"Over My Head" - Playlists, 2004

8:00 - 9:30 am Sundays, CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa/ www.ckcufm.com (real audio)

Hosts - Dave Liebold, Christine Jenkins, Laurie-Ann Copple

This list contains playlists from Laurie-Ann Copple in 2004

Over My Head - Sunday, January 18, 2004

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Set One

CD  Marc B. Chapman, “Come Closer” (Closer)  track 4  4:45  UK Indie

CD  Martin Richards, “Doxology” (Doxology and Procession) track 2  3:41  UK Indie

CD  Lynieve, “Just Hold On” (Just Hold On), track 2  7:06  UK Much fruit/3 Chronicles
- this one is dedicated to those of you who have lost a loved one

CD  Chris Roe, “Filthy Rags’ (Intoxicated) track 2  3:08  UK Indie

Set Two

CD  Ladysmith Black Mambazo, “Homeless” (The Very Best of Ladysmith Black Mambazo), 
	track 1 3:40  Nascente  

CD  Steve Bell, “Shepherd of Life” (Beyond a shadow) track 10 4:07  [c] (Rythym House)

CD  Robin Mark, “Psalm 23” (Not by Might), track 10 3:19 (originally Indie, later 
	re-issued by ICC)

CD  Martyn Joseph,  “What can I do?”  (Ballads: In quieter moments) track 4:27  (Word UK)

Set Three

CD  Innocence Mission, “Today” (PasteMusic.com sampler 2)  track 2 3:41  (Paste)

CD  Wiltshire, “Over My Head” (Wiltshire) track 1 4:11 (Rocketown)

CD  Buddy (and Julie) Miller, “Somewhere trouble don’t go” (Cruel Moon) track 6 3:51 Hightone

CD  Danny Brooks, “Nobody knows you like the Lord”  (Soulsville: Souled Out and Sanctified) 
	track 2 4:16  [c]  

Set Four

CD  Lost Dogs, “Loved and Forgiven” (Gift Horse) track 6 4:47 BEC

CD  Danny Brooks, “Have Mercy on Me” (Soulsville: Souled Out and Sanctified) 
	track 10 3:23  [c]  NR His House

CD  Louder than Words,  “Ruby Beads,” (The History of Canadian Christian New Music) 
	track 14 3:35  [c] 

CD   Bleach, “Get up” (Astronomy), track 1  3:10 (Tooth and Nail)

Set Five

CD  Kutless, “In Me” (Songs from the Penalty Box 5) track 18  2:33  Tooth and Nail

17 tracks, 4 Canadian, 23 per cent

Over My Head – Sunday, March 28, 2004
Sundays 8-9:30 EST
CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa / www.ckcufm.com  (real audio)

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CD  Chris Atkins, “I will love you everyday” (On my way) track 2  3:17 [c] (Indie)

CD  Matt Auten, “Bring a Rose to Sharon” (Aliens and Strangers) track 3 4:37 (Silent Planet)

CD  Michael Hart, “Let not this world” (Lord of the Mountain) track 4  3:57  [c] (Soul Keeper)

CD  Jacob Moon, “Something within me” (Landing) track 4  4:33 [c]  (Indie)

Extro, weather  

Set Two

CD  Sixpence None the Richer, “Within a Room Somewhere” (Tickets for a Prayer Wheel) 
	track 1 4:02  (REX) - 1995

CD  Sherri Youngward, “Peace” (Faces, Memories, Places) track 11  5:29 (Five Minute Walk)

CD  Carolyn Arends Over My Head sting track 6 

CD  Carolyn Arends, “This is the Stuff” (Seize the day and other stories) track 8 4:07 [c] 

CD  Trace Elements, “Casting Stones” (As you can see) track 4 5:02  [c]  (Indie)

Set Three
CD  Bruce Cockburn, “Messenger Wind” (Bruce Cockburn) track 4  3:26  [c] NR (True North) 

CD  M.L. Liebler and the Magic Poetry Band, “Paper Ghost Raindance” (Paper Ghost Raindance) 
	track 5  4:39  (Blue)

CD  The Dustkickers, “Keep the Change” (Twentythree) track 2 4:53 [c] (Covenant Music)
Set Four 

CD  Delirious, “Fire” (Touch) cd 1, track 3, 3:34 (Furious?)

