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Thank you for listening Matteo!  I love playing blues when I can.   
You probably mean Rick Fines and local Roxanne Potvin.
Laurie-Ann  (playlist attached)
Hi Ms. Copple,
I've just heard two beautiful blues pieces on your show -- one sung by a man, 
the second one by a woman -- just before you mentionned the Bluesfest. 
Could you please send me the playlist for today's show? Thank you !
Matteo Gavazzi


From: Shawn Hearty 
Sent: Sunday, April 18, 2004 11:00 AM
Subject: Re: Friday, April 16 at appx 345pm

I was just wondering......
 I was listening to your program and heard a great
 song on the date listed in the subject of this
 email. It was a gospel song with at least 4 or 5
 different contributors, and the chorus was something
 to the effect of " Mother Mary don't you weep, dont
 you mourn. Pharoah's men been drownded".
 If you could, could you please tell me the name of
 the song, and who sang it? and also If it's harder
 to find, where you picked up the cd???
Thanks very much


May 2, 2003 
Hi Tony
I listened to, and thoroughly enjoyed, the program last night.  Not one, 
but two Richard Thompson pieces.  I just loved the second.  The first was 
a real throwback to his very early electric work.  I listened to the whole 
show and heard some nice work.  "joggin' with Jesus...........skatin' with Satan"
........    you gotta be kidding!!!!!

I will email L-A to express my pleasure, and gratitude.
Thanks again Tony


Date sent:      Sun, 06 Apr 2003 16:59:47 -0400
From:           George Gonos
Subject:        window of ops

I just wanted to say that Window of Op is my favorite music show on the radio. I love the music you play and look for you every Thursday night. It comes in very scratchy here in Potsdam, NY, so speak up as loud as you can!


The only other folk-ish radio I can get is WFUV from New York on the Internet. Do you have any other suggestions? ******************************************************** Date sent: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 18:03:29 -0500 From: lhanak To: Laurie-Ann Copple Subject: ckcu laurie-ann just letting you know that one of your listeners called the station over the break saying how much she liked your show keep up the great work laurie-ann!!!!!! take care lucie ********************************************************

Window of Opportunity