist from Vermont has won many awards, and works in different folk genres - 
Cajun, Celtic, blues, bluegrass and traditional.  Make sure to check her out at 

CD  Louise Peacock and Nonie Crete, "Lay the Blame - Acoustic" (10 Weezy Pieces), 
track 9, 2:11, [c]  NR

CD  Jan Seides, "Everyday People" (Everyday People), track 1  3:56  NR

Set Five

CD  Matapat, "La violle gallope"  (Squeeze, Twang, Blow and Bang), track 1 3:28  [c]
-I met this dynamic Quebec band at Blue Skies in 2000, and they kept the whole tent 
hopping for a workshop.  I forget what they were teaching, but I do remember their 
music and enthusiasm.

CD  The Bill Hilly Band and Jenny Lester, "Bulkley Valley Home" (All Day, Every day), 
track 4  3:00  NR [c]

CD  David Piper, "One flew East" (Lucky Penny), track 10, 5:41 

CD  Chris and Meredith Thompson, "Neruda" (Clearwater), track 4, 4:37  NR

Set Six

CD  Rise, "Buffalo Song"  (Uncertain Wonders) track 1, 4:36  NR
-This band is from Scotland, and can be checked out at www.riseband.co.uk

CD  Eddie Douglas, "My Doodle-bug won't come home" (Alligator Ice Cream - Jelly Delight), 
track 2, 3:19, [c]

CD  Lucinda Williams, "Lonely Girls" (Essence), track 1  4:01  NR

CD  Mose Scarlett and Colin Linden, "All of Me" (Precious seconds), track 10  4:11 
[c - artist and production]

Set Seven

CD  Todd Thibauld, "Sacred" (Squash), track 2, 4:08  NR

25 tracks, 15  Canadian [c]   60 per cent Canadian

Window of Opportunity November 2002 playlists

Window of Opportunity - November 1, 2002

Set One

CD  Sherri Youngward, "Falling Down" (Six Inches of Sky), track 7, 3:50 NR
-Sherri is off on tour in Scotland right now.  She and I were to connect for an interview 
last week, but we've had to postpone it until December.  Let's hope it works out then.

CD Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch, "I'll fly away" (O, Brother, where art thou?), 
track 9, 3:57

CD  Julie Miller, "A Kiss on the Lips," (Blue Pony) track 1, 5:13

Set Two

CD  Carolyn Arends, "It has to be you" (Travellers) track 10, 4:32  [c]

CD  Mercedes Sosa, "Todo cambia" (The Best of Mercedes Sosa), track 1 4:47 
-Mercedes is Argentina's best folk singer according to Lonely Planet.  Since I'm going to 
Argentina in January, I had to check this album.  The whole album is good.  I wonder what 
other gems we are missing from down there???

CD  Madrigal, "Freedom" (Madrigal) track 4, 3:58 [c]

Set Three - Tony's set (requests)

LP Marianne Faithful, "Working Class Hero" (Broken English), side 2, track 3  approx. 5:00

LP Stevie Wonder,  "Same old story" (Secret Life of Plants), disc 1, side 1 track 4  

Set Four

CD Havalina, "You got me cryin' " (Space, Love and Bullfighting), track 6  4:30  NR

Lynn Harrison sting

CD  Lynn Harrison, "Smooth Stones" (Lynoleum), track 11  4:18  [c]
-Lynn gave a wonderful set at Rasputin's a couple of weeks ago.  She has this song called 
Tent City, inspired by the group of homeless people who were kicked off Home Depot's land 
around the Leslie Spit in Toronto.  Lynn will be back at Rasputin's with Tony Turner on 
November 30, and may even pay us a visit here in the studio.  Wouldn't that be great?  
Next week Christine Saunders will be in the studio with me.  
This is one of the great things about CKCU.  We have a reputation for giving local and 
Canadian talent a break.

CD  Jane Siberry, "The water is wide" (Hush), track 7,  6:26  [c]

Set Five

CD  Stephen Fearing, "Like the Way you said" (That's the Way I walk), track 1 4:30  [c] NR
-I hope that some of you were able to go see Stephen at the Black Sheep Inn this past 
Sunday.  I wanted to go, 

CD  Pierce Pettis, "Rise from the Ruins" (State of Grace), track 1, 3:18  
-Pierce does a wonderful job with this Mark Heard tune.  This song was a great comfort 
to many after 9-11

CD Brian Gladstone "Flashing before my eyes" (Psychedelic pholk psongs), track 3, 3:17  [c]

Set Six

CD  Jory Nash, "Barrio (I know you now)" (Lo - fi Northern Blues), track 13, 3:01  [c] NR
-This is a brand new cd that was in my mailbox this week.  Jory includes such greats as 
Jason Fowler and David Woodhead on this album.  