CD  Glenn Kaiser Band, “Gonna Meet you at the Station” (Carolina Moon) track 4  4:41 (Grrr)

CD  Switchfoot, “Something More” (Something More single) track 1 3:06 (Sparrow)

CD  Witness Protection Program, “The Light is Alive” (Bigger than that) track 1 3:15 (Indie)

Set Five
CD  Tree 63, “The Glorious Ones” (The Life and Times of Absolute Truth) track 1 4:00? (Inpop)

CD  Cross Movement, “The Light (The Blazin’One) (Gas Collection Vol 22) track 1 4:36 
	(Seventh Street)

17  tracks,   7 Canadian,  [c]

Over My Head  April 4, 2004 – Palm Sunday
Sundays 8-9:30 EST
CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa / www.ckcu.fm.com (real audio)
Co Host Laurie-Ann Copple

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CD  Steve Bell, “Ride on King Jesus” (Beyond a Shadow) track 9 3:27  [c] (Rhythm House)

CD  Michael Card and John Michael Talbot, “Why” (Brother to Brother)  track 8  4:06 (Sparrow)

CD  Jill Phillips, “Live by the Sword” (Jill Phillips) track 9 3:44 (Word)

CD  Larry Norman, “The Last Supper” (Upon this Rock) track 8 5:00?  (Phydeaux)

Set Two

CD  Iona, “When I survey”  (Journey into the Morn)  track 14 8:05 (Alliance)

CD  Jan Krist, “Blessed are they” (Wounded Me, Wounded You) track 3  4:21 (Silent Planet)

CD  Alabaster Jar, “Windsong” (Ajar) track 3 4:15 [c] (Indie)

CD  Tom Prasada-Rao, “’Til My Eyes be Delivered” (Single) 4:39  (Crossroads)

Set Three

CD  Rick Altizer, “World’s Longest Night” (All Tie Zur) track 3 3:47 (Not Lame) 

CD  John Ellis (Tree 63), “Cry” (Soullift) track 2 4:22 (Flicker)

Extro, events  

Set Four

CD  Vigilantes of Love, “Making it up as we go along” (Summershine) track 12 2:48 (Compass)

CD  Hangnail, “Homesick” (Facing Changes) track 12 3:36 (BEC)

CD  Among Thorns, “No Rock” (Desperate) track 1  3:41 (Provident)

CD  Juliana Theory, “Into the Dark” (Emotion is Dead) track 1 4:03 (Tooth and Nail)
Juliana Theory will be in town with Ann Berlin at the Bablyon Club on Thursday April 29th…


Set Five

CD  Michael Knott, “Shoe Gazer” (Life of David) track 2 4:51 (Metro)

CD  Cush, “Crush Me” (Cush) track 2 (Tooth and Nail)

CD  MXPX, “Do and Don’t” (Teenage Politics) track 2  3:37 (Tooth and Nail)

CD  BOB, “Mission Trip to Mexico” (Gas Collection 13) track 12 2:38 (KMG)

18 tracks,  2 Canadian,  11 per cent [c]

Over My Head  May 9, 2004, Mother’s Day
CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa / www.ckcufm.com (real audio)
Sundays 8-9:30 EST
Co host Laurie-Ann Copple
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CD  Robin Mark, “Parenthood” (Days of Elijah) track 11  3:40  (ICC/Indie)

CD  Martyn Joseph, “This being woman”  (Whoever it was that brought me here will 
	have to take me home) track 5  3:45  (Pipe/Jericho Road)

