Hours Bank
Hours Bank Canada Public Social Insurance Across the Generations Defending your Charter rights to life, liberty and security of the person
Hours Bank
Your new public pillar of Canadian Social Security Help someone in need. Bank your hours. Receive help later in life.
Social Security Across the Generations fz514 (at) ncf.ca
We are in a homeless / housing crisis. Life is unaffordable. Here is a detailed analysis of the problem, making clear our Constitutional rights and freedoms of unhindered response concluding with a community work plan. See Homeless Crisis Action Plan HCAP.pdf. We also have a plan for the purchase of large acreages by groups of people ready to build out homes and businesses. Here are the land - homes - work deal descriptions: Land Pricing for Groups Buying Acreages and Southern Ontario Sustainable Homes Initiative We need to look closely at care for people and the ecosystems that sustain our lives as the sole basis of the economy. With advances in technology and computers, we can now consider local manufacturing and consumption, because the Covid crisis showed how vulnerable we are. Most of what we use is not that hard to make. On Facebook you will find the Land Buy Group here in Peterborough where people can get together in groups to buy large acreages at a low cost per person, set up campgrounds, build homes and start businesses. We also pool our time and expertise to make it all happen. Such are the social and economic rights of a Company. Welcome to the Company of Canadians. You’re in the company of family and friends. Need a car? Use the company car. Do you want to co-own tools and equipment to make and sell things? From sewing machines to CNC routers, it’s all in our Truck & Tool Club.