What is Harvest Kanata?
by Laurie-Ann Zachar Copple

Harvest Kanata is the name of a small intercessory group called to prayer-walk Kanata Lakes and Heritage Hills (and eventually the other areas of Kanata as well). It was conceived the day that Laurie-Ann Zachar Copple was inspired by the Holy Spirit to pray for her community that is literally growing around her.

It began with a vision, when Laurie-Ann was participating in song with the worship team at Kanata Wesleyan church, presently the only church in the neighbourhood. The date was October 31, 1999. When she was singing "Raise up an Army O God" with Pastors Steve Elliott and Roger Keyzers, she happened to be looking out the front window that faces a cornfield and the newest part of the development of Heritage Hills. Laurie-Ann's eyes were opened to see the words "Harvest Kanata" superimposed over the sky.

Prayer-walk activity

Prayer walks began September 3, 2000 and are planned weekly on Sundays at 3:30 pm for the next few months. You are welcome to join us at that time. We meet at 61 Highmont Crt, Kanata. We walk and pray for 30 - 45 mins.


Due to Laurie-Ann's past experience on prayer walk journeys in tough neighbourhoods in Northern Ireland and a year as prayer coordinator at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, she strongly believed that this vision connected to an increasing desire and 'call' to pray for the people in the community - of both Kanata Lakes and Heritage Hills. During previous walks in Kanata Lakes, she sensed an emptiness around many homes and also understood that many of the residents, like herself, were new to the area. It takes time to integrate and be involved in a new community, especially one as new as Kanata Lakes. It is also a community that is undergoing other changes, which include the restructuring of a mega-city. This makes neigbourhoods that much more important, since the smaller cities are about to merge... Add to that any personal struggles that families and individual residents may badly need, and the need for intercessors is born. Also, how many of these people know the peace of God and what Jesus can do in their lives? It was not by accident that Billy Graham spoke in June 1998 just a kilometre away at the Corel Centre. It was a call to Ottawa, which includes Kanata Lakes/Heritage Hills.

Laurie-Ann is currently researching the history of the neighbourhood (on what was here before the past four years) and the surrounding area in a practice which is known to intercessors as spiritual mapping. She will make lists of the Kanata Lakes and Heritage Hills residents, businesses, groups so that they can be prayed for in a manner that would benefit the community. This will include the KLCA, any home groups, and the golf course. Strategic maps will be drawn out so that prayer-walkers would be able to pray more effectively for the people in the area.

Prayer walking is what C. Peter Wagner calls, praying on site with insight. Through this, the peace of Jesus Christ is prayed over all, and the prayer is guided by the Holy Spirit in words of knowledge and through careful research and networking concerning individual and community needs. It is Biblical that we must ask, knock, and the door will be opened (Rev. 3:20), and that there is indeed a harvest in Kanata (but the labourers are few). Laurie-Ann believes that God greatly cares for Kanata and wishes to bring it to Himself.

For any dedicated and loving Christian who is interested in becoming a part of Harvest Kanata intercessors, please contact Laurie-Ann Copple at the e-mail link on my home page.

Many blessings to you all!

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