"Window of Opportunity" - Train Song theme shows - 2005

 Laurie-Ann Copple,
61 Highmont Court,
Kanata,  Ontario  K2T 1B2, Canada

Window of Opportunity playlists - train songs parts 8 - 11 Window of Opportunity playlist 3-4 pm EST Friday March 11, 2005 CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa / www.ckcufm.com CD-R Bridlewood Train, track 4 CD The Copples, “Window of Opportunity” [c] CD Sue Foley, “Mean old Lonesome Train” (Young Girl Blues) track 4 3:22 [c] cc322 CD Sue Foley, “Train to Memphis” (Walk in the Sun) track 9 4:40 [c] cc3104 CD Rebecca Campbell, “Train” (Tug) track 4 4:38 [c] cc 4813 CD Doc and Merle Watson, “Freight Train Blues” (Watson Country) track 12 2:48 MD12402 CD Frank Hoorn, “Evening Train” (Solid Ground) track 4 2:45 [c] Set 2 CD The Waifs, “Crazy Train” (A Brief history… Live) track 8 disc 1 8:02 NR CD The Rosinators, “Orange Blossom Special” (The Rosinators) track 10 3:26 CD Maria Dunn, “How do you do, 1935?” (We were good people) track 5 5:09 [c]

Set 3

CD  Colin Linden, “Train left an hour ago” (Southern Jumbo) track 8 4:05 [c] NR

CD  Mike Stevens and Raymond McLain, “Wabash Cannonball” (Old Time MoJo) track 4 2:53 [c] NR

CD  Jackie Washington, “When that Midnight Choo Choo leaves for Alabam’” (Midnight Choo Choo) track 1 3:08 [c]

CD  Ron Parks, “Working on Railroad Time” (Golden Rocket) track 1 3:28 [c]

13 tracks (not incl. Bridlewood train),  10 Canadian  77  per cent [c]

Window of Opportunity Friday August 26, 2005  

CD  Bridlewood Train  (private recording) track 4

CD  The Copples, “Window of Opportunity” [c]  

CD  Ian Tamblyn, “That Boxcar in Algoma” (The body needs to travel) track 7 5:06 [c]

CD  Terry Kitchen, “Letter on a Train” (I Own this town) track 2 3:38

CD  Allen Dobb, “Train Dream” (Rosetown) track 1 4:00 [c] NR

CD  Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, “Come on Train” (High or Hurtin’: The Songs of 
    Willie P Bennett) track 1 4:08 [c]

CD  The Be Good Tanyas, “The Littlest Birds (Sing the Prettiest Songs) track 1 4:06 [c]

CD  Connie Kaldor, “Rickety Old Railroad Track” (Sky with nothing to get in the way) 
    track 10 2:59 [c] NR

CD  Kate Campbell, “Freedom Train” (Blues and Lamentations) track 4 3:20 NR

CD  The Rankin Family, “Orangedale Whistle” (Fare Thee Well Love) track 1 3:28 [c]

CD  Bill Isles, “Hobos in the Roundhouse” (The Calling) track 3  4:37  

CD  Jeffrey Foucault, “Northbound 35” (Stripping Cane) track 7 5:08 

CD  Jim Photoglo, “This Train keeps Rollin’” (Sparks in the Radio) track 2 4:32 NR

CD  Meredith Luce, “Ten Minutes Further” (Meredith Luce ep) track 2 3:20 [c]

13 tracks (not incl. Bridlewood Train), 8 Canadian, 61 per cent [c] 

Friday December 2, 2005
Host Laurie-Ann Copple
Train song show

CD  Bridlewood Train (private recording)

CD  The Copples, “Window of Opportunity” track 1 [c]

CD  Joel Fafard, “Clickety Clack” (…and another thing) track 5 3:19 [c] NR

CD  David Newland, “Roll Away” (Roll Away) track 13 3:22 [c]

CD  David Newland, “Riding on the Railway” track 1 8:45 [c] 

David Newland train interview (phone)

CD  David Francey, “Belgrade Train” (Skating Rink) track 6 2:50 [c]

LP  (TT)  Johnny Cash/June Carter Cash, “This Train” (A Believer sings the truth) 
    record 2, side 4, track 1 3:30   request from Mysha Santiago 

CD  Connie Allen and Bill Dempsey, “Christmas on a Train” (The Waves we left Behind) track 13 4:46 

CD  Ron Parks, “Christmas on the Ocean Unlimited” (Golden Rocket) track 5 3:50 [c]

CD  Missy Burgess, “We all ride the same train” (Pour me a song) track 9 4:22 [c] NR

CD  Barrie Davis, “Railway Widows Lament” (Rain on the Tin) track 9 3:23

CD  Colin Linden, “Train left an hour ago” (Southern Jumbo) track 8 [c]

11 tracks, 8 Canadian, 73 per cent [c]

Scranton Steamtown rail museum
         - with L-A on honeymoon, 1999
Window of Opportunity