LP   Stan Rogers, "Barrett's Privateers" (Between the Breaks Level) [c]

CD  Jason Fowler, "It's love that matters most" (Hiss of Distance), track 2, 4:55  [c]

Set Seven

CD  Bill Colgate, "Stuck here in the blues" (When dinosaurs ruled the earth), 
track 2, 3:59  [c]

CD  Pierce Pettis and Mark Heard, "Tip of my tongue" (Everything Matters)

19 tracks, 10 Canadian [c] 53  per cent Canadian

Window of Opportunity - November 8, 2002 
Guest co-host / interview-ee  Christine Saunders

CD  Christine Saunders, "Where do Promises Go" (Beautiful Life), track 1 3:25   [c]  NR

extro by L-A, talk from Christine

CD  Christine Saunders, "Beautiful Life" (Beautiful Life), track 4, 2:39  [c]

extro by L-A, talk from Christine

CD  Christine Saunders,  "Baby in Blue, " (Beautiful Life), track 5, 4:37  [c]

extro by L-A, weather, talk about funding drive.  520-2528. / www.ckcufm.com  pledge and 
donate!  Renew CKCU in 2002.  1 third of our operational costs - 93 K comes from listener 
pledges.  1 third comes from Carleton University students and 1 third comes from show 

Set Two - some of Christine's favs

CD  Tannis Slimmon, "I've known it" (Oak Lake), track 9,  4:05  [c]

CD   Emmylou Harris, "Sweet Old World" (Wrecking Ball), track 8, 5:06
-this is a Lucinda Williams cover tune with an Emmylou slant on it!

CD  Emmylou Harris and Trio, "Telling me Lies" (Trio), track 6, 4:26
-this is a Linda Thompson tune.  Emmylou again makes it her own as she sings it with 
Linda Ronstadt and Dolly Parton

CD  Maria McKee, "This perfect dress"  (Life is Sweet)

extro, weather, talk about funding drive.  520-2528 / www.ckcufm.com  pledge and donate!

CKCU does not have big corporate lunches, decorators or even much of a music budget.  
What our costs are include rent to Carleton University, SOCAN payments, licensing payments, 
transmitter costs, four people on payroll at the station (Matthew, Lucie, Taline and Dylan) 
and fixing and renewing the equipment.  We even have a new soundboard to replace this ancient 
one, but we don't have the money to replace it.    So dial in or click in and donate at 520-2528 
or www.ckcufm.com!  Call when the music is playing and we'll take your call.

And for any of you who just loved what you heard of Christine, she's offering a cd to a 
donor who donates $30.  And - I'm still waiting for a listener who'd like to be a co-host.  
A $75 donation would give you a show with me as the techie.

Set Three - Lonnie Donegan tribute - he died at the age of 70 on Monday, after he had a 
concert somewhere.  My husband Tony, who was my co-host last week, told me that if it 
weren't for Lonnie, there may not have been the Beatles, since he was the one to really 
influence them, with skiffle.

LP Lonnie Donegan, "Wreck of the Old 97" (Lonnie Donegan Showcase), side two, track 3

CD  Brad Yoder, "2nd thoughts" (Used) track 4 3:54  NR 

Set Four - some more songs by Christine

CD  Christine Saunders, "Five and Dime" (Beautiful Life), track 6, 4:42 [c]

extro, comments by Christine

CD  Christine Saunders,  "Brown" (Beautiful Life), track 11, 4:02 [c]

extro, comments by Christine

CD  Christine Saunders, "Magic" (Beautiful Life), track 8, 3:39  [c]

Set Five

CD Diane Zeigler, "Silence" (Paintbrush), track 10, 4:26
-Diane graces us with her lovely voice from Vermont.  When she comes up this way, I'll 
let you know.

CD  The Laws, "Away" (Two), track 5  4:49 [c]
John and Michele Law are from Seeley's Bay - that's right, the same Seeley's Bay that you 
drive through on Hwy 15 en-route from Kingston.  This duo are a surprising delight.  
Keep your ears open for more of them in future.

