"Window of Opportunity" - Train Song theme shows 2004

 Laurie-Ann Copple,
61 Highmont Court,
Kanata,  Ontario  K2T 1B2, Canada

Train Song theme shows: May 14, Jun 11, Jul 2, Jul 30, Oct 8, Nov 12, Dec 31, 2004 Window of Opportunity, May 14, 2004 3-4 pm EDT CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa / www.ckcufm.com (real audio) Train songs part one CD The Copples, “Window of Opportunity” (Window of Opportunity) [c] CD Dennis Lakusta, “Burlington Northern Blues” (Journeyman) track 4 5:56 [c] CD Chris Thomas King, “Rock Island Line” (Johnny’s Blues: A Tribute to Johnny Cash) track 4, 2:39 CD David Francey, “St Johns Train” (Torn Screen Door) track 11, 2:42 [c] TT LP Lonnie Donegan, “Wreck of the Old 97” (Lonnie Donegan Showcase) 3:30 Side 2 track 3

Set 2

CD  James Keelahan, “Canadian Railroad Trilogy” (Beautiful: A Tribute to Gordon 
		Lightfoot) track 13 7:28 [c]

CD  Georgette Fry, “Nothin’ like a train” (Let me Drive) track 6  4:56  [c] 

CD  Pat Moore, “Wrong Train” (The Time’s Never Been Better) track 4 2:33 [c]

CD  Mark Haines and Tom Leighton, “That Train/Orange Blossom Special” (Hand to Hand) 
		track 17-18  0:51/4:29 [c] 

CD  Rick Fielding, “Last Freight Train” (Acoustic Workshop) track 10 2:41 [c] NR

CD  Terence Martin, “Steel Rail Nightingale” (Sleeper) track 5  3:45  

LP  Arlo Guthrie “City of New Orleans” (Hobo’s Lullaby) side 1, track 2  4:31

Set Four – Goodbye songs

CD  Stephen Fearing, “Glory Train” (That’s how I walk)  track 10  4:10 [c]

CD  Red Wood Central, “Train Song 21” (Behind the Times) track 9 4:24 [c]
14 tracks, 10 Canadian, 71 per cent

Window of Opportunity, Friday June 11, 2004  3-4 pm EDT  
3-4 pm EDT
CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa / www.ckcufm.com (real audio)

Train songs part two

CD  The Copples, “Window of Opportunity” [c]

Set One

CD  Ember Swift, “Tram #86” (Stiltwalking) track 8 6:32 [c]

CD  Pentangle, “Train Song” (Light Flight Anthology) disc one, track 9 4:45
(also called Basket of Light)

CD  Sirens, “Clickety Clack” (Sirens: Live at the Ugly Mug Café) track 8 2:49 [c]

CD  The Laws station ID, (Window 3 Stings) track 11 07 seconds

CD  John and Michele Law, “Hobo Trail” (Estimated Time of Revival) track 1, 2:44 [c]

CD  Eve Goldberg, “Waiting for a Train” (Ever Brightening Day) track 3  2:18  [c]

Set Two

CD  Bruce Cockburn, “Night Train” (Night Train) track 1 6:16 [c]  

LP  Festiniog Railway (Train experience on a narrow gauge railway in Wales)   

CD  Paul Piche, “Le Train” (Le Voyage) track 7 4:40 [c]

CD  Doc and Merle Watson, “Southbound” (Classic Mountain Songs) track 7 2:39

CD  Lisa Winn, “That Train” (Out from Under) track 6 4:42 [c]

Set Three

CD  Tanglefoot, “Crashing Down” (Captured Alive) track 17 4:35 [c]

CD  Frank Hoorn, “Evening Train”  (Solid Ground) track 3  2:45  [c]

LP  Tom Rush, “Driving Wheel” (Tom Rush) side one, track 1 3:30 [c]
(listener request) (written by Wiffen)

CD  Rick Fielding, “Houston Special” (Acoustic Workshop) track 1  [c] 

15 tracks, 12 Canadian  80 per cent

Window of Opportunity July 2, 2004    
3-4 pm EDT
CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa / www.ckcufm.com (real audio)

Train songs part three

CD  The Copples, “Window of Opportunity” [c]

CD  Jane and Gord (Eamon), “Heartbreak Train” (The Blue Madonna) track 4 4:46 [c]

CD  John and Michele Law, “One Track Mind” (Estimated Time of Revival) track 8 2:50 [c]

