Letter from Darwin

    From: .. .. vangelis1492@hotmail.com
    Subject: .. Hello From Australia
    Date: .. .. Dec 5, 1999 To the team who have made this Web Page for the world to see.

    Sir, my name is George Koulakis, and I live in Darwin Australia. I have a good friend in Canada who lives in Ottawa, who is forever sending me information about your country. Today I was sent by her your web page "Kanata Page," and it is one of the most informative web pages I have come across. I particularly like the links to the following sites:

    1) The Ottawa Citizen. This is a great link as it will provide me with day to day news on real issues in Canada. Of the many on line news sites from Canada, I have found this one to be to the point and in a clear enough format for most people to understand.

    2) Eye Roving. Wow! What a great idea for the people who have never seen any part of the world, other than their own. Now we get to see Down town Canada as she makes her way through the daily routine. Excellent addition!

    3) Crime Prevention Tips. I did the test provided, and scored 106. that placed me in the moderate risk level, and even gave me handy ideas on how to minimize my chances of getting robbed, or beaten up. Some of the links did not work, like the Canadian web-based student newspapers . However I am sure that this is a server problem, not yours.

    Thank you again for your VERY informative page, and I look forward to viewing it daily, and learning more about Kanata, Canada, and its many fascinating events and news.

    Thankyou also for coming across with such a friendly attitude. This shows in the time you have spent getting this web page together.

    Thank you Kanata producers of this Web Page, and Mrs. Laura Zenebisis for sending me yet another "snap shot" of her world.

    Keep up the great work, team.

    George Koulakis, Darwin.


    George, once in a millennium one receives feedback like this, which makes all the work seem worth while. I particularly appreciate the tip about the link that is down and I'll scrap it or fix it. If you ever come to Kanata, I know where the beer is. BTW, I'd like to clip your letter to the page somewhere if that's OK.
    - Tony


    Thank you for your reply Tony. And yes, I'll take you up on that offer mate, as all Australians have this thing for beer. I have again been looking into your page, and seem to find lots of little corners where tourists or potential tourist can get a wealth of information from. I am not sure if your government funded, but if not, I'd argue that your page is doing its best to inform the international world of the goings on in your town, and therefoer should be.

    Tony I have to ask you this as I can't seem to get an idea, but what is the local population of Kanata? Knowing me, the answer is not only written on your page, but in the largest font size too. I can't see it, so do let me know.

    As far as clipping my Email to your page goes, yes, you have my blessing. I have never had my 15 minutes of fame, So I look forward to seeing it up in lights. I might even direct ALL my Australian friends to find the page to see my E-mail ! hahahaha

    Once again thanks for the work on that, and I hope it made it all worth while. Well done from your friend in Australia..... bye.

    George Koulakis.

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