CD Jory Nash, "The Robbery" (Lo - fi Northern Blues), track 11, 2:50  [c]
-Jory will be playing at Rasputin's Café, 696 Bronson Ave. tonight, a house concert on 
Saturday, and with Tom Paxton at the National Library on Sunday.  Make sure to check him 
out. Now Jory has a story to tell about that banjo you hear in the foreground.  
He says that this banjo was built by his father, using mail-ordered parts, and it's an 
open back 5-string banjo that stays in tune. Sounds like a great thing to have in a folk 
band. especially with the weird weather we've been having in Ottawa.

Set Six

CD Nonie Crete, Eugene Curlew with Curlew, "The Giving" (Danny Boy and Ballads), 
track 1, 2:41, [c] NR
-Nonie will be in Kanata next Friday night - on November 15th - at the Royal Oak 
329 March Rd.  Why not go early and have some good British pub food?  
[Note - the Kanata gig was later cancelled.] She'll also be in Ganonque on the 16th and 
Camden East on the 17th.

CD Martha Trachtenburg, "Something about travelling" (It's About Time), track 10, 3:54  
(Long Island NY)

CD Ian Molesworth, "Strangetown" (Strangetown), track 7, 3:41  [c]  from Guelph

Set Seven

CD  Paul Epstein, "Talkin' Big Dog" (School Bus Coming), track 9, 3:02  
-Paul is a teacher and a folkie from West Virginia and much of this album is quite funny.  
This song is dedicated to Christine, who told me a while ago that she needed a dog fixed.

CD  Lost Dogs, "Three Legged Dog" (Real Men Cry), track 4, 2:10

18  tracks,   11 Canadian [c]  61  per cent Canadian

Window of Opportunity - November 15, 2002
1 - 2 am due to birthday documentaries etc (including an interview of me).  CKCU's 27th 

Set one

CD  Sixpence None the Richer, "Still Burning" (Divine Discontent), track 6, 4:02  NR
-Leigh Nash and the boys finally have this album out - its been recorded for a year, but 
looks like they had some difficulties in production that took time to iron out.

CD  Alison Krauss and Union Station, "Take me for Longing" (Live), track 3, cd 2  2:47  NR

The Duhks sting

CD  The Duhks, "Rock of Ages" (Your Daughters and your Sons), track 2  2:58  NR  [c]
The Duhks will be here in Ottawa for the Acoustic Waves series later on in the month.

CD  Nanci Griffith, "Outbound Plane" (The Best of Nanci Griffith), track 8, 2:38

extro, weather
set two
CD  Nonie Crete and Eugene Rea with Curlew, "Miracle or Two" (Danny Boy and Ballads), 
track 6 3:46 [c]  -Nonie and Eugene will be playing in Ganonque on Saturday the 16th  
at Paddy's Pub (490 Stone St) and the Bookstore Café in Camden East on Sunday at 3 pm.  
Unfortunately, her Kanata gig has been cancelled.

CD  Linda Thompson, "Dear Mary" (Fashionably Late), track 1 3:29  NR

CD  Garnet Rogers, "Small Victory" (All that is), track 5  4:12  [c]

CD  Rob Lutes, "Middle Ground" (Middle Ground), track 8, 4:07  [c] NR
-Rob will be playing locally over in Gatineau this Friday night.  At 9 pm, he will be at 
187 Labrosse Blvd. in Gatineau.  (819) 669-0909.

extro, upcoming events - including Nonie Crete and Rob Lutes
set three
CD  The Laws, "Holes in my Shoes" (Two), track 7, 2:59 [c]  NR

CD  Bucky Halker and the Complete Unknowns,  "New Workin' On the Project Blues / 304 Blues" 
(Welcome to Labor Land)  track 6  4:37  NR

cassette Yoko Ono, "Peace 2002" Single (remix version) 4:30?  NR

CD  Colin Linden, "Big Mouth" (Big Mouth), track 1  5:00  [c]

extro, talk
set four

CD  Doc and Merle Watson, "Southbound" (Classic Mountain Songs) track 7, 2:39

CD  Serena Ryder, "Winter Waltz," (A Day at the Studio), track 2, 4:06  [c]

CD  Diane Zeigler, "Say it isn't so" (Paintbrush), track 8, 4:06

CD  Lynn Harrison, "Stage" (Lynoleum) track 7  4:07 [c]
-Lynn Harrison will be up at Rasputin's on the 30th, and may even be here on this show on 
the 29th.  I'll let you know more soon.  Lynn will also be coming out with a new album 
just in time for Christmas.

16 tracks,  7 Canadian  44 per cent Canadian [c]

Window of Opportunity - November 22, 2002

Set One

CD  Trace Elements, "Satin" (As you can see), track 3,   3:37  [c]
-Trish Pye and Geoff Smith were at NAC Fourth Stage tonight.  I hope you enjoyed them.  
I couldn't make it, but I was rooting for where I was in Ashton tonight.  
Thursday's the night when I sing.

