"Over My Head" - Playlists, 2002

8:00 - 9:30 am Sundays, CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa/ www.ckcufm.com (real audio)

Hosts - Dave Liebold, Christine Jenkins, Laurie-Ann Copple

This list contains playlists from Laurie-Ann Copple in 2002 (the year L-A went solo without needing technicians)

Over My Head   February 10, 2002 8 - 9:30 am

Set 1 

CD  Steve Bell - (Beyond a Shadow) “This is Love”, track 13, 4:40   	Cancon

CD  Daniel Amos - (Mr. Buechner’s Dream) “This is the One”, track 1, 2:18  New Release (USA only)

CD  Jan Krist - (Outpost of the Counter Culture) “Someone to Watch over me”, track 9, 5:09

CD  The Byrds (Gram Parsons) - (Sweetheart of the Rodeo) “The Christian Life”, track 3, 2:18

CD  Glenn Kaiser  (You Made the Difference in Me), “Marry Me”, track  8, 2:30

Set 2  

CD  Sixpence None the Richer - (Tickets for a prayer wheel), “Love Letters in the Sand” track 5, 2:59

CD  Cush - (Cush), “Heaven Sent”, (fade) track 1, 6:13

CD  Rik Leaf (In 2 deep 2 stand),  “Rescue Me”  track 1, 6:09  Cancon

CD  Tree 63 (Tree 63),  “Look what you’ve done”  track 3, 4:30
extro, station id, coming events

Set 3 (harder)

LP  Mark Farner (No Frills), “When a Man loves a woman,” side 1, track 3, 3:44

CD  Delirious? (AudioLessonover), “Take Me away,” track 2, 3:18   “New Release” - 
	unreleased in Canada

CD Rick Alizer, (Go Nova), I Love You #19,  track 7, 3:30

CD Openhander (Various Artists) (Nothing Says I love you like Punk Rock #2) “Only You” 
	track 10.,  2:36

LP  Daniel Band (Running out of Time) “We need Love”, Side 2, track 2, 2:36

Cancon 3/14 = 21.4%

Over My Head  - February 24, 2002

Laurie-Ann Copple / David Leibold

CD  Michael Hart [c]

CD  Carolyn Arends, (Travellers - Living Room series), “Eternity in Our Hearts”, track 1, 3:59  	
	Cancon (BC) (Juno nominee)  Label: Signposts

CD  Robin Mark, (Days of Elijah), “Parenthood”, track 11, 3:40
        (UK release)

CD  Delirious with Amy Grant, (Streams - Various Artists) “Find me in the River”,  track 7, 5:47 
	(Label - Word)

CD  Hangnail, (Acoustic EP), “Decision Making”,  track 3, 3:46
	(Label - BEC/Tooth and Nail)

Set Time:  17:12, plus Michael Hart

CD  Susan Aglukark, (This Child), ‘Hina Na Ho (Celebration)”, track 6, 4:11 (Arctic)
	(Label EMI)

CD  Danny Daniels, (Another Shade of Blue), “Not an Overnight Thing”, track 3,  4:52
	(Label Vineyard Music Group)

CD  Van Morrison, (The Best of Van Morrison), “Full Force Gale”, track 11, 3:15  (Label Polydor)

CD  Lost Dogs, (Real Men Cry), “When the Judgement Comes”, track 5,  2:10 (Label BEC)

CD  could have Johnny Cash tune here… approx 4:00??? (Label???)

Set time- 14:28 plus Johnny Cash song  (total 34:40 plus talk and Michael Hart song)

Set 3

CD Lost Coin (Dark Cloud, Silver Lining), “To be Loved”, track 3,  4:13, Cancon (Kitchener)
	(Label Indie)

CD Vigilantes of Love, (Summershine), “She is fading”, track 2, 4:08
	(Label Compass)

CD Fear of God (Disappear), “Angel”, track 8, 4:45
	(Label Indie)

CD  The Juliana Theory (Emotion is Dead), “Don’t Push Love Away”, track 2, 3:17
	(Label Tooth and Nail)

Over My Head - St. Patrick’s Day feature - all Celtic  March 17, 2002 
Laurie-Ann Copple as host from here on
-Songs that are from Ireland OR are Celtic in form (not including U2 - not enough room)

Set One

CD Maire Brennan, (Whisper to the Wild Water), “To the Water”, track 3, 3:25 (Word)

CD  Michelle Wooderson, (Prayer for the Dawn), “Carry this Heart”, track 2  3:04  (indie)

CD  Iona, (Journey into the Morn)  “Irish Day”, track 2, 5:14,  (was Alliance, now are indie)

CD (CD2) Van Morrison and the Chieftains, (Hymns to the Silence), “Be Thou My Vision”, track 5,  3:50

CD  David Ruis and Eoghan Heaslip, (Powerscourt Live 2000, Worship from the Heart of Ireland), 
	“Saint Patrick’s Breastplate”, track 6,  4:26, (ICC), UK release, but is Cancon 
	(artist and music)

Set Two

CD  Alabaster Jar (Ajar), “On Wing as Eagles,” track 2,  4:32 Cancon, (Indie)  

CD  Martyn Joseph, (Ballads: In Quieter Moments), “Ballad for the Children of Ireland” 
	track 9, 5:15  (Word UK)

CD  The Booley House, (Time is Right EP), “Time is Right” track 1, 4:12 (Medieval Haircut)

CD Michael Hart, (Lord of the Mountain), “Oh the Deep Deep, Love of Jesus” track 7, 4:01, Cancon, 

CD  Michael Card, (Poiema), “The Greening of Belfast”, track 11, 4:26,  (Sparrow)

Set Three

CD  Clear (Follow the Narrow), “Follow the Narrow ”,  track  1,  3:33 (Ardent)

CD  Marie Lacey (A New Song), “Holy is Your Name”, track 5,  4:31  (Indie, UK)

Set 3 - 8:02, plus …  8:58 am….

