"Window of Opportunity" and "Over my Head" Guests, Interviews and Stings

3 Jan 2014 - Window of Opportunity

Mario Pronovost. More pictures here.

6 Oct 2013 - Over my Head

Pastor Cornelius Babalola, International Pastors and Leaders Forum

8 Nov 2013 - Window of Opportunity

The Sparrows, Chris's funding drive guests, and Trish Murray

1 Nov 2013 - Window of Opportunity

Mark Monahan, funding drive guest

7 Jul 2013 - Window of Opportunity

Michael Trolly, whose CD 'Even as we are' was featured
on OMH for 12 shows

5 Apr 2013 - Window of Opportunity

Bob Nesbitt, 3 weeks before Ottawa Grassroots Festival

8 Dec 2013 - Over my Head
Bob and Beth Carson, Education without Boundaries

3 Nov 2013 - Over my Head

John Counsell, Ask the Pastor, 580 CFRA

1 Sep 2013 - Over my Head

Jill Jeffrey & Heidi Jost, and Mike Price from Rock the River

18 Aug 2013 - Over my Head

Canon George Sinclair

21 Jul 2013 - Over my Head

Prosper Babo

5 July 2013 - Window - Steve Strongman
21 June 2013 - Window - Kevin Breit
31 May 2013 - Window - Ben Giroux of The Humble Divines
7 April - OMH - David Van Noppen from The Freedom Initiative

Terry Gomes, right, Window, 7 June 2013

29 Mar 2013 - Window of Opportunity

Jeffrey Carl, of Harmony & Groove
3 Mar 2013 - Over my Head
Devorah and Josh Gilman, CCBR

1 Feb 2013 - Window of Opportunity

Cameron Barr played a gig at Gaia Java coffee Co. in Stittsville on 23 November 2012, and Tony was impressed, booking him for an appearance on Window. A 4th year Carleton engineering student, Cameron has been writing and singing since age 14.

Left - Cresenciana, 80, visited CKCU studios with her daughter Adel Catoy for Over my Head on 3 February 2013, and ended up on air.
3 Feb 2013 - Over My Head

Pastor Adele Catoy from Jesus is Lord (Filipino) church joined Tony for Over my Head, our sister show on Sunday mornings at 8. The subject under discussion was the Global Day of Prayer, for which both Adele and Tony are on the organizing team, which will take place this year on 19 May 2013 on Parliament Hill.

25 Jan 2013 - Window of Opportunity: Brooke Miller

In-studio guest (and a couple of phone-in) artists between 2006 and 2012 included Mayor Jim Watson, Anthony Sam, Meredith Luce, Derek Olive, Kristin Sweetland, Andy White, Lynn Harrison, Robert Farrell, Eppiphane, The Travelling Tenors, Harmonic Generation, Quintessence, Chris Maclean, Marie-Josée Houle, Doug McLeod, Morgan Friend, Steel Moon, Kris and Dee, Stephanie Vezina, Natalia and Montuno, Richard Carr, Bill Connelly, Pat Moore, Terry Gillespie, Soha Kneen, and Peter Budgen.

Brooke Miller

6 June 2010 - Over my Head

Scott Towaij and Hanna Speirs
June 2006
Jun 9: In studio: Joshua Morin

May 2006
May 26: Guest host: Tony Copple
May 19: Leslie Alexander

L-A with Ember Swift at the Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield 21 Apr 06

April 2006
Apr 21: In studio: Ember Swift, and Lynne Hanson
Apr 28: Redwood Central
Apr 14: In studio: Meredith Luce, and Tiiu Millistver
Apr 7: Don Bray, and Heather Dale

Heather Dale in-studio, 7 April 2006
March 2006
Mar 24: Amanda Rheaume
Mar 17: In studio: Don't Panic, + David Newland
Mar 10: Guest host Pat Moore
Mar 3: Bob Evans

February 2006
Feb 24: Charlie Sohmer
Feb 10: Ember Swift

January 2006
Jan 27: Guest host: Tony Copple
Jan 20: Guest host: Tony Copple
Jan 13: Guest host: Pat Moore
Jan 6: Gregg Lawless and Meredith Luce

Don Bray, 7 April 2006. Click for more behind-the-scenes pics.
December 2005
Dec 30: In studio: Eppiphane members
Dec 9: Barrie Davis
Dec 2: Co-host David Newland, train show

November 2005
Nov 25: James Hill (Ukulele)
Nov 18: Rozalind MacPhail
Nov 11: Guest host: Tony Copple (click for blog)
Nov 4: Phone interview with Lisa Patterson

October 2005
Oct 14: Guest host: Tony Copple

September 2005
Sep 23: Live in studio: Meredith Luce
Sep 2: In studio: Eppiphane members

Kate and Hollis, 20 November 2005
Aug 2005
Aug 19: Guest hosts: Tony Copple & Ted Wills; photo right.
Aug 12: Live in studio: Chris White, artistic director of Ottawa Folk Festival
July 2005
July 8, 15, 22: Guest host: Kate Greenland - Thank you Kate!
Ju1 1 Live in studio: Tim Aylesworth, plus phone interview with Adam Kavanagh, lead singer with Eppiphane

June 2005
Jun 24: Live in studio: Carol Teal and David Joyce
Jun 17: Guest hosts: Pat Moore and Kate Greenland
Jun 10: Phone interview with Marianne Girard

May 2005
May 6: Live in studio: Tony Turner

April 2005
Apr 29: Live in studio: Brian Gladstone
Apr 22: Live in studio: Kate and Hollis
Apr 15: Phone interview with Nonie Crete