CD  Diana Krall, "Fly me to the Moon" (Live in Paris), track 10, 6:06  [c] (can fade this 
out early!)

CD  Nonie Crete and Brenda Lewis, "Cahnukah/Solstice Round" (The Snow Angels: Holidays in 
Harmony), track 6  1:50 [c]

CD  Connie Kaldor, "Choppy Water (Rocky Marriage Breakdown)" (Small Café), 
track 7. 2:44 [c]

Set Two

CD  Zubot and Dawson, "The Elf Hunter" (Chicken Scratch) track 3  5:34 [c]
Zubot and Dawson will be playing the Great Canadian Theatre on Saturday night with the 
Duhks.  If you can't make that night, they will be at The Octave Theatre in Kingston on 
Saturday, or the Club One in Montreal on Monday.

extro to Zubot and Dawson.  Intro to Duhks:  Imagine that you're at a folk festival, which 
in a sense you would be when you go to the Great Canadian Theatre on Sunday to see the 
Duhks and Zubot and Dawson. we're going to hear a few tunes from the Duhks, and a replay 
of an interview with them this past summer.

CD  The Duhks, "Crusty Rolls and Chili" (Your Daughters and your sons), track 5, 4:59 [c]
keep in player!

Cassette 1 - Interview with the Duhks with Tony Copple at Blue Skies  [c]
Interview - 10 min.

CD  The Duhks, "Leather Winged Bat" (Your Daughters and your Sons), track 7,  4:00 Cancon

Cassette 1 - Sting with the Duhks - 30 sec

CD  The Duhks, "Trooper and the Maid" (Your Daughters and your Sons), track 8,  2:45, 

Set Three

CD  George Harrison (with Dani Harrison and Jeff Lyne) "Between the Devil and the Deep 
Blue Sea" (Brainwashed), track 10  2:34  NR  

CD  Stephanie Vézina, "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" (Between the Devil and the 
Deep Blue Sea), track 3, 1:33 [c]  Stephanie used to be local, but she's still not far away 
- she's in Montreal

CD  George Harrison (with Dani Harrison and Jeff Lyne) "Rocking Chair in Hawaii" 
(Brainwashed), track 11  3:07  NR

CD  Fred Eaglesmith, "105" (Ralph's Last Show) track 3, disc 1, [c]

-Fred is playing at Barrymore's on Saturday night. Make sure to check this well loved 
singer out


Set Four

CD David Francey, "Saturday Night Live"  (Far End of Summer), track  7  3:08 [c]
David will be playing in the Acoustic Waves series later on in the spring.  Wouldn't it 
be great to pair him with Aengus Finnan?  David lives in the Eastern Townships in Quebec.

CD  Jed Marum, "Desolation Island" (The Soul of a Wanderer), track 1 4:59 NR
-Jed Marum's break came through a folk show in Toronto.  Rick Fielding of Acoustic 
Workshop on University of Toronto's CIUT wrote a long of really nice things about this 
artist.  I've heard the album and can say it's absolutely wonderful.  You can visit 
his website at www.jedmarum.com

CD  The Waybacks, "Last Date" (Burger after Church), track 5, 8:43 NR
-I was in correspondence with the Waybacks about this cd sometime back. however I wasn't 
prepared for the goosebumps that this particular song gave me.  I just had to play it for 
you.  I love the mandolin on this track.

CD  Cyd Ward, "Hey Tarzan" (Between the Lines), track 3, 3:00  NR
Cyd Ward is almost like a folk prodigy from Florida.  Her voice is quite distinctive and 
she's been winning local awards in her state.  I'll let you know if she comes up this way.
As for this song, I think it's a scream - telling all the macho heroes to not just blindly 
rush in. You can look up her website at www.cydward.com

Set Five

CD  Patti Witten, "Black Butterfly" (Sycamore Tryst) track 3, 4:56  pre-release
-This album will be out in January - you can order it from Amazon after Jan 15th. Patti has
a website that you can check out at www.pattiwitten.com

CD  Michael Cooney, "Figure it out" (Together Again)  track 3, 2:03

CD  Julie Perrault, "The Sea I'm in" (Song Along 2002 - Journey of Love), 
track 7, 4:46 [c]
-Julie will be part of a trio Girls with Guitars at Rasputin's on Saturday Nov. 23 at 
Rasputin's at 8 pm.  Julie will be playing with Agnie Nussey and Linda M.  Come on down 
with $6 for the door and sing along.