CD  Johnny Parks, (Close to You: Live at Mannafest), “No Words”, track 6, 5:02, (Kingsway/Survivor) 
	UK release  

CD  Robin Mark, (Days of Elijah), “High Ground,” track 8, 3:35  (Indie, early release)  

CD Brian Houston, (Big Smile),  “Won’t Let Go (Song for Jacob)”,  track 1, 4:13(Kingsway)

CD Ballydowse (Out of the Fertile Crescent), “Blood in our Guts”, track 2, 4:13 (Grrr) 

Set 4 

CD Rodney Cordner and Jean-Pierre Rudolph, (One of the Few …)  “Celtic Tiger”, track 2, 3:54
	9:19 am  (PGF)

CD  Leahy (Lakefield), “DA : Stoney Lake and Juniper Island”, track 4, 3:16, Cancon (Virgin)

Goodbye set (slow down)

CD The Crossing, (Dochas - Hope) “Dochas” track 3,  2:29 (Grrr)

CD  The Piche Family (Piche Family), “Until We Meet Again ” track 12,  3:11 Cancon  (Indie)
	(Based on the Traditional Irish Blessing)

20 tracks,  5 Cancon - 25%

Over My Head April 21, 2002

Set One

CD  Miranda Stone, “Thorn in your hand”, (Brave), track 1, 4:49, Cancon
	(Earthdress records)

CD  Sherri Youngward, “Falling Down”  (Six Inches of Sky), track 7,, 3:50,  (BEC)
	(BEC) New Release

CD Claire Holley, “Higher Ground”, (Sanctuary), track 5, 3:08, Cancon

CD  Julie Miller, “Face of Appalachia”,  (Painted Pony), track 10, 4:16

CD  Johnny Cash, “I am a Pilgim”, (Soul Lift: Soundtrack for the Soul), track 6, 4:15

Set Two

CD The Dustkickers, “Marianis Valley”, (Twenty Three), track 7, 3:47, Cancon

Cassette  Glen Soderholm, “Tremble”, (By Faint Degrees), track 5, side 1, 3:00  Cancon

CD Roduey Corduer and Jean-Pierre Rudolph, “A Song” (One of the Few), track 3, 3:33

CD  Leahy, “A Love Never Known”, (Lakefield), track 8, 4:13, Cancon
	(Virgin Canada)

Cassette  The Awakening, “Remember Me”,  (Into thy Hands), Side 1, track 1, 2:15 Cancon  

Set Three

CD The Immigrants  “Calling”  (Awkwardly Mobile),  track 8, 4:36, Cancon

Cassette  Out of the Grey, “Disappear”  (See Inside) track 1, side 2  5:15
	(Sparrow) FADE UP, it starts softly

CD  Starflyer 59  “Can you play the drums”  track 2, 2:56
	(Tooth and Nail)

CD Brother’s Keeper and Phil Keaggy, “California Blue” (Surfonic Water Revival), track 2, 2:49

CD  Jesse Sprinkle, “When”  (Untitled), track 4, 2:40 (True Tunes)

Set 4 Hard set after 9 am

CD Ninth Hour, “Humpty Dumpty Song” (Creator), track 5, 3:32  Cancon Indie

CD  Ressurection Band, “Raindance” (Glenn Kaiser’s Blues Heaven), track 3, 5:06

CD  Galactic Cowboys - “Ribbon”  (The Horse that Bud bought), track 6, 5:03 

CD  Ballydawse, “The Rowing Song,” (Out of the Fertile Crescent), track 8,  6:05

CD Squad Five-O, “Piece of the Dream” (Squad Five-O), track 5, 3:16
	(Tooth and Nail) New Release

20 songs,  8 Cancon - 40 per cent

Over My Head Overnighter playlist - April 26, 2002 2 - 7 am  CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa

Set One

CD Jerry Read Smith “Be Thou My Vision” (Beat - Various Artists), track 15, 2:51

CD Sherri Youngward, “I’ll Fly Away” (Six Inches of Sky), track 8, 2:45

CD  Clare Holley, “Come Thou Fount”  (Sanctuary), track 3, 3:06

CD  Sarah Masen, “We are a Beginning” (The Dreamlife of Angels), track 1, 4:15

Set Two 

CD  Victoria and David Williams, “Can’t Cry Hard Enough”  (This Moment in Toronto), 
	track 14, 4:41  partial Cancon

CD  Van Morrison, Lonnie Donegan, Chris Barber, “Good Morning Blues,” (The Skiffle 
	Sessions live in Belfast), track 4, 2:52

CD  Carolyn Arends, “River of Love” (Travellers), track 7, 3:18  Cancon

CD  The Dustkickers, “Twenty Three”, (Twenty Three), track 5, 4:16, Cancon

Set Three 

CD  Trace Elements, “Casting Stones”  (As you can see), track 4 5:02, Cancon

CD  Alabaster Jar, “Silently” (Ajar), track 1, 2:57 Cancon

CD Alabaster Jar, “On Wings As Eagles”  track 2, 4:32, Cancon

CD Fear of God, ‘Free’, (Disappear),  track 3, 3:56. Cancon

CD  Leahy  “Down that Road” (Lakefield), track 3,  4:10, Cancon 

Set 4

CD Blaise Pascal, “10 feet high” (Hairspray Radio Single), track 1, 3:51, Cancon

CD Hangnail, “Double Standard”, (Acoustic Ep), track 1, 3:36

CD Jesse Sprinkle and the World Inside, “To be Loved”, (Untitled)  track 2,  4:15