March 2005
Mar 4: Live in studio: Natalia Zukerman

Adam Kavanagh after Eppiphane's
Canada Day set in Kanata

Tim Aylsworth
February 2005
Feb 25: Live in studio: Athena Reich

January 2005
Jan 28: Phone interview with Elza
Jan 21: Phone interview with Danny Marks
Jan 14: Phone interview with Brian Gladstone
Jan 7: Phone interview with Mad Violet

December 2004
Dec 10: Phone interview with The Undesirables.
Dec 3: Live in studio: J D Gordon, and Lynne Hanson

November 2004
Nov 26: Guest host: Pat Moore
Nov 19: Live in studio: Eppiphane - Ottawa band
Nov 14, Over my head, 8am: Phone interview with Danny Brooks
Nov 5: Interview with Zoë Lewis & Roxanne Layton.

October 2004

Oct 22: Barrie Davis live in studio. Also Live interview with Lynn Hanson.
Oct 1: Phone interview with Maria Dunn

September 2004

Athena Reich, Feb 25

Sept 24: Phone interview with Natalia Zukerman
Sept 17: Phone interview with David Newland

August 2004

Aug 27 (Weekend Warmup) - Phone interview with Chris White, artistic director of Ottawa Folk Festival

July 2004

July 16: Live in studio: Glenna (Garramone), Lloyd MacHardy and Vince Morash
July 23: Live interview with Sean Peever

June 2004

June 25: Phone interview with Peter Verity
June 18: Live interview with Cheryl Neill

May 2004

May 21: Live performance by Beth Cahill and Annabelle Chvostek

Natalia Zukerman  photo: Thom Fountain

April 2004

Apr 23: Live interview with Allison Brown, Linda Grenier, Sharon Hinblest, Bill Cameron
Apr 16: Phone interview with David Newland

March 2004

Mar 19 Live interview with The Ragged Flowers
         Download the interview from the Flowers' site
Mar 5: Guest host: Tony Copple

February 2004

Feb 27: Live performance and interview with Ric Denis
Feb 20: Phone interview with Evalyn Parry
Feb 13: Phone interview with Chris McLean of Galitcha

Laurie-Ann introduces the Ragged Flowers at the CKCU
Spring Music Fest at The Bayou, Ottawa, 18 April
January 2004

Jan 30: Phone interview with Jory Nash
Jan 23: Phone interview with Lynn Harrison
    Phone interview with Peter Verity
Jan 16: Interview with Bill Garrett and Sue Lowthrop
    Interview with Jennifer Noxon
Jan 9: Phone interview with Marianne Girard
    Live: Doc MacLean

December 2003

Dec 26 & Jan 2: Pat Moore hosts
Dec 12: - Live: Shane Simpson and Lynne Hanson
- Phone interview: Leslie Alexander
Dec 5: - Ph interview: Jennifer Claveau
- Live interview: Tony Turner - Writers Bloc - on Christmas Goose

November 2003

Nov 28: - Interview: Kristin Sweetland
Nov 21: - Interview: Kim Beggs, +
   Phone Interview with the Secretary
   of Folk Alliance Canada, Dana Whittle
Nov 14: - Live: Dennis Lakusta
Nov 7: - Live: The Laws

October 2003

Oct 31: - Ph interview: Brian Gladstone
Oct 24: - Interview: Athena Reich

Kim Beggs
September 2003

Sep 19: - Interview / featured artist: Louise Peacock of Kid Wezel

August 2003

Aug 1: - Guest host: Juan Dinero (aka John Inca)

July 2003

Jul 25: - Guest host: Tony Copple
Jul 18: - Guest host: Pat Moore
Jul 11: - Guest host: Pat Moore

Louise Peacock

Kristin Sweetland

Athena Reich

May 2003

May 23: - Live performer / interview: Sean Peever
May 16: - Interview / featured artist: Allen Dobb
May 9: - Live Interview / featured artist: Ernie Hawkins

April 2003

Apr 25: - Live interview / featured artist: Erin Gignac & Allison Brown
Apr 4: - Live performer / interview: Tony Turner

Erin Gignac and Allison Brown at Rasputin's.
Click pic to hear their version of the Window theme.

March 2003

Mar 28: - Guest host: Rachel Hauraney. Interview: Shane Simpson
Mar 14: - Interview / featured artist: Eve Goldberg

February 2003

Feb 7: - Guest host: Dean Verger
Feb 14: - Guest host: Dean Verger

January 2003

Jan 31: - Guest host: Dean Verger
Jan 17: - Interview / featured artist: Lynn Miles
Jan 10: - Featured artist Aengus Finnan
Jan 3: - Guest performer Dennis Lakusta

December 2002

Dec 27: - Guest host: (former producer and host) Dean Verger from Rasputin's
Dec 20: - Co-host Laura Welch
Dec 6: - Lynn Harrison, interviewed by Laurie-Ann Copple

November 2002

Nov 8: - Co-host and interview-ee Christine Saunders
Nov 1: - Co-host Tony Copple (CKCU-FM funding drive)

August 2002

Aug 9: - The Duhks, interviewed by Tony Copple
Aug 9: - The Wailin' Jennys, interviewed by Tony Copple

Ernie Hawkins (with our dog Clancy)

Tony Turner at CKCU April 4, 2003

Dennis Lakusta at CKCU Jan 3, 2003


We collect Stings (special station IDs).
Here are some of the artists who have kindly done these for us. You'll hear them from time to time on the show, prior to the playing of one of their songs.

Window of Opportunity

All photos by Laurie-Ann or Tony Copple