CD  Bruce Piephoff, "The Flood" (Slaughterhouse), track 1, 2:51  NR


Set Six

CD  Michael Nesmith, "In the Still of the Night" (Tropical Campfires), track 7 (listener 

CD  Ernie Hawkins, "Broke Down Engine" (Bluesified), track 6, 3:47  NR
-Ernie is based in Pittsburgh and will be up here in Ottawa for Blues in the Schools in 
April and at the Bluesfest.  I believe he was here two years ago with Maria Muldaur, so 
some of you may have seen in person!

CD  Johnny Cash, "I am a Pilgrim" (Soul Lift - Soundtrack for the Soul), track 6, 4:15

CD  Stephen Fearing, "That's how I walk" (That's How I walk), track 9, [c]

24 tracks,  12 Canadian [c],  50  per cent 

Window of Opportunity - November 29, 2002

Set One

CD  Lynn Harrison, "My messy house" (Lynoleum), track 5  3:45  [c]

CD  Tony Turner, "A matter of time" (A matter of time) , track 1,  4:05  [c]

Cassette 1  Lynn Harrison sting  

CD  Lynn Harrison, "Could it have been the war?" (Lynoleum), track 10, 5:32 [c]

Cassette 1 Tony Turner sting

CD  Tony Turner, "Circle of Song" (A matter of time), track 12, 4:31  [c]

extro, weather, talk about Lynn and Tony
Lynn Harrison from Toronto with a brand new album called, LEARNING CURVE, and Tony Turner 
a local singer team up at Rasputins this Saturday night at 8 pm.  Cover is $9 at the door.  
I'll be there for sure. I'll be playing from Lynn's album next week.

Set Two - this set is exclusively from what arrived in my mailbox this week! 

CD  Bob Maclean, "Emily Too" (Permission to dream) track 14  5:19 [c]
-Bob is another wonderful musician from Guelph - that's quite a musician's colony down 
there both in folk and in Celtic music. NR

CD  Mairtin Pheaits, "Maire Inis Toirc {Maire from Inishturk)"  (Traditional Songs from 
Connemara)  track 2, 2:40  NR  

CD  Janice Hall, "Christmas Wish" (Christmas Wish single),  track 1  4:53  [c] NR

CD  Kate Campbell, "Yellow Guitar" (Monuments), track 1  3:18 NR

Set Three

CD  Bruce Cockburn, "Rainfall" (Further Adventures of)  track 1, 3:50 [c] NR - reissue

CD  Bruce Cockburn, "Lord of the Starfields" (In the Falling Dark) track 1, 3:29 [c]

CD  George Harrison (with Dani Harrison and Jeff Lynne), "Any Road" (Brainwashed), 
track 1, 3:52

CD Chris Cuddy, "Lyin' in my dreams" (Come along Carmelita)  track 2, 3:57, NR


Set Four

CD  Brooks Williams, "Pet Sounds" (Making God Smile) disc 1 track 15,  5:02  NR

CD  Lost Dogs, "With Me Tonight" (Making God Smile) disc 2, track 2  2:13  NR

CD Roy Young,  "Nowhere Man" (Now and Then) track 6, 4:37,  [c] pre-release

CD  Carl Perkins and Paul McCartney, "My Old Friend" (Go Cat Go), track 16, 3:22 


Set Five

Computer - Hicks station id [music is the exact same as next track]

Cassette 1 - Bill Justice, "Raunchy" (Raunchy), cued cassette

CD  Ernie Hawkins, "Lightnin's Hideaway" (Mean little poodle), track 1, 3:45  

Cassette 1  Harry Manx sting

CD  Harry Manx, "Can't be satisfied" (Dog my Cat), track 1, 3:17  [c]

CD  Rick Fielding, "Patrick Spencer" (This One's the Dreamer), track 2, 4:44 [c]
-Rick is not only a folk musician on many manners of strings, but he's a folk radio 
host on Toronto's CIUT.

CD  Gregg Lawless, "Unsaid" (Wicked little buzz), track 2  3:21 [c]  NR


Set Six

CD  Over the Rhine, "If nothing else" (Films for radio), track 2, 4:57
-www.overtherhine.com - this band really grows on you.  I was introduced to them 
through my other show a few weeks ago and I really like them

CD  Patti Witten, "Nine days in Texas" (Sycamore Tryst)  track 8, 4:47  pre-release

23 tracks , 11 Canadian [c], 47.8 per cent Canadian.