CD Big Tent Revival, “Choose Life,” (Choose Life) track 2, 3:15

CD  2 Fish, “Gentle Breeze” (Little Boys Lunch), track 3,  6:51   Cancon

Set 5

CD Seven Head Division (same CD as Jesse S), “Burned”, (Untitled), track 14, 4:39 

CD Vigilantes of Love, “Goes without saying,” (Telescan Radio Sampler No. 3), track 1, 3:18

CD Starflyer 59, “Night Music” (Leave Here a Stranger), track 9, 3:41

CD Joy Electric, “Children of the Lord”  (Christian Songs radio demo), track 2, 3:21 (Keyboard)

CD Prodigal Sons, “Presence,” (Reignite) track 5, 5:15 (Keyboard)

CD Brave Saint Saturn, “Shadow of Def”  (So Far from Home), track 4, 4:25 (Rap)

CD Madison Greene,  “Shifting Silence,” (Think the dancers mad), track 2, 4:29  folk

CD Martyn Joseph, “Ballad for the Children of Ireland”, (In quieter moments) track 9, 5:15

CD  Big Tent Revival, “WWJD”, (Big Tent Revival Live), track 5, 5:25

CD The Screamin’ Rays (Attack of the Screamin’ Rays!), track 4, 3:48  Jazz/Blues

Set 7

CD Big Tent Revival,  “If Loving God was a Crime” (Big Tent Revival Live), track 11, 4:50

CD Glenn Kaiser, “Where Roses Grow”, (Blues Heaven) track 6, 7:24, blues

CD Galactic Cowboys, “Oregon,” (The Horse that Bud Bought) track 3, 4:30, blues rock grunge

CD Silage, “Sister Mariana Trench” (Surfonic Water Revival) track 11, 3:02 surfer grunge

CD The Choir, “Cherry Bomb”  (Flap your wings) track 7, 5:12

Set 8 

CD Siloam, “Here I am again,” (Sweet Destiny), track 1, 3:02, Cancon

CD Michael Sweet, “Save Me”  (Truth), track 6, 4:41

CD Thousand Foot Krutch, “Small Town” (The History of Canadian Christian 
	New Music - Ontario version), track 16, 6:55, Cancon

CD The Undecided, “The Youngest Son,” (More to See), track 1, 3:20, Cancon

CD Ninth Hour, “Reach,” (Creator), track 2,  3:32 Cancon

CD The Immigrants, “Slip Away” (Awkwardly Mobile), track 10, 7:31, Cancon

Set 9 

CD, Rick Altizer “John Lennon’s Glasses ” (All-Tie-Zur) track 12, 3:38 new release

CD, DownHere “Free Me Up” (DownHere radio demo) track 1, 4:05 Cancon, Juno winner

CD One Hundred Days, “First Planet” (The Super Terrific) track 2, 4:19, Cancon

CD Bumblepuppy, “Flickerflash” (An Evening at the Feelies) track 3, 6:17, Cancon

CD Stavesacre, “Keep Waiting” (Radio single) track 1, 4:4

Set 10 

CD Brian Doerksen, “We are the Fatherless”, (Father’s House), track 5, 3:31, Cancon
CD Rick Altizer, “Gold Coast,” (Go Nova), track 3, 4:02

CD Lost Coin, “Jury Selection”, (Dark Cloud, Silver Lining), track 7, 4:55  Cancon

CD The Immigrants, “I’m the Other Side”, (Out on a Limb), track 1, 4:13 Cancon

CD , “Billboards”, (Vegas Car Chasers), track 3, 3:20

Set 11

CD Daniel Amos, “This is the One”, (Mr. Buechner’s Dream), track 1, 2:18

CD Rik Leaf, “I do” (In 2 Deep 2 Stand), track 5, 4:44 Cancon

CD Earthsuit, “One Time”, (Kaleidoscope Superior), track 1, 4:20

CD Tables of Stone, “Healing,” (Engraved), track 6, 4:36, Cancon

CD The Juliana Theory, “Don’t Push Love Away” (Emotion is Dead) track 2, 3:17

Set 12 - End set - 7 minutes

CD  Michael Hart, “Put my trust,” (Lord of the Mountain), track 1, 3:19, Cancon

CD  Carolyn Arends, “What Love Looks like” (Seize the Day and other Stories), 
	track 2,  4:12 Cancon

CD Van Morrison, “Full Force Gale” (The Best of Van), track 11, 3:15

show promos, BBC World News (Computer 2, click on buffering)

57 tracks,  25 Cancon, 43.8 per cent Cancon.  100 per cent Christian

Over My Head - May 5, 2002 

Set One

CD Lisa and Jerry Smith, “Wintry Night”  (Aliens and Strangers), track 8,  3:52
(keep in cd player for third song in set)

CD  Sherri Youngward, “Falling Down” (Six Inches of Sky), track 7, 3:50

CD  Pierce Pettis, “Kingdom Come” (Aliens and Strangers), track 11, 3:50

CD Clare Holley, “Mary visits Elizabeth”, (Beat), track 18,  3:00

CD Jan Krist,  “All I can change” (Outpost of the Counterculture), track 2, 4:20 

Set Two

CD  Bruce Cockburn, “My Beat” (Radio edit single from album Anything, Anytime 
	Anywhere), track 1, 3:59,  Cancon