CD  Carolyn Arends sting track 6 0:06

CD  Carolyn Arends, “We’ve been waiting for you” (Seize the day and other stories) 
	track 11, 4:57 [c]

CD  Claire Holley, “Mary visits Elizabeth” (Beat) track 18  3:00 (Silent Planet)

CD  Pierce Pettis, “Long way back home” (State of Grace) track 3 2:58 (Compass)

Set Two

CD  Professor ML Liebler, “The Lazarus Dream” (The Moon a Box) track 7 3:46 (Blue Boundary)

CD  ML Liebler and the Magic Poetry Band, “Beneath the Grand Heaven” 
	(Paper Ghost Raindance) track 7 2:57 (Blue Boundary)

Spoken word – L-A read Liebler poem – 2:30
	“I learned how to pray” p 53, “The Anti-war politics of Jesus Christ” p 54, 
	“Deep down darkness lasts forever” p 55 from Stripping the Adult Century Bare

CD  Bruce Cockburn, “Postcards from Cambodia” (You’ve Never Seen Everything) track 7 6:55  
(True North)

Set Three

CD  Miranda Stone, “20/20 in the morning” (Seven Deadly Sins) track 1 5:20 (Earthdress)  [c]

CD  Jan Krist, “Judgment Day” (Wounded me, wounded you) track 6  4:43 (Silent Planet)

Extro, events  (www.concertbuzz.com)

Set Four

CD  One Hundred Days, “First Plane” (The super terrific happy hour) track 2 4:19 [c]

CD  Delirious, “Fire” (Audio Lessonover) track 7  3:35 (Furious UK release)

CD  Prodigal Sons, “Presence” (Reignite) track 5  5:15  NYSoul

CD  Heather Clark and Hikk-up (and Stacey Campbell) “Apocalyptic Prophecy: I know what is 
	coming) track 10 8:57 [c] (Indie)


CD  Cadet, “God-man” (Cheap Skates Volume 2) track 2 3:16 (BEC)
15 tracks,  5 Canadian,  33 per cent [c]

Over My Head  June 6, 2004 
Sundays 8-9:30 EST
CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa / www.ckcufm.com (real audio)
Co-host Laurie-Ann Copple

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Set One

CD  Jan Krist, “God have Mercy” (Aliens and Strangers) track 1  5:10  (Silent Planet)

CD  Sherri Youngward, “I’ll Fly Away” (Six Inches of Sky) track 8  2:45 (BEC)

CD  Jacob Moon, “We will Overcome” (Landing) track 2  5:08  [c]  (Indie)

CD  Chris Atkins, “Don’t let your life pass you by” (On my way) track 3  3:29 [c] (Indie)

CD  Kendall Payne, “On my bones” (Jordan’s Sister) track 8 3:30 (Sparrow)

Set Two  Lost Dogs set  

CD  Lost Dogs, “No shadow of a turning” (Real Men Cry) track 12 3:45 (BEC)

CD  Lost Dogs, “Mercy Again” (Nazarene Crying Towel) track 7  2:45 (BEC)

CD  Mike Roe, “Mercy Seat” (Soul Lift: Soundtrack for the Soul) track 9  4:30 (Flicker)

CD  Daniel Amos, “Flash in your Eyes” (And so it goes) track 9 2:45 (Galaxy)

Set Three D-day set

CD  Aaron Sprinkle, “The Kindest Days” (The Kindest Days) track 2  5:21 (Organic)
	Two soldier songs-

CD  Julie Miller, “Two Soldiers” (Broken Things) track 9  3:49 (Hightone)

CD  Craig’s Brother, “Glory” (Tooth and Nail Free Bee Two) track 7  4:52  (Tooth and Nail) 

Set Four

CD  The Salvage Co. “Distant Land” (Colouring outside the Lines) track 9  4:37 (Home Groan) [c]

