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Population 100,200 (2009)
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This site is not being maintained while I am in South Africa.
This is a problem for topical information such as elections. I plan to
have it back in a more useful state by the end of 2020. - Tony Copple

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What's Goin' on in the West Ottawa region?

Used clothing? Why not send it to Ghana? I will pick up from Kanata locations, and my good friend Mabel will arrange for it to be sent there. E-mail for action.

The Christian Faith

Government and Politics

Karen McCrimmon (Liberal)

City of Ottawa, Kanata area, present and past

Marianne Wilkinson, Kanata North
City Councillor, 13 Nov 2006

Allan Hubley, Kanata South
City Councillor, 25 Oct 2010

General Information

Leisure Facilities

Resources to help you

Police Services
  • Ottawa Police Service

  • Police telephone numbers:
            General Emergency             	             9-1-1
    	        To report a non-life-threatening or
                         other police emergency:         613-230-6211
    	For non-emergency calls
            Ottawa and surroundings       		     613-236-1222 xt 7300
            Community Police Officer, 211 Huntmar Drive, Kanata, 613-236-1222 xt 2000   
    	No crime is inconsequential - no matter how small it seems to you - report it.  The phone
    	number for making reports is  613-236-1222 xt 7300 
    	Crimestoppers:                613-233-TIPS (8477) - caller anonymity   
    				      1-800-222-TIPS (8477)
    	Phone Busters:		      1-888-495-8501 - to report telemarketing fraud 
    	Police e-mail
  • Motor accidents not involving injuries or alcohol on the 416/417 and Ottawa West are handled by the Collision Report Centre (open 7:00 am to 7:00 pm): O.P.P. Ottawa Detachment, 937 Teron Rd., Kanata. After exchanging licence information, drivers must go immediately to the Centre to report the accident, if the damage appears to exceed $1,000. If injuries, alcohol or highway property damage are involved, verhicles should not be moved, and the police should be called: 613-236-1222.

  • Red light cameras are now operational in the Ottawa region
    Fine = $105.00 + 3 points
    The following intersections may have red light cameras in operation:

    Albert / Kent   		Conventry / St. Laurent
    Bank / Walkley			Merivale / Meadowlands
    Bronson / Carling		St. Joseph / Jeanned'Arc
    Carling / Richmond		Eagleson / Hazeldean
    - You will receive the fine in the mail...

    Please do not call police for road conditions. Instead, visit Winter road conditions in Ontario

  • Neighbourhood Watch

    Kanata Neighbourhood Watch - know your neighbours and neighbourhood; notice anyone who maybe should not be there.
    Local police contact no. for Neighbourhood Watch: 613-236-1222 xt 2001: Vic McNabney.

  • The Nashville police "Rate Your Risk" video game helps kids assess risks of their actions; reduces crime.
Fire Services, and prevention

Geography and History


Professional Services

The Trans Canada trail passing
through Bridlewood, Kanata

opened its Kanata office
on March 11, 2002.

The location is 40, Hines Rd
(SW of March Rd, off Solandt).
Tel: 613-591-7639



Buy / sell, auction, barter, give away

Culture, Fine Art, Music


Sod turning for Ron Maslin Playhouse expansion, April 23,
2001:  Merle Nicholds, Alex Munter, Jenny Haynes

Medical and Dental

Entertainment Events and Venues            


  • Flight Centre - The airfare experts, R4 - 570 Kanata Ave, 613-270-9968
  • Citizens for Safe Cycling - Ottawa organization
  • Vrtu Car: Car sharing in Ottawa, tel 613-798-1900
  • Greyhound 613-238-5900 (Catherine St.); 613-592-2151 (Kanata); 800-661-8747 (after hours)
  • OC Transpo (Ottawa's bus service) tel 613-741-4390 for bus times.  Travel planners   Quick Planner
       Newcomers' guides to Ottawa buses in English and Chinese
  • Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office, Unit 3, 1626 Main St., Stittsville, 1-800-267-8097, Mon-Fri 9:00 am -5 pm (7 pm Thursdays)
  • Fight traffic tickets. Call Points, (613) 236-3338 in Ottawa.




Books and bookstores, music lessons and services

Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts


Print Media, and On-line news sources

Radio, TV, Internet media and real-audio / video media

Local large companies

Region Hi-Tech companies

Garbage and recycling

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