CD Michael Hart, “Let there be Light,” (Lord of the Mountain), track 9, 4:27, Cancon

CD Sixpence None the Richer, “Breathe”, (Streams), track 3, 4:02
	(background vocals Michelle Tuums)

CD The Screamin’ Rays, “Why are you Cryin’” (Attack of the Screamin’ Rays), 
	track 6, 4:45 (An Easter song of Mary Magdalene)

CD Andrew Carlton and the Swing Doctors, “Are you sure?” (Its a swing thing), track 2, 3:56

Set Three

CD The Immigrants, “I’m the Other Side” (Out on a Limb), track 1, 4:13, Cancon

CD SCSI, “Looks like me” (Crave) track 7, 3:24 (N Ireland)

CD Calibretto 13, “From Me to You” (Adventures in Tokyo), track 5, 4:30

Set Four

CD  Johnny Public, “Move” (Welcome to Earth) track 5, 3:32

CD Galactic Cowboys, “Oregon” (The Horse that Bud Bought), track 3, 4:30

CD Michael Sweet, “Save Me”, (Truth) track 6, 4:40

CD Siloam, “Sweet Destiny” (Sweet Destiny), track  9, 4:29   Cancon

Set 5

CD  Phatfish, “Heavenbound”, (Heavenbound), track 1, 3:41 sudden ending!

CD  The Undecided, “General Delivery” (Songs from the Penalty Box Vol. 3) 
	track 9,  2:05 Cancon

CD Plankeye, “B.C.” (Commonwealth), track 2, 2:31

Over My Head - May 19, 2002

CD  Jan Krist, “Put her to the test”  (Wing and a Prayer), track 12, 4:11 - 
	re-release Silent Planet records

CD  Alabaster Jar, “Alabaster Jar”  (Ajar), track 4, 3:13, Cancon, local

CD  Trace Elements, “Satin”, (As you can see), track 3, 3:27, Cancon, local

CD  Terry Scott Taylor, “With what I should have said” (Avacado Failure), track 8, 3:34

CD  The Point Band, “Your Love”, (Common Ground), track 7, 3:18, singer Rhonda Hill, 

CD  Sarah Masen, “The Valley”, (The Dreamlife of Angels), track 3, 4:55

CD  Sixpence none the Richer, “You’re Here”, (City on a Hill), track 6, 4:07

CD  The Dustkickers, “Marianis Valley”  (Twenty Three), track 7, 3:47, Cancon

CD  Michael Card, “The Edge”, (Poiema), track 8, 5:47

CD  Silage, “Sister Mariana Trench”, (Surfonic Water Revival), track 11, 3:02

Set 3

CD  Julie Miller, “Out in the Rain”, (Broken Things), track 5, 4:20

CD  Aaron Sprinkle, “Let Me In”, (Bareface), track 8, 4:40, Silent Planet
CD  Ramsie Shick, “Lonely” (Crucible Artists collection), track 1,  4:32

Set 4

CD  Joy Electric, “I Sing Electric”, (Christiansongs), track 5, 3:42

CD  Calibretto 13, “Why can’t be we on MTV” (Adventures in Tokyo), track 1, 2:40

CD  Squad Five-O, “Apocalapse Now”, (Songs from the Penalty Box 3), track 3, 2:16 cold ending

CD  Glenn Kaiser Band, “Torch”, (Carolina Moon), track 1, 3:52

CD Dogwood, “Pre School Days”, (The Facedown Family 2002), track 13, 2:53

Set 5

CD  The Undecided, “The Youngest Son” (More to see), track 1,  3:20, Cancon MB

CD  Louder than Words, “Ruby Beads” (History of New Canadian Christian music), 
	track 14, 3:35, Cancon (Kitchener-Guelph) 2000

CD Silage, “Original”, (Vegas Car Chasers), track 1, 2:15 cold ending

21 tracks - 5 Cancon - 23.8%

Over My Head  June 2, 2002

Set One

CD  Steve Bell “Psalm 121” (Waiting for Aidan), track 11, 3:18  Cancon, Signpost

CD  Michael Card and Dan Haseltine of Jars of Clay, “By Faith” (Soul Anchor) track 4, 5:16  Myrrh
	-this is a request 

CD  Wilshire “Over My Head” (Wilshire), track 1, 4:13, Rocketown

CD  Derri Daughtery “Lift up your hearts” (City on a Hill: Sing Alleluia), track 11, 2:00  Essential

CD  Michael Hart, “Call Me”, (Lord of the Mountain),  track 8, 4:08, Cancon,  Soulkeeper

Set Two

CD  Aaron Sprinkle, “Running in my head”, (Bareface)  track 6, 3:22, Silent Planet

CD Rick Unruh, “Made for This”  (Beat), track 14,  3:48, Cancon - Winnipeg  Silent Planet

CD  Delirious?  “America” (Audio Lessonover) track  12,  3:32 UK release, Furious?

CD Phil Madeira, “Change of Heart” (Beat), track 20, 7:18, Silent Planet

CD Michael Knott and LSU (Life Savers Underground), “Cool” (Definitive Collection) track 7, 4:40

Set Three

CD Starflyer 59, “All done wrong” (Easy Come Easy Go), disc 2, track 2, 3:26  Tooth and Nail

CD  Ninth Hour, “That’s my department” (Creator), track 3, 3:21, Cancon  Indie?

