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Hours Bank
Your new public pillar of Canadian Social Security Help someone in need. Bank your hours. Receive help later in life.
Social Security Across the Generations fz514 (at) ncf.ca
Help us help you
Would you like some help? Would you help someone? This year, give the gift of help. Become a founding member. Run a fundraiser. Read our Fundraising Manager guide. Contribute your ideas and expertise. That’s free. Bank your hours. Seniors need help. We need to reach out. An entire generation of youth needs help. They face a grim future. We know we need to help them at massive scale, and for that we need funds. But no more than 25 cents per Canadian. Help us help you To avoid bank fees and choose your dollar amount and frequency of support, just log in to your bank and e-transfer your founding member support to UCNewsCanada “at” gmail.com This is the email of the TrentonNews, a Company of Canadians minimal-profit social enterprise operating under the Canadian Charter. Canadians are in crisis. Your funds will be used to create the HoursBank crisis-response social-care website. Connecting those in need with those willing to help.
One person has a lawnmower. Another has a truck. Alone, they are unemployed. Together, they have a lawn and garden business. Can they connect on the government Job Bank? No. On social media? No. Through job-creation and entrepreneurship centers? No. We understand this as business and government policy to separate and isolate people for control and profit. But in isolation, how can we create new green jobs? Seniors need help around the house. They cannot afford to hire someone. So they end up alone, struggling in social isolation. Surely we can find a way to connect those needing help with those willing to help. It’s not about money. It’s about care. Connecting people by care is essential social security across the generations. Here’s how it works. Youth support seniors now. Later in life, they get the help they need. Volunteers bank their hours. That’s how it works. We help each other. What happens if you help a friend move furniture, but you need computer help which is a skill they do not have? Adding another friend you find on the Hours Bank opens up a whole world of social options.
Would you like some help with your computer? A hand with car repair? Many Canadians are in crisis, facing doubled food costs, exploding expenses and unaffordable life. There’s nothing left and the choices are hard. What happens when you have no money left and get stuck?
Interesting facts: Can you help move this table? We naturally ask for help and we naturally offer help . This is a Charter activity, protected under Freedom of Expression. It’s your right to ask for help and your freedom to offer help.
To join our Company of Canadians, read our Job Creation Plan and email your name and postal code to en369@ncf.ca to get a Company ID number. This is free. You can also add your work and job creation interests to connect with others to start projects. We will need a social media website for this. This requires direct help or founding membership support.