CD  Lost Coin, “Burden (Give me Faith)” (Dark Cloud, Silver Lining) track 5 3:30 [c] (Indie)

CD  Cross Movement, “Start Something” (Cheapskates volume 4) track 10  3:05 (BEC)

CD  Side Walk Slam, “All I have” (Give Back) track 10  2:55  [c]

Set Five

CD  SCSI, “Crave” (Crave) track 2 3:12 (Word UK)

CD  Element 101, “Some chances are worth taking” (Future Plans undecided) track 7  
	2:44 (Tooth and Nail)

18  tracks,  4 Canadian,  22  per cent [c]

Over My Head, Sunday July 4, 2004
Sundays 8-9:30 EST
CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa / www.ckcufm.com (real audio)

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CD  Iona, “Lindisfarne” (Journey into the Morn) track 8  6:30 [Alliance]

CD  Maire Brennan, “Follow the Word” (Whisper to the Wild Water) track 1 5:13 (Word)

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CD  Bob Bennett station ID track 5

CD  Bob Bennett, “Still rolls the stone” (The View from Here)  track 5  3:37 (Signpost)

CD  Pierce Pettis, “Tip of my Tongue” (Everything Matters) track 1 4:04 (Compass) 

Extro, weather

Set Two

CD  Lost Dogs, “Ghost Train to Nowhere” (Gift Horse) track 1 4:39 (BEC)

CD  Lost Dogs, “The Yearning” (Nazarene Crying Towel) track 9 3:04 (BEC)

CD  Lost Dogs, “The Gates of Eden” (Real Men Cry) track 2 5:08  (BEC)

CD  Lost Dogs, “Home again” (Nazarene Crying Towel) track 11  2:53  (BEC)


Set Three

CD  Alison Lupton, “The Water is Wide” (My True Love) track 9 4:13 [c] (Learig)

CD  Leahy, “DA (Stoney Lake & Jupiter Island)” (Lakefield) track 4 3:15 [c] (Virgin)

CD  Sarah Masen, “We are a beginning” (The Dreamlife of Angels) track 1  4:15 (Word)

CD  Bruce Cockburn, “Put it in your heart” (You’ve Never Seen Everything) (sampler)  
	track 2  5:22  [c]  (True North)

Set Four

CD  Sinner’s Prayer, “’Tis so sweet” (Uprok Records sample) track 8 5:07 (Uprok)

CD  John Rueben, “Divine Inspiration” (Are we there yet?) track 1 4:32 (Gotee)

CD  Silage, “Sister Mariana Trench” (Surfonic Water Revival) track 11  3:02 (KMG)

CD  Among Thorns, “Invitation” (Draw Near) track 8 5:04 (Provident)

Set Five

CD  Glenn Kaiser, “Rooster Crow” (Carolina Moon) track 12 4:32 (Grrr)

16 Tracks, 3 Canadian  19 percent [c]

Over My Head, Sunday August 22, 2004    8-9:30 am EDT

CD  Iona, “Journey into the Morn” (Journey into the Morn) track 7  2:58 (Alliance)

CD  Eden’s Bridge, “Where you search” (Isle of Tides) track 16 3:54 (Jude)

CD  Iona, “Columcille” (Iona: The River Flows Anthology) track 12 3:22 (Open Sky)

CD  Michelle Wooderson, “Carry this Heart” (Prayer for the Dawn) track 2 3:04 (Indie)

CD  Robin Mark, “Soul’s Desire” (Revival in Belfast 2) track 9 6:10 (Integrity) 

CD  Jerry and Lisa Smith, “Childgrove” (Strayaway Child Trilogy) track 4  disc 2 3:41 (Silent Planet) 

CD  Michael Hart, “Let not this world” (Lord of the Mountain) tk 4 3:57 (Soulkeeper) [c]

CD  Carolyn Arends, “River of Love” (Travelers) track 7 3:20 (Reunion) [c]

CD  Pierce Pettis, “Another Day in Limbo” (Great Big World) track 1 3:50  (Compass)  

CD  Martyn Joseph, “Where the angels sleep” (Whoever it was that brought me here will 
    have to take me home) track 2, (Pipe) 

CD  Sherri Youngward, “Falling Down” (Six Inches of Sky) track 7 3:50 (BEC)

CD  Delirious, “America” (Audio Adrenaline) track 12 3:32  (UK release Furious?)