Window of Opportunity December 2002 playlists

Window of Opportunity - December 6, 2002

Last week I promised you an interview with Lynn Harrison, that very pretty redhead 
with the insightful songs about life.  She played last Saturday with Tony Turner to a 
packed room at Rasputins.  She'll also be playing at Toronto's Winterfolk in late 
January early February, so if you need to get a way a little bit south, please do check 
it out.  

Meanwhile we have an exclusive on Window of Opportunity this morning!  We not only have 
Lynn's interview, but we have a pre-release copy of her new album Learning Curve.  
I'll play you a tune from the album and then head into the interview.  
So sit back and enjoy, Lynn Harrison's "When I walk" off of Learning Curve.

CD  Lynn Harrison, "When I walk" (Learning Curve), track 1  3:45  pre-release  [c]
-You can purchase Lynn's new cd off of her website at www.lynoleum.com next week.  
Write down that address, again;  it's  www.lynoleum.com

Cassette - interview - 20 minutes

CD  Lynn Harrison, "In Spite of it all" (Learning Curve),  track 11, 3:32  pre-release  [c]

Cassette - sting with Lynn Harrison 

Set Two

CD  Lynn Harrison, "Learning Curve" (Learning Curve), track 8, 3:25  pre-release [c]

CD  Dawn Tyler Blues Project, "Hey, Hey" (Ten dollar dress), track 3, 5:17 [c]

CD  Lynn Harrison, "First Day of School" (Learning Curve), track 5, 3:46  pre-release [c]
-Lynn played this song at Rasputins and dedicated it to teachers everywhere.  It really 
was quite touching!

CD  GrooveLily, "The Balancing Act" (Just the Three of Us Live), track 15  4:29  NR
-This is GrooveLily's brand new album that finally came out as promised.  They planned to 
have it out for August, but these things always seem to take longer than expected.  
They were here for the Ottawa Folk Festival and they loved it.  
They may even come back!

Set three:  Christmas set (well it is advent!)

CD  Lynn Harrison, "Yes its cold in Winnipeg" (Learning Curve), track 10, 4:09 pre-release [c]

CD  Bruce Cockburn, "Mary had a Baby" (Christmas), track 14, 4:42  [c]

CD  The Dustkickers, "Mary's Little Child"  (Newborn King Christmas promo)  track 2  5:03 [c]  NR

CD  Nonie Crete and Brenda Lewis, "Nothing but a child" (The Snow Angels - 
Holidays in Harmony), track 2  4:15  [c]

CD  The Dustkickers, Christmas greeting track 5 - 7 seconds [c]

set four

CD  Jed Marum, "The Lakes of Pontchartrain" (The Soul of a Wanderer), track 13, 5:51 NR

CD  Jane Siberry, "The Lakes of Pontrachartrain" (Hush), track 6, 6:47 [c]

CD  Jesse Winchester, "Snow" (Jesse Winchester) [c]

CD  Serena Ryder, "Pure"  (A Day at the Studio), track 1 3:27 [c]

CD  Rob Lutes, "Ruth" (Middle Ground), track 10, 4:26 [c]
Rob Lutes will be playing at Black Sheep Inn on Sat Dec 14.  Unfortunately I will have to 
miss it, because Linda Miller and Nathan Curry will be playing at Rasputin's the same 
night.  A friend of mine gave Tony and me tickets and we're looking forward to seeing 
Linda and Nathan play again.

set five

Cassette   Linda Miller, "Suo Gan" (A Welsh lullaby), (Hearts at Rest), side 2, track 1  
approx 4:00 [c] -Linda will be playing along with Nathan Curry at Rasputins on Dec 14th.  
I saw her and Nathan play on a rainy day in Pakenham when I was celebrating my first 
anniversary with Tony.

CD  Laura Smith, "My Bonnie" (Fire in the Kitchen - various artists) track 4, 4:21 [c]
-This album includes many Canadian Celtic musicians, including Leahy, who will be here at 
the NAC on the 21st!   Make sure to check them out then.  tell me about it later!

CD  Buddy Miller, "Water when the well is dry" (Midnight and Lonesome), track 6  4:50 NR
-This is a new album from Buddy Miller.  Julie sings on this as well.  I had the fortune 
of meeting Buddy when he was here at the Tulipfestival in 2001.  Let's hope they come back 
again soon!