CD  Bruce Piephoff, “That don’t stop the train” (Hard Times for Dreamers) track 3 3:01

CD  Nineteen James, “Railway” (first demo) track 5  3:52 [c]

CD  Rob Lamothe, “Train Song” (Wishing Well Motel) track 8 4:16 [c] 

Set Two

CD  Tony Turner, “Shovelin’ Coal”  (A Matter of Time)  track 4    [c]

CD  Tanglefoot, “Roll on Jamaica/Agnes on the Cowcatcher” (Agnes on the 
		Cowcatcher) track 10 5:48 [c]

CD  CC Railroad, “Slow dark freight train” (Black Horse Motel)  track 1 3:14 

CD  Daniel Koss, E Birkett and the Jones Collective, “Faith in your train” (The Lost 
		Railroad Journal) track 5 4:17 [c] 

Set Three

CD  Sam McGee, “Railroad Blues” (Classic Mountain Songs) track 11 2:45

CD  Paul Reddick, “Train of Love” (Johnny’s Blues: A Tribute to Johnny Cash) track 1  4:18

CD  Andy McGaw, “500 Miles” (Andy McGaw) track 3, 2:13 [c]

Good bye song

CD  Lost Dogs, “Ghost Train from Nowhere” (Gift Horse) track 1  4:39

14 tracks, 9 Canadian  [c]

Window of Opportunity Friday, July 30, 2004		
3-4 pm EDT
CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa / www.ckcufm.com (real audio)

Train songs part four

CD  The Copples, “Window of Opportunity” [c]

Set One

CD  Bill Morrissey, “Night Train” (Night Train) track 1  4:33

CD  Bourne and Johnson (Bill Bourne/Shannon Johnson) “Victory Train” 
		(Victory Train) track 6 4:10 [c]

CD  Washboard Hank and the Country Squires, “Train yards” (Hoorah for 
		Washboard Hank) track 2 3:21 [c] 

CD  Homeless Bob, “Dusty’s Train” (Not Really Homeless)  track 10  3:47 [c]

Set Two

CD  Daniel Ross, “”Life of the Lonesome Rail” (The Last Railroad Journal) 
		track 11 5:07  [c]  keep in cd player

CD  Susan Werner, “Time between Trains” (Time between Trains) track 1 3:51

CD  Annabear (Daniel Ross and Jones Collective), “Caboose Jam” (The Last Railroad 
		Journal) track 12  3:36 [c]  And YES, that is a dog singing!

CD  Ron Parks, “Working on Railroad Time” (Golden Rocket) track 1 3:30 [c]

Set Three

CD  Vince Morash, “Empty Station” (Hold On) track 2  5:10 [c]

CD  Clive Holden, “Trains of Winnipeg” (Trains of Winnipeg) track 1 5:14 [c]
		(spoken word with music background)

CD  Tom Flannery, “Song about a train” (Song about a train) track 9  3:04

CD  Linda Grenier, “Train Wreck” (Asphalt Ramblings) track 1 2:57 [c] 

CD  Tim Harrison, “Train going East” (Tim Harrison) track 6 [c]

14 tracks 11 Canadian 79 per cent [c] 

Window of Opportunity playlist October 8, 2004   		
CKCU 93.1 FM  Ottawa  /www.ckcufm.com (real audio)

Train song show part 5  

CD  The Copples, “Window of Opportunity” [c]

CD  Fred Eaglesmith, “I like trains” (Drive-in Movie) track 1 4:14 [c]

CD  Barrie Davis, “Beside a Railway Line” (Rain on the Tin)  track 2 4:30 [c]

CD  David Wiffen, “Skybound Station” (Ottawa Folklore Centre 25th Anniversary Album) track 2 3:48 [c]

CD  Rob Lutes, “Throw me from the train” (Authentic Voice) track 2:49 [c]  NR 

CD  The Undesirables, “Night Train” (Summer’s Gone) track 5 5:04 [c]

CD  Zoe Lewis, “Breakfast in Bangkok” (Small is Tremendous) track 3 4:25 

CD  Heather Lev, “On the train to Babylon” (On the train to Babylon) track 4 3:01 

CD  Rosie Flores, “Heartbreak Train” (A Honky Tonk Reprise) track 8  3:07  

CD  Sylvia Tyson, “I walk these Rails” (Gypsy Cadillac) track 6 4:32 [c]

CD  The Burn Sisters, “Runaway Train” (Close to Home) track 10 4:09 

CD  Matt Duane Griffin, “These Rails, This Tunnel” (Facing the Wind) track 1 2:32 

