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Hi. I’m Dr. David Teertstra, a professional scientist working with the top minds on the planet to turn things around and protect the lives of this generation. I contribute to the body of knowledge that makes up the IPCC report on the state of the world and the grim circumstances we face. I am a realist who grew up in a family of social workers. My main work is i n the basis of medicine on a project critical to national security. Which will not matter in the slightest if we do not turn things around. After being called in 2017 to address this most critical issue of our dying planet and what we can do about the forces driving its destruction, I set aside scientific work critical to our economy and future to become expert in constitutional law and practical legal use of top Canadian law to allow self-determination of our future by existing rights and freedoms. I am fully dedicated to the defence of the lives of this generation of Canadian kids. I am not a protester but aim to act by directly tackling the issues and creating caring low-carbon green alternatives. I regard the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity as the most important document in world history, for it outlines the fate of this generation of Canadian children. I regard the Canadian Constitution and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms as critical to defending our lives, for it describes what you are free to do in defense of your life. I regard the Speech From the Throne as a legal document directing our politicians as to the actions they must take at risk of consequence. I regard your personal experience of life in Canada as critical to understanding what is happening.
I am focused on doing what is needed to tackle the most urgent crisis ever to face humanity. It’s not just climate change. It’s farms, forests, fisheries and lives worn thin. It’s about an unfair, unaffordable life, permanent lifetime debt for essential needs, having no way out. It’s about the grim future our kids face. What is worth living for? What is worth dying for? For many of us, we already know the answer. Our children. As caring parents, this is not the world we want for our kids. There is no force on the planet greater than caring parents acting in strength and wisdom to defend the future for their children. Here, I call on all people with strength and spirit, brains and backbone, to know yourselves not as weak and helpless, but as defenders of life. Now is the time for you to use all you know in care for others and the ecosystems that sustain our lives as the sole basis of our economy. You have the right to life, and all that entails. It’s in our Constitution. Canada has a long history of preferring pen over sword. We saw a bloody civil war south of the border and chose to confederate peacefully over time. As other countries fell into ethnic or religious conflict, we chose to create a respectful multicultural society. But we are in grave danger. The situation is like knowing we have not planted enough wheat to make it through the winter. In Canada and around the globe, we have pushed the ecosystems that support our lives to the limit. Many of us already struggle to meet essential human needs. We need to go green quickly, finding the best ways to relate to others and the ecosystems that support our lives. I created the Hours Bank to do just that. Dr. David Teertstra
I ask you to consider what we share in common and where we are going as a community, as a planet, as caring parents. I am are guided by the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity, the drive away from war-like attitudes as summarized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the practical to-do list of the latest IPCC report. I work with anyone guided by the fundamentals of care and love expressed in families struggling, especially anyone struggling to make ends meet. I too have had my life damaged and crippled by the bankers’ war on humanity. In defense of the vulnerable, I am guided by law based firmly in fact and reality, and by the human spirit to transcend circumstances.
I hold the defense of vulnerable people including children and grandparents in highest regard. I speak and take action only on matters with a defensible basis in fact, reality and the foundations of law (meaning Charter Section 1 law). I prioritize essential human needs over wants. I defend care for people and the ecosystems that sustain our lives as the sole basis of our economy. I will put my life on the line to protect and defend this generation of young Canadians. I work only with practical plans to defend the lives of young Canadians, specifically by using Section 7 of our Charter to do real and needed work in each area of life security. Work. Food. Housing, Communications. Energy. Transportation. Food security. Tree planting and so on. Every day we do not act, our odds of survival diminish. The Hours Bank is one tools of action you are welcome to use to bravely tackle this greatest mission to ever face humanity, the survival of this generation.