CD  Common Cup Company, “Circle Strong” (Like Water through Rock) track 11 2:23 (Indie) [c] 

CD  The Elms, “Lifeboat” (The Big Surprise) track 7 3:52 (Sparrow)

CD  Prodigal Son, “Final Destination” (Reignite) track 2 6:42 (NXSoul) 

CD  Poor Old Lu, “More” (Classic Archives) track 1 3:55 (KMG)

CD  Glenn Kaiser, “Spontaneous Combustion” (Blues Heaven) track 7  7:24 (Grrr)

CD  Danny Brooks, “Soulsville” (Soulsville: Souled Out and Sanctified) track 1 4:08 [c]
    (His House)  

18 Tracks, 4 Canadian  22 percent [c]

Over My Head, Sunday September 12, 2004    

CD  River of Life Worship Band, “I wait for you” (I will not be satisfied) track 3  4:22 
    (Indie) [c]

CD  Simple Roots, “Big Blue Sky” (Simple Roots) track 1  4:22 (Indie) [c]

CD  Chris Atkins, “I am Yours” (On my Way) track 6  3:16 (Indie) [c]

CD  Martyn Joseph, “Ballad for the Children of Ireland” (Ballads … in quieter moments) 
    track 9  5:15 (Word UK)

CD  Martyn Joseph, “Love is” (Whoever it was that took me here will have to take me home) 
    track 1 (Pipe)
    Martyn will be at the Black Sheep Inn next Sunday at 4:20 pm…  Don’t play ‘where angels sleep’

CD  Martyn Joseph, “Wake me up” (Whoever it was that took me here will have to take me home) 
    track 3  (Pipe)

CD  Sixpence None the Richer, “A Million Parachutes” (Divine Discontent) track 13   5:56 

CD  Andy Piercy (HTB), “Praise God” (Worship at HTB) track 9  3:47 (Indie)
    This is known to many of us as the Alpha course song…  sung by one of the worship leaders 
    at Holy Trinity Brompton, the church where Alpha originated.  This is a week when many 
    Alpha courses are beginning throughout the city.  I’m the cook for the Kanata Community 
    Alpha – turkey dinner at the Mlacak Centre with the introductory Alpha video.  

CD  Eden’s Bridge, “Picture Me” (All in a Life) track 1  3:21 (Staightway UK)

Set Three  (few tunes for 9-11)

CD  Pierce Pettis, “Rise from the Ruins” (State of Grace) track 1  3:20 (Compass)

CD  4 your soul, “Dust in the Wind (Sept 11)” (4 your Soul) track 4 5:57 (EMI Germany)

CD  The Dustkickers, “I smiled” (Twenty Three) track 4   4:50 (Covenant) [c]

Set Four

CD  Brave Saint Saturn, “Two-Twenty Nine” (So far from home) track  5:53 (5 Minute Walk)

CD  Five Iron Frenzy, “Oh, Canada” (Proof that the youth are Revolting) track 3  3:02 

CD  Glenn Kaiser Band, “Country Mile” (Carolina Moon) track 7  2:54 (Grrr)

CD  Glenn Kaiser, “Raindance” (Blues Heaven) track 3  5:06 (Grrr)

CD  Steadfast, “Truth” (Gas Collection Vol 22) track 15  4:36 (?)