CD  The Immigrants, “Waiting for the World to End”, (In between before and after), track 1, 
	3:18, Cancon - Hamilton.  Indie

Set Four

CD One Hundred Days, “First Plane”, (The super terrific happy hour), track 2,  4:19  Cancon, Audio X

CD Steadfast, “Truth” (Gas Collection  Vol. 22), track 15, 4:33, Cancon - Belleville label - ???

CD  Thousand Foot Krutch, “All the Way Live” (Set it Off) track 11, 4:10, Cancon DJ Dent

CD  Flood,  “Blame” (Pushpull) track 1, 4:46, Cancon, Long Shot

CD Pax 217, “Tonight” (Engage), track 1, 3:42, Forefront

Goodbye set 

CD  Earthsuit, “One Time” (Kaleidoscope Superior), track 1, 4:20, Sparrow

Over My Head, July 14, 2002

Set One

CD  Steve Bell, “How Long” (Beyond a Shadow), track 6, 4:08 [c] (Rhythm House)

CD Martyn Joseph, “Change your world”, (Thunder and Rainbows), track  6, 3:45 (Pipe)

CD Clear, “Falling Down” (Follow the Narrow), track 2, 4:10 (Ardent)

CD Eden’s Bridge, “Catching the Breeze”  (All in a Life), track 7, 3:51  (Word UK)

CD Sherri Youngward, “Broadway - the Matthew 25 Song” (Faces, Memories, Places), track 2, 4:21

Set Two

CD  Jason Harrod, “In My Room” (Making God Smile), cd 1, track 10, 3:51

CD Kate Miner “God only knows” (Making God Smile 2) cd 2, track 4, 3:24

CD Aaron Sprinkle, “I know there’s an answer” (Making God Smile), cd 1, track 4, 3:15

CD Lost Dogs, “With Me Tonight” (Making God Smile 2), cd 2, track 2, 2:13

CD Steve Mason (Jars of Clay) “Lift up my eyes” (Soul Lift: Soundtrack for the Soul), track 5, 3:44

Set Three

Cassette Julie Miller, “Weapon of the Spirit” (Invisible Girl) track 2 - cued, 4:00?  (Street Level)

CD Phil Madeira, “Jagged Heart” (Off Kilter), track 1, 4:45  (Indie? Silent Planet?)

CD The Dustkickers, “No More Alone” (Blue Sky Blanket), track 4, 4:29, [c] (AD4)

Set Four 

CD Fine China, “We Rock Harder” (Gas Collection), track 4 2:36 (Tooth and Nail)

CD Fine China, “Healing for angry hearts” (New Musiq volume 2), track 1,  3:21 (Tooth and Nail)

CD Siloam, “Sweet Destiny” (Sweet Destiny), track 9, 4:29 [c] (Image 7)

CD Ninth Hour, “Madness”, (Creator),  track 10, 4:16 [c] (Indie)

Set Five

CD  Calibretto 13, “Why can’t I be on MTV?” (Adventures in Tokyo), track 1, 2:40  (Tooth and Nail)

CD  Plankeye, “Bring it down” (Strange Exchange) track 8, 3:44 (BEC)

CD Pax 217, “Tonight” (Engage) track 1, 3:42, (Forefront)

CD Deluxtone Rockets, “Costa Mesa” (Green Room Blues)  track 6, 1:21 (Tooth and Nail)

Over My Head - August 18

CD  Sarah Masen, “Uncovered” (The Holding), track 4, 2:53  (BEC)

CD  Jerry Read Smith, “Strayaway Child” (Strayaway Child)  disc 1, track 2 3:03 (Silent Planet)  

CD  Eden’s Bridge, “Where you search”,  (Isle of Tides), track  16,  3:54  (Jude Music, UK release)  

CD  Sherri Youngward, “All the While” (No More Goodbyes) track 2, 2:40, (5 Minute Walk)

CD  Sherri Youngward, “Stories”  (Faces, Memories, Places), track 3,  3:21,   (5 Minute Walk)

Set Two

CD  Carolyn Arends, “It Has to be You” (Travellers - Living Room Series)  track 10, 4:34, (Signpost) [c]

CD  Alabaster Jar, “Silently” (Ajar), track 1  2:57 (indie) [c]

CD  Bruce Piephoff and Clare Holley, “The Painful Road” (Slaughterhouse), track 10  3:20 (Flying Cloud)

Set Three

CD  Brian Houston, “God you are good” (Roller Coaster Live), track 3, 6:00, (Kingsway - UK release)

CD  Phil Madeira, “Francine”  (Off Kilter), track 3¸ 3:28   (Silent Planet?)

CD  Bruce Cockburn, “Shipwrecked at the Stable Door” (Big Circumstance), track 2, 3:39, (True North) [c]

CD  Vigilantes of Love, “Galaxy”  (Summershine), track 3, 4:08  (Compass)

Set Four 

CD  Ill Harmonics, “40 Years” (Start Right Here - remembering the life of Keith Green), track 11, 3:28 (BEC)

CD  Prodigal Sons, “Horn of Salvation” (Reignite), track 3, 4:37   (NX Soul)

CD  Joy Electric, “Dance to Moroder” (The Art and Craft of Popular Music), track 2/disc 1, 3:14 (Tooth and Nail)

CD Cross Movement, “The Light” (7 Ball Gas Collection  Vol. 22), track 1, 4:36, (Seventh Street) 

Set Five.  