CD  Alison Krauss and YoYo Ma, "Simple Gifts" (Classic Yo-Yo), track 15  2:37 

18 tracks,  13 Canadian, 72 per cent Canadian [c]

Window of Opportunity  December 13, 2002 

I've had some requests for Christmas music, which isn't surprising.  However, its also a 
SOCAN week, so I we have the privilege of playing even more Canadian tunes for this show.  
I'll be playing more Christmas music next week from other areas of the world.

CD  Jane Siberry and friends, "What is this Fragrance Softly Stealing?"  (Child), disc one,
 \track 5  5:14  [c]

CD  Trish Pye and friends, "Huron Carol" (Heralding an ancient chorus), track 7  5:38 [c]

CD  Jane Siberry and friends, "What child is this?" (Child), disc two, track 4, 4:03  [c]

CD  Susan Aglukark, "Away in a Manger" (Christmas)  track 2, 2:46 [c]

extro, weather

Set Two

CD  Jann Arden, "Waiting in Canada" (Blood Red Cherry), track 1  3:43 [c]

CD  El McMeen, "Greensleeves" (Breakout), track 7  4:18 

CD  Steve Bell, "Eventide" (Waiting for Aidan), track 1, 2:01 [c]
-This song is based on a scripture in the Old Testament part of the Bible called the 
Prayer of Jabez. It's become quite popular in song and books.  

CD  Dustkickers Christmas greeting track 5 [c]

CD  The Dustkickers and Spring Garden friends, "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" (Dust the Halls), 
track 11, 3:30 [c]

Set Three

CD  The Dustkickers, "All the Days" (Sing your song), track 2, 3:53  [c] pre-release 
(released in January)

CD  Michael Pickett, "Louise" (Solo), track 1  3:58  [c]
-A blues number from a blues artist.  You can check him out at www.michaelpickett.com)

CD  Rob Lutes, "Last Chance" (Middle Ground), track 2, 3:37  [c]
-Rob was to be in Wakefield on Saturday, but the gig has been cancelled.  He'll be back 
again, maybe even on this show live.  Otherwise, Rob can be found in the Montreal area.

Set Four

CD  Bill Colgate, "Stuck here in the Blues" (When dinosaurs ruled the earth) 
track 2, 3:59 [c] -Bill is from my home city of Etobicoke, and recently won two major 
music awards in the 2002 USA Songwriting Competition.  Only thing is, he's Canadian.  
We wish you all the best, Bill!

CD  Harry Manx, "Only then will your house be blessed" (Wise and Otherwise), 
track 1, 3:05 [c] -Harry has been here a couple of times this year.  He used to be a 
roadie for Rush many years back, and he now lives in Salt Spring island - the folk island 
of Canada it seems.

CD  Colin Linden and Jonell Mosser, "Just Believe" (Big Mouth), track 8,  3:40  [c]

CD Bruce Cockburn, "Early on One Christmas Night" (Christmas), track 2  3:02 [c]  
-guess who is playing with Bruce on this track?  Many friends, including Colin Linden!


Set Five

CD  Brian Gladstone, "A father's lullaby" (Psychedelic Pholk Psongs), track 9, 4:09  [c]
-Brian is having a special birthday party in Toronto on Dec 14th.  

CD  Eddie Douglas, "Windshield Wipers" (Alligator Ice Cream - Jelly Delight), 
track 11, 2:56  [c]
-Eddie is a fun children's performer who reminds me of Noel Paul Stookey.  I hope he 
comes to the Ottawa folk festival. He's even offered for me to sing with him if he does.  
Now wouldn't that be fun?  Eddie would be the star of course, 
but it would be great fun!

CD  Jory Nash, "In the Evening" (Lo Fi Northern Blues), track 4  2:49 [c]
-Jory will be playing with a whole bunch of other people at the National Library on Friday 
January 10th.  He may even be on the show then if he can make it up from Toronto in time. 
Meanwhile he gave a wonderful show when he was here with Tom Paxton last month.  I was 
greatly impressed with his showmanship.

CD  Ron Nigrini, "Turtle Diary" (Songs from Turtle Island), track 3 4:51 [c]
-Ron is from Toronto and gives us varied genres in this cd.  You can check him about at 

Set Six

CD  Tim Readman, "$1,000 Ring" (Into the Red), track 2, 3:52 [c]

Cassette sting - The Cottars

CD  The Cottars and John McDermott, "Scarlet Ribbons" (Made in Cape Breton), 
track 7 3:51  [c]
-The Cottars, who were here at the Ottawa folk festival in August, have just been 
nominated for two major awards at 
the ECMA conference.  These are:  Group of the Year and Best New Artist

CD  Siobhan, "Spancil Hill" (The Patron saints of debauchery), track 12  3:20 [c]

