"Window of Opportunity" - Train Song theme shows - 2006

 Laurie-Ann Copple,
61 Highmont Court,
Kanata,  Ontario  K2T 1B2, Canada

Train Song theme shows From Jun 30, 2006 (more to come) Window of Opportunity playlist 3-4 pm EST Friday June 30, 2006 CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa / www.ckcufm.com Train song show number 12 CD Bridlewood train whistle track 48 CD Kate and Hollis, “Window of Opportunity” [c] CD Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, “Folsom Prison Blues” (Johnny’s Blues: A Tribute to Johnny Cash) track 6 4:37 [c] CD David Newland, “Riding on the Railway” (single) track 1 8:43 [c] CD Katy Moffatt, “Waiting for a Train” (Up close & Personal) track 18 CD Arlo Guthrie, “Last Train” (The Best of Arlo Guthrie) track 6 3:07 CD Jenny Whiteley, “Train goin’ West” (Jenny Whiteley) track 6 4:16 [c] CD Fred Eaglesmith, “I like trains” (Drive-in Movie) track 1 4:14 [c] CD David Francey, “Morning Train” (The Waking Hour) track 4 2:28 [c]

CD  Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen, “Hurricane” (Being There) track 1  

CD  Diane Zeigler, “Ride that Rail” (Paintbrush) track 1 2:43 

CD  Amelia White, “Tupelo Train”  (Black Doves) track 9 3:27  NR

CD  Pat Wictor, “Train I Ride” (Waiting for the Water) track 4  4:33 

CD  Chris Brown and Kate Fenner, “Trainwrecks” (Geronimo) track 3 4:37

13 tracks, 7 Canadian, 54  per cent Canadian [c] 

Window of Opportunity, Friday July 28, 2006 3-4 pm

Train song show Number 13

CD  Bridlewood Train whistle

CD  Kate and Hollis, “Window of Opportunity” [c]

CD  Robert Cory, “Verde Canyon Railroad Theme” (Soundtracks) track 1 59 sec.

CD  Janis Ian, “This train still runs” (Working without a Net) track 1 4:39 

CD  Laurie Burke, “Journey to my heart” (Soundtracks) track 6 4:55 

CD  Bluegrass Edition, “Lonesome Train” (North to Ontario) track 13 2:33 [c] 

CD  Artese ‘n Toad, “The Conductor” (They don’t Write Songs about trains anymore) track 2 3:59  

CD  Tim Harrison, “Gonna ride that train” (Sara and the Sea) track 5 3:57 [c]

CD  Artese ‘n Toad, “They don’t write songs about trains anymore” (They don’t 
    write songs about trains anymore) track 4 4:00

CD  Tom Flannery, “Song about a Train” (Song about a Train) track 9  3:04 

CD  Sam McGee, “Railroad Blues” (Classic Mountain Songs) track 11 2:45 

CD  Nonie Crete, “Ghost Train” (Moonlight dreams) track 6 5:27 [c]  19

CD  Clive Holden, “Trains of Winnipeg” (Trains of Winnipeg) track 1 5:08 [c]

CD  David Gogo, “Click Clack” (Halfway to Memphis) track 2  3:14 

CD  Daniel Ross and the Jones Collective, “Pushing Steam” (The Lost Railroad Journal) track 4  [c]

14 tracks, 6 Canadian, 48 per cent [c]

Verde Canyon Railroad, Grand Canyon, AZ, which L-A rode on 9 July 2006.
Scranton Steamtown rail museum
         - with L-A on honeymoon, 1999
Window of Opportunity