CD  Glenn Kaiser, “My Backyard”  (Winter Sun), track 2, 5:19, (Grrr)

CD  Carson Cole, “I refuse to hate you” (Sticky), track 8, 4:26, (Brownsound?) [c]

18 tracks, 4 Canadian [c]  22 per cent

Over My Head  August 25, 2002

CD  Eden’s Bridge, “Stones and Sea” (Special 5 track sampler), track 1, 5:47  Word  UK release

CD  Trace Elements, “Casting Stones” (As you can see), track 4, 5:47  Cancon  Indie

CD  Iona, “Irish Day”  (Journey into the Morn), track 2,   5:14  Alliance

CD  Jan Krist, “All I can change”  (Outpost of Counterculture), track 2, 4:20, Silent Planet

Set Two

CD Sherri Youngward, “Nothing Compares” (Six Inches of Sky), track 2, 4:03, BEC

CD  Steve Bell, “How Long”  (Beyond a Shadow)  track 6, 4:08 Cancon  Rhythm House

CD  Claire Holley, “In the Bounty of the Lord” (Aliens and Strangers), track 10, 2:20, Silent Planet

CD  Terry Scott Taylor, “Built her a cloud” (Beat)  track 4, 2:24  Silent Planet

Set Three

CD  Fear of God, “Free”  (Disappear), track 3,  3:56   Cancon  Indie/SOCAN

CD  Lost Coin sting - track 14 seconds

CD  Lost Coin, “Jury Selection” (Dark Cloud, Silver Lining), track 7, 4:55, Cancon  Indie

CD  Rick Altizer, “Tape Gun Baby”  (All Tie Zur), track 9  3:37  Not Lame

CD  The Choir, “Flap your wings”  (Flap your wings), track 1, 3:15     Resolve

Set Four 

CD  Calibretto 13, “Why can’t I be on MTV?” (Adventures in Tokyo), track 1  2:40

CD  Michael Sweet, “The ever after” (Truth), track 7  4:06, Restless

CD  Galactic Cowboys, “Evil Twin” (The Horse that Bud Bought), track 2, 3:06, Metalblade

CD  Ninth Hour, “Madness” (Creator), track 10  4:16  Cancon  Indie

Goodbye set

CD  The Immigrants, “I’m the other side” (Out on a Limb), track 1, 4:13, Cancon  Indie

CD  Phatfish, “Heavenbound” (Heavenbound), track 1, 3:41 Word

CD  SCSI, “Better than this” (Crave), track 1  3:26   Word UK

19 tracks, 6 Canadian =  31.57 per cent

Over My Head - September 15, 2002

Set One

CD  Iona, “I will give my love an apple”, (Dunes)  track 12  4:37  NR UK  (Open Sky)

CD   Eden’s Bridge, “Looking Down” (Isle of Tides), track 1,  4:11. NR  UK  (Jude)

CD  Jan Krist, “Parallel Universe” (See Stone EP), track 5, 3:36   NR  (Silent Planet)

CD  Jan Krist, “Let’s not be Strangers”  (Wounded Me, Wounded You), track 11 4:25  NR (Silent Planet)

extro, weather

Set Two

CD  Claire Holley, “Mary visits Elizabeth” (Beat), track 18,  3:00  (Silent Planet)

CD  Miranda Stone sting  8 seconds

CD  Miranda Stone, “Neverless the Dog” (History of New Canadian Christian Music), 
	track 12, 4:30 Cancon  (Indie)

CD  Sherri Youngward, “Empty the Ocean”  (Sons and Daughters),  track 9,  4:47 
CD  The Hudson Taylors, “I hear the hunger of the poor - Sons and Daughters” (Hurricane), 
	track 2  4:24  NR  UK (Kingsway)

Set Three

CD  Buddy and Julie Miller, “Holding up the Sky” (Buddy and Julie Miller) track 11, 
	3:08 (Hightone)

CD   Rodney Cordner and Jean-Pierre Rudolph, “Too Early to Go Home” (One of the Few),  
	track 11  3:59

CD   Leahy, “Mission” (Lakefield),  track 1, 4:45 Cancon (Virgin Canada)

CD   The Next Church, “Psalm 23” (Around 11)  track 7, 4:29  Cancon  (Longshot)

Set Four 

CD  Among Thorns, “No Rock”  (Desperate), track 1, 3:41  (Provident)

CD  The Witness Protection Program, “I wish everyone were Christians” (2002 pre-release EP), 
	track 1  4:27  Indie  

CD  Big Fat Jam, “Everything”  (Welcome to Wonderland EP), track 1  4:33 (Absolute)

CD  Scattered Few, “Rise Up”  (Omega no. 5)  track 5, 5:00  (Accidental Sirens)

CD  Fear of God, “Forgive Me” (Disappear), track 1,  4:41  Cancon  (Indie)

CD  SCSI, “Stunned”  (Crave), track 6, 3:16, (Word UK)

18 tracks,  4 Canadian = 22 per cent

Over My Head - September 22, 2002

Set 1

CD  Brooks Williams, “Restless” (Beat), track 2  4:08  (Silent Planet)

Cassette   Andy Piercy and Dave Clifton, “Praise God”  (Praise God), track one, cued  

CD  Carolyn Arends, “They’ll know we are Christians” (Seize the Day and other stories) 
	track 1, 3:59  [c]  (Reunion)

CD  The Dustkickers, “Twenty Three” (Twenty Three),  track 5  4:16  [c]  (Covenant)