CD  The Ragged Flowers, "20th Century" (Love to Burn), track 1, 4:45 [c]

Set Seven

Cassette  Christine Saunders sting

CD  Christine Saunders, "Baby in Blue" (Beautiful Life), track 5, 4:38 [c]

CD  Lori Ann Speed, "Softly through my heart" (In the Wake of a Whisperer), track 8  [c]

CD  Special Blend, "Don't you ever call me sweetheart" (Don't you ever call me sweetheart), track 1 [c]

27 Tracks, 26 Canadian, 97 per cent [c] SOCAN week at CKCU 93.1 FM

Window of Opportunity - December 20, 2002 

I'll be playing mostly different kinds of Christmas tunes, of different genres.  
Hopefully you'll not have heard these elsewhere.  So pull up a chair, and listen in.  
I'll be your host until 2 am, so stay tuned.  I will be playing a BRAND NEW Kate and 
Anna McGarrigle song later on.

Set One

CD  Iona, "Virgin and Child" (The Book of Kells), track 8  3:12 

CD  Trish Pye and friends, "What Child is this?" (Heralding an ancient Chorus), 
track 3, 3:01  [c] Indie

CD  Joanne Hogg, "I wander as I wander" (The New Celts Vol. 1), track 6, 2:53 

CD  Kildare, "In the Bleak Midwinter" (Celtic Carols), track  4, 5:07  


Set two

CD  The Dustkickers,  "Christmas greeting," (Christmas 2002 Radio Promo), track 5, .07, [c] 

CD  The Dustkickers, "Once in Royal David's City AM/FM Mix" (Dust the Halls), track 13, 4:27 [c] 

CD  The Dustickers, "New Born King" (Christmas 2002 Radio Promo), track 1, 5:13 [c]


Set Three

CD  Leahy, "Mission" (Lakefield),  track 1 4:45  [c] (Virgin Canada)
-the Leahy family come from a town just north of Peterborough called Lakefield.  
They will be playing at the NAC on December 21st with an orchestra.  You can still pick up 
tickets by calling ticketmaster, or the NAC box office.

CD  Ashley MacIsaac, "Go tell it on the Mountain" (A Cape Breton Christmas), track 2, 2:47 [c]

CD  Spook Handy, "Santa's Night Off,"  track 1, 3:21

CD  The Beatles, "Christmas time is here again" (1967 Beatles Fan Club Christmas record)

Set Four 

CD  Darryl Purpose, "Christmas in the Trenches" (The Gift of the Magi and other seasonal 
stories), track 7, 4:54

CD  George Harrison, "Ding Dong, Ding Dong" (The Beatles: The Ultimate Beatles Christmas 
Collection), track 9, 3:42

CD  Darryl Purpose, "The Gift of the Magi"(The Gift of the Magi and other seasonal 
stories), track 5, 4:33

CD  Lynn Harrison, "Yes, its Cold in Winnipeg" (Learning Curve), track 10,  4:09 [c]


Set Five

CD  Janice Hall, "Christmas Wish" (Christmas Wish single), track 1, 4:53 [c]

CD  Connie Allen and Bill Dempsey, "Christmas on a Train" track 1, 4:44

CD   Terry Tufts, "Big Six" (Christmas for the Children), track 5, approx 4:00, [c]

CD   Bruce Cockburn and Sam Phillips, "It came came upon the midnight clear," 
(Christmas), track 13, 2:52  [c]

Set Six

CD  Nonie Crete and Brenda Lewis, "O Holy Night" (Holidays in Harmony: The Snow Angels), 
track 6, 6:33 [c]

Cassette  Kate and Anna McGarrigle, "Wise Men" (Single), 3:57 [c]  NR
-you can listen to this single in MP3 format on Kate and Anna's site - 

CD  Julie Miller and Derri Daugherty,  "Away in a Manger" (both versions together) 
(City on a Hill - It's Christmas Time), track 9, 1:47 NR

CD Various Artists, "Blue Christmas" (Blue Xmas), track 13, 4:44

Set Seven

TT  Nancy Wilson, "Christmas Waltz" (I'll be home for Christmas)

Cassette  BB King, "Christmas Celebration" (single)  approx. 3:00

CD  Susan Aglukark, "Little Toy Trains" (Christmas), [c]

TT  Alison Moyet, "Coventry Carol" (A Very Special Christmas)

28 tracks,  13 Canadian,  46 per cent [c] 

Window of Opportunity - December 27  hosted by Dean Verger - no playlist available 

Window of Opportunity