16 Tracks, 4 Canadian  25  percent [c]

Over My Head, Sunday October 3, 2004    

CD  Joanna (Joanne Hogg), “My Song is love unknown” (The Passport Singles) track 7  4:14 (Alliance) 

CD  Sherry Youngward, “Peace” (Faces, Memories, Places) track 11 5:29 (5 Minute Walk) 

CD  Carolyn Arends, “It’s out of my hands” (Travellers) track 5 3:54 (Signposts) [c]

CD  Martyn Joseph, “Please sir” (Martyn Joseph Live Vol. 1) track 1  5:06 (Pipe)

CD  Jody Cross, “Song of Healing” (Made for You) track 7  4:28 (How) [c]
    (Jody is heading up a worship conference at Dominion Chalmers United Church, here in Ottawa, 
    from Oct 21 – 23.  I knew him when he was worship leader at Tyndale College in Toronto.)

CD  Jacob Moon, “Speak to Me” (Landing) track 9 4:01 [c] (Indie)

Set Two

CD  Telecast, “The Beauty of Simplicity” (BEC Music) track 7  3:28 (BEC)

CD  Chris Eaton, “Breath of Heaven” (Wonderful World) track 5  4:27 (Sparrow)

CD  Tom Prasada Rao, “I begin to see your face” (Out of the Blue) track 3  3:46  
    (Ahimsa Acoustics)  - co-written with Pierce Pettis

CD  Sixpence None the Richer, “Love is Blindness” (In the Name of Love – Artists United 
    for Africa) track 4  3:25 (Sparrow)

CD  Jan Krist, “Blessed are They” (Wounded Me, Wounded You) track 3  4:21 (Silent Planet) 

Set Three  

CD  Phatfish, “Come near to me” (Purple through the Fishtank) track 4  4:33 (Pamplin)

CD  Delirious, “Every Little Thing” (World Service) track 12  4:24 (Furious?)

CD  Small Town Poets, “There is only you” (The Passport Singles) track 12  3:51 (Forefront) 

Set Four

CD  The Channelsurfers, “Heavenly Places” (Where I wanna be) track 5 3:13 (Organic)

CD  The OC Supertones, “We Shall Overcome” (BEC Music) track 2  2:32 (BEC)

CD  Pillar, “Sunday Bloody Sunday” (In the Name of Love (Artists united for Africa) 
    track 1  4:04 (Sparrow) 

CD  Glenn Kaiser, “I forgive you” (Carolina Moon) track 11  3:41 (Grrr)

CD  Siloam, “Decent Souls” (Sweet Destiny) track 10  4:12  [c] (Image 7)

19 Tracks, 4 Canadian, 21  percent [c]

Over My Head Sunday, November 24, 2004

Set One

CD  Carolyn Arends, “Half a Million Reasons” (Under the Gaze) track 8  4:52  [c] 

CD  Carolyn Arends, OMH station ID (L-A’s Stings) track 6

CD  Spencer Capier, “You’re always runnin’ and I’m always walking away”  
    (Plays well with others) track 3  5:44 (Indie)  [c]

CD  Firefall, “Angel Times” (Firefall’s Come)  track 7   2:57 (Indie)  [c]  short!

Set Two  

CD  Jerry Read Smith, “” (The Strayaway Child Trilogy)  disc 1 track 6   3:32  (Silent Planet) 

CD  Isle of Light, “We’ve got to have Love” (Winter’s Welcome) track 1  3:44  (Indie) 

CD  Allison Lupton, “Bryan O’Lynn’s/Mouse in the Mug” (My True Love) track 4 3:43   (Learing)  [c]

CD  Leahy, “DA (Stoney Lake and Jupiter Island” (Lakefield)  track 4 3:15 [c] (Virgin Canada)  

Set Three

CD  Danny Brooks, “You won’t show” (Souled Out ’n Sanctified)  track 9 3:24  [c] (His House)  

CD  Danny Brooks, “Other Side of the Cloud” (Souled Out ’n Sanctified)  track 5 3:41 [c] (His House)  