Set 2

CD  Sarah Masen, “Give a little bit” (The dreamlife of angels), track 5, 3:37

CD   Bruce Piephoff and Clare Holley, “Painful Road” (Slaughterhouse), track 10, 3:06, 
	(Flyin’ Cloud)

CD   Glenn Kaiser and friends, “The One I’ve Trusted” (No greater love), track 2, 
	2:55, (Grrr)

CD   Emit Ridge, “Lazy Sunday” (History of Canadian new Christian Music) track 8, 5:10  [c]

Set 3

LP    Bob Dylan, “Saved!”  (Saved), side one, track 2 (Columbia)  5:00

CD   Delirious?, “History Maker”  (King of Fools), track   (Furious?)  6:42

CD  Michelle Shocked, “House Burning Down” (Deep Natural), track 13, 5:44, NR (Mighty Sound)

CD  Michael Knott, “Sorry” (Life of David), track 5,  3:54 (Metro music)

Set 4

CD  Manafest, “Soul Searching” (Misled Youth), track 5, 3:56,  [c] (indie?)

CD  Among Thorns, “Invitation” (Draw Near), track 8  5:04 NR (Worship extreme)

CD  Witness Protection Program, “I stand for Jesus from now on”  (Bigger than that), track 4, 
	4:20  (Indie)

CD  Thousand Foot Krutch, “Puppet”  (Set it off), track 2, 3:24  [c] (DJD)

Set 5

CD  Earthsuit “Osmosis Land” (Kaleidoscope Superior), track 7, 3:55  (Sparrow)

CD Calibretto 13, “I’ll talk to you tomorrow”  (Adventures in Tokyo) track 11, 5:17, Tooth and Nail

18 tracks,  5 Canadian,  28 per cent

Over My Head, October 20, 2002

CD  Claire Holley, “Sea Boy”  (Paste Music Sampler 2), track 3, 2:56 [Paste Music]

CD  Jan Krist, “Walk away Renee” (Wounded Me, Wounded You), track 8, 3:29  NR [Silent Planet]

CD  Pierce Pettis, “Georgia Moon” (Paste Music Sampler 2), track 6,  3:57  [Paste music]

CD  Susan Aglukark, “Pond Inlet” (This Child), track 8, 3:57 [c]  EMI

Set Two

CD  Alabaster Jar, “Silently” (Ajar), track 1, 2:58 [c]  Indie

CD  Eden’s Bridge, “Love, Love, Love”  (All in a Life), track 2, 3:53  Word UK

CD  Carolyn Arends, “What love looks like” (Seize the Day and other stories) track 2, 4:12 [c] Reunion

CD  Steve Bell, “Psalm 121” (Waiting for Aidan), track 11  3:16 [c] Signpost

Set Three

CD  Glen Kaiser and friends, “None but you” (No Greater Love), track 1 4:23, Grrr NR

CD  Phil Madeira, “Jagged Heart” (Off Kilter), track 1  4:45   Label?

CD  Starflyer 59, “I drive a lot” (Fashion Focus), track 1 3:15, Tooth and Nail

CD  Joy Electric,  “The North Sea”  (The Art and Craft of Popular Music) disc 2, 
	track 14  4:19 Tooth and Nail/BEC

CD  Brave Saint Saturn, “Space Robot Five” (So far from Home), track 2, 4:45  Five minute walk

Set Four

CD  Prodigal Sons, “Horn of Salvation” (Reignite), track 3, 4:37 NX Soul

CD  Days Wage, “Born in ’97” (Full length Feature), track 2, 4:29 [c] BirdSeed

CD  Galactic Cowboys, “Oregon” (The Horse that Bud bought), track 3 4:30 Metalblade

CD  Element 101, “The Fragile” (Songs from the Penalty Box 5), track 7, 4:22, Tooth and Nail

CD  Mama Grace, “Only Seventeen” (Nothing Says I love you like Punk Rock volume 2), track 2,
	 2:15 Betti Rocket

CD  Mxpx, “I’m OK, you’re OK” (At the Show), track 20, 2:33

19 tracks,   5 Canadian,  26  per cent [c]

Over My Head, October 27, 2002  8 - 9:30 am 
- my first funding drive show ‘Renew CKCU in 2002’
October 27, 2002  8 - 9:30 am

Co-host guest - Tony Copple
Host - Laurie-Ann Copple.  Funding drive room - Dave Leibold

Set 1

CD  Pierce Pettis, “Rise from the Ruins” (State of Grace), track 1  3:20  Compass

CD  Allison Krauss and Gillian Welch, “I’ll Fly Away” (O Brother, where art Thou), 
	track 9, 3:57 Mercury

set 2

CD  Keith Green, “Asleep in the Light” (The Ministry Years, 1977-1979)  disc one, 
	track 18, 4:26 Sparrow

CD  Carolyn Arends, “I believe” (Travellers)  The Living Room Series, track 9, 3:58  
	[c]  Reunion

set 3

CD  Mike Roe (77’s), “Mercy Seat” (Soul lift - Soundtrack for the soul), track 9, 4:30 Flicker 

CD  Steve Bell,  “Here by the Water” (Waiting for Aidan), track 1  4:56  [c] Rhythm house

set 4

CD  Delirious and Amy Grant, “Find me in the River” (Streams)  track 7, 5:47, Word

