Hours Bank
Hours Bank Canada Public Social Insurance Across the Generations Defending your Charter rights to life, liberty and security of the person
Hours Bank
Your new public pillar of Canadian Social Security Help someone in need. Bank your hours. Receive help later in life.
Social Security Across the Generations fz514 (at) ncf.ca
We are working under Charter initiatives to create caring social structures on behalf of all Canadians. Food, work and shelter are the core of life. We are rolling out Crisis Reponse Command Centres, a Youthworks program creating a permanent pool of Charter-protected work for this generation, a Farm Assist program of farm and food security with summer work camps, Climate Kids Canada, Cash4kids fundraisers, Inner City Farms, and Green Bonds parental investment in this generation of young Canadians, getting them set up in life. These are all free to use now. At the national level, you can join the Ccats, the Canadian Charter Action Team defending our rights and mapping out a new Constitution. If you know the issues of life in Canada and want to join us as an organizer, drop us a line at UCNewsCanada@gmail.com and say hi. Many people are in need right now. We could all use some help. Help someone in need. Bank your hours. Receive help later in life. If you want this, we can do this. We want it to be free for everyone but have real (small) costs. We need help. Number one, your ideas. We need help setting up a server. We don’t want donations. We want to work for you. This can be done by supporting memberships. The simplest no-fee way to do this is straight through your bank, so you decide the amount of your membership, one-time or monthly. We are running this through the federally incorporated Company of Canadians, a social enterprise everyone can join to create new green jobs, via the Trenton News. For a membership to help us get set up, e-transfer membership to UCNewsCanada@gmail.com
The Hours Bank is now seeking directors whose hearts and minds are strong, brave and true, who do not fear tackling the issues, local and global. Who do not fear helping the many Canadians already in distress. We will help this generation of young Canadians who are seeing the destruction of our planet and the direct threat to their lives and future - who are seeing an entire generation of adults doing nothing about it. We do not intend to protest, we aim to act. We will do what is right. We will act as caring parents, defending the lives of this generation of Canadian kids. Become an Hours Bank local or national director: Read the Organizers’ Guide (pdf), then send your interest letter and resume to en369@ncf.ca We aim to define, defend and strengthen the realistic basis of social security, care for people and the ecosystems that sustain our lives as the sole basis of our economy. Our Urgent Mission: Our planet is dying. We are the cause. The lives of our children hang in the balance. The Hours Bank considers the parental point of view as the most powerful and caring response to personal and planetary life security. This is a matter of foreseeable crisis prevention, personal and national security. In contrast to past crisis, we now have internet access to information as a means of robust communication. But now we have no room left for error. We exceeded the capacity of the planet to sustain us in approximately 1987. We are now mining the planet. Cutting trees faster than they can regrow. Setting dates for when we can no longer catch fish in the oceans. Our children's lives are at stake. But we know what to do. We have an action plan. We are now on a push to save this generation of Canadian kids from what looks like a difficult to dire future. It’s not just climate instability. It’s farms, forests and fisheries worn thin. An entire generation is trapped between low wages and high house prices. As caring parents, we will be Creating New Green Jobs for this generation. We will be protecting and defending the lives of our kids, getting them set up in work and life. We will be tackling the issues. We will be writing a Plan to Save Our Kids . We will be using our Charter Rights . We will write the Pioneer Act , allowing them the freedom to carve out a life for themselves, protected from the worst practices of the past. We will defend our kids. It is the fundamental right of each new generation to shrug off the worst practises of the past, to use our best ideas and tools to move forward, to bravely tackle challenges their parents thought impossible, and to learn over time what makes a life well lived.
We can build a better smarter system of Social Security under Canadian Charter Freedom from Political Interference 2009 Supreme Court Ruling 2SCR 494: The purpose of affording constitutional protection against the deprivation of liberty is to safeguard the entitlement to make decisions of fundamental importance free from state interference. It is a fundamental Right and Freedom of Expression to help those in need. We now have a server to create a sign-up website using free Wiikimedia software connecting Canadians by needs, causes and projects