CD  Danny Daniels, “Ready” (Another Shade of Blue) track 4  2:44   (Diamonte)  

CD  Danny Brooks, “Nobody knows you like the Lord” (Souled Out ’n Sanctified)  track 2  4:16 [c] 

Set Four

CD  Lost Coin, “Burden (Give me Faith)” (Dark Cloud, Silver Lining)  track 5  3:40 [c] (Indie)

CD  Fear of God, “Generation” (Disappear)  track 11  4:00 [c]  (Indie)

CD  The Choir, “Cherry Bomb” (Flap your Wings)  track 7  5:12  (Resolve)

CD  Craig’s Brother, “Glory” (Free Bee Two) track 7  (Tooth and Nail) 4:52

Set Five – goodbye set??

CD  Slick Shoes, “Losing Sight” (Rusty)  track 8  3:23  (Tooth and Nail)

CD  The Elms, “A Minute to ourselves” (The Big Surprise)  track 5 4:29 (Sparrow)

Over My Head December 5, 2004

Set One

CD  Amy Grant, “The Night before Christmas”(Home for Christmas) trk 10 3:52 (Myrrh)

CD  Jerry and Lisa Smith, “One Wintry Night” (Aliens and Strangers) trk 8 3:52 (Silent Planet)

CD  Phil Keaggy and London Festival Orchestra, “Coventry Carol” (Majesty and Wonder: 
    An instrumental Christmas) track 5 3:26 (Myrrh)

CD  Steve Bell, “Ready My Heart” (The Feast of the Seasons) trk 1  3:34 (Rhythm House) [c]

CD  Kildare, “O come and join the dance” (Celtic Carols) track 11 3:33 (Coventry)

Set Two

CD  Ali Matthews, “On Angels’ Wings” (On Angel’s Wings) track1 5:30 [c] (Indie)

CD  Sarah Masen, “Mary” ( The Holding)  track 2  3:38 (BEC)

CD  Dustkickers Christmas greeting track 5 

CD  The Dustkickers, “Mary’s Little Child” (Dust the Halls) track 8 5:03 [c] (Autumn Attic)

CD  Terry Scott Taylor, “Holy Emmanuel” (City on a Hill: It’s Christmas Time) track 4 2:51 (Essential)

Set Three

CD  Trish Pye and Friends, “Huron Carol” (Heralding an ancient Chorus) track 7 5:38 [c] (Indie)

CD  Bruce Cockburn, “Les Anges Dans Nos Campgnes” (Christmas) track 7 3:09  [c] (True North)

CD  Carolyn Arends, “Now in Flesh Appearing” (Christmas: An irrational season) track 7 4:03  (Signpost) [c]

CD  Susan Aglukark, “Away in a Manger” (Christmas) track 2 2:50 [c] (EMI)

Set Four

CD  Go Fish, “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch” (More than a story)  track 10 fade at 3:09  (Inpop)

CD  Blind Boys of Alabama, “Silent Night” (Go tell it on the Mountain) track 12 3:19 (EMI)

CD  Rebecca St James, “Happy Christmas” (Christmas) track 2 3:40 (Forefront)

CD  Chasing Furies, “O Come Emmanuel” (Happy Christmas)  track 3  3:11 (BEC)

Set Five

CD  Hangnail, “O Little Town of Bethlehem” (Happy Christmas vol 2) track 5 1:37 (BEC)

CD  Hangnail, “Do you hear what I hear?” (Happy Christmas vol3) track 7 2:21 (BEC)

CD  Plankeye, “Jesus Bambino (The Infant Child)” (Happy Christmas vol 2) track 4  3:57  (BEC)

CD  Jars of Clay, “Little Drummer Boy (Grinch Mix)” (Little Drummer Boy) (Essential) track 4  4:48 

21 tracks 7 Canadian  33 per cent [c]

Laurie-Ann on the radio