CD  Bruce Cockburn, “Anything, anytime, anywhere” (Anything, anytime, anywhere)  track 16, 3:34 
	[c] True North

set 5

CD  Michael Knott, “Shoe Gazer” (Life of David), track 2, 4:51 Metro music

CD  Havalina, “If you’d like ….”  (Space, Love and Bull fighting), track 9  5:02 NR  Tooth and Nail

set 6

CD  Thousand Foot Krutch, “Puppet” (Set it Off), track 2  3:24, [c] DJD

CD  Among Thorns, “Invitation” (Draw Near)  track 8, 5:04 Worship Extreme NR

set 7

CD  Deluxtone Rockets, “Judgement Day” (Green Room Blues), track 11, 2:31  Tooth and Nail

set 8

CD  Earthsuit, “Osmosis Land” (Kaleidoscope Superior), track 7, 3:55  Sparrow

14 tracks,  4 Canadian - 28.5 per cent

Over My Head - November 24, 2002

Set One

CD  Julie Miller, “Face of Appalachia” (Blue Pony), track 10  4:16  Hightone

CD  Carolyn Arends, “It’s out of my hands” (Travellers), track 5, 3:54  Reunion [c]

CD  Sixpence None the Richer, “Still Burning” (Divine Discontent), track 6, 4:02  NR Reprise

CD  Sherri Youngward, “First Fire” (Six Inches of Sky), track 6, 3:57  BEC

Set Two

CD  Bruce Cockburn, “Lord of the Starfields” (In the Falling Dark), track 1 3:29  reissue  
	True North [c]

CD  Bruce Piephoff and Claire Holley, “Painful Road” (Slaughterhouse)  track 10, 3:11  NR

CD  Kate Windle, “One of a Million” (One of a Million EP), 2:50 [c] Indie

CD  Larry Norman, “Forget your hexagram” (Upon this Rock), disc 1, track 7, Solid Rock (reissue) NR

Set Three

CD  Jan Krist, “Where the Lost seek the Lost” (Wounded Me, Wounded You), track 12, 5:00, Silent Planet

CD  Jeff Elbel and Ping, “Radio Flyer” (PasteMusic.com sampler), track 16 4:38  Marathon/Paste

CD  Pierce Pettis, “Tip of my tongue” (Everything Matters) track 1

CD  Tables of Stone, “Choose to live” (Engraved), track 1, 3:31  [c] Indie?

CD  Maria McKee, “This perfect dress”  (Life is Sweet), track 2, 4:26 Geffen

Set Four - Dance mix etc

CD  Andy Hunter, “The Wonders of You” (Exodus), track 2, 7:11 Sparrow

CD  Prodigal Sons, “Horn of Salvation” (Reignite), track 3   4:37, NX Soul

CD Seven Head Division, “Monday Morning” (Forgotten Childen benefit cd), track 15, 3:37  

CD  Element 101, “Leaving me before the spring semester” (Future Plans Undecided), 
	track 2, 2:32  Tooth and Nail

Set Five

CD  Calibretto 13, “Why can’t I be on MTV?” (Adventures in Tokyo), track 1, 2:40 Tooth and Nail

CD  Witness Protection Program, “The Light is Alive” (Bigger than that), track 1, 3:15  Indie?

CD  MXPX, “Teenage Politics” (Teenage Politics), track 8, Tooth and Nail

20 tracks, 4 Canadian [c], 20 per cent 

Over My Head, December 15, 2002

Set One

CD  Iona, “Virgin and Child” (The Book of Kells), track 8  3:12 (Open Sky)

CD  Joanne Hogg, “I wander as I wander” (The New Celts Vol. 1), track 6, 2:53 (Kingsway)

CD  Trish Pye and friends, “Huron Carol” (Heralding an ancient Chorus), track 7, 5:38  [c] Indie

CD  The Dustkickers,  “Christmas greeting,” (Christmas 2002 Radio Promo), track 5, .07, [c] (Nutshell)

CD  The Dustkickers, “Mary’s Little Child” (Dust the Halls), track 8, 5:00 [c] Indie

Set two

CD  Delirious, “Dios de Amor” (Libertad) track 6, 2:49, Furious NR

CD  Over the Rhine, “If Nothing Else” (Films for Radio), track 2, 4:57 Virgin

CD  Sherri Youngward, “Beyond these Skies” (Faces, Memories, Places), track 1 4:02 
	Five Minute Records

CD  Michael Card and John Michael Talbot, “Advent Suite” (Brother to Brother), track 5, 
	4:43 Myrrh

Set Three

CD  Leahy, “Mission” (Lakefield),  track 1 4:45  [c] (Virgin Canada)

CD  Russ Taff, “It came upon the midnight clear” (A Christmas Song), track 9, 4:07 Sparrow

CD  Seven Day Jesus, “O Holy Night” (Happy Christmas), track 11, 5:28  BEC

Set Four -the powered sets

CD  World Wide Message Tribe,  “O Come all ye faithful” (Chilled)  track 6, 4:46 Alliance

CD  Viva Voice, “God rest ye Merry Gentlemen” (Happy Christmas Vol 2), track 9, 2:08  BEC

CD  Rebecca St. James, “Happy Christmas” (Christmas), track 2, 3:40 Forefront
	(listener request)

CD  Hangnail, “O Little Town of Bethlehem” (Happy Christmas Vol. 2)  track 5 1:37 BEC

Set Five

CD  Hangnail, “Do you see what I see?” (Happy Christmas Vol. 3), track 7, 2:21 BEC

CD  Witness Protection Program, “The light is alive” (Bigger than that), track 1, 3:15  Indie

CD  Ace Troubleshooter, “Have it all” (Happy Christmas Vol. 3), track 11, 4:37  BEC

19 tracks, 4 Canadian, 21 per cent [c] 

Laurie-Ann on the radio