CD  JD Gordon, “Body and Soul” (Good to be alive)  track 11 2:47  [c]

CD  James Keelahan, “Never gonna stop this train” (A Recent Future) track 11 3:00 [c]

CD  Bill Garrett, “Northshore Train” (Seems to Me)  track 2, 3:13 [c]

CD  The Waybacks “Last Steam Engine Train” (Way Live) track 11 3:38 

16  tracks,  10 Canadian,  67 per cent 
Window of Opportunity playlist November 12, 2004
November 12, 2004 3-4 pm EST 

Train song show part 6  

CD-R Bridlewood Train - private recording by Tony Copple  [c]
(Historical recording of the last CN train to go through Bridlewood, Kanata, on the track that has now been turned into part of the Trans Canada Trail). CD The Copples, “Window of Opportunity” [c] CD Dulcie Taylor, “Seaboat Train” (Mirrors and Windows) track 3 4:12 NR CD Dennis Lakusta, “Little bit like a Train” (Suusa’s Room) track 6 6:00 [c] CD Jackie Washington, “Sleepy Town Train” (Keeping Out of Mischief) track 2 3:30 [c] CD Ron Parks, “Waiting for a Train” (Golden Rocket) track 2 [c] CD Terence Martin, “Sleeper on a Westbound Train” (Sleeper) track 2 4:50

Trans Canada Trail, Bridlewood
CD  Greg Greenway, “Runaway Train” (Live) track 3 4:35 (fade early)

CD  D Ross/Jones Collective, “No call for settlin’ Down” (The Last 
      Railroad Journal) track 1 3:59 [c]

CD  The Traditional Grass, “Here comes the Train” (Tenth Anniversary Collection) track 1 2:34 

CD  Pop Stoneman, “Wreck of the Number Nine” (Classic Mountain Songs) track 21 2:48

CD  Christine Lavin, “Waiting for the B Train” (Please don’t make me too happy) track 9 3:17   

CD  Rosie Flores, “Boxcars” (Rockabilly Filly) track 5 5:18 

CD  James Gordon/Tamarack, “Harvest Train” (Mining for Gold) track 2, disc 1  3:51 [c]

CD  Murray Boal & the Cultivators, “Train Song” (Bud’s Sawmill) track 10 3:49 [c] 

CD  Arlo Guthrie, “Last Train” (The Best of Arlo Guthrie) track 6  3:07 

15 tracks, 7 Canadian 47  per cent

Window of Opportunity playlist 
3-4 pm EST  Friday December 31, 2004
CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa / www.ckcufm.com

Host Laurie-Ann Copple with guest co-host Tony Copple
Train Songs part 7 (with a couple of New Year’s tunes)

CD-R Bridlewood Train (private recording) track 4 – fade out quickly

CD  The Copples, “Window of Opportunity” [c]

Set One

CD  Joe Stanton, “New Year’s Eve” (Passenger Stanton) track 4 4:17 [c]

CD  Eddi Reader, “Auld Lang Syne” (Sings the Songs of Robert Burns) track 11 4:36 [c]

Set Two – back to train songs!  Tony announce Bob Dylan tune:

LP  Bob Dylan, “Slow Train Coming” (Slow Train Coming) side 1  track 4  5:50  

CD  Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, “Folsom Prison Blues” (Johnny’s Blues) track 6 4:36 [c]

CD  The Blue Voodoo, “Railway Blues” (Sparkle and Shine) track 4 4:05  [c] NR

CD  Steve Earle, “Mystery Train Part 2” (Train a Comin’) track 1 2:31 

Set Three

CD  Barry McLoughlin, “Thing called Love” (Pieces)  track 10 4:52 [c]

CD  Michael Jerome Browne and the Twin Rivers String Band, “Rambling Hobo”  
    (Michael Jerome Browne and the Twin Rivers String Band)  track 18  1:38 [c] 

CD  Dale Keys, “Leaving Train” (Authentic Voice) track 19 4:13     

CD  Tim Harrison, “Gonna Ride that Train” (Sara and The Sea) track 5 3:57 [c]


CD  The Waybacks, “Last Steam Engine Train” (Way Live) track 11 3:38

TT  Oscar Peterson, “Night Train” (Night Train) [c]

13 tracks, 9 Canadian  69 per cent Canadian [c]

Scranton Steamtown rail museum
         - with L-A on honeymoon, 1999
Window of Opportunity