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Directors needed
A Crisis is Coming. We’re Not Prepared. We Have Little Time Left.
The Hours Bank is now accepting cover letters and resumes via en369 @ncf.ca for local and national directors wanting to tackle our urgent issues of personal and planetary life security at large scale. We will be getting this generation of young Canadians set up in farming, food security, banking, insurance, home construction, programming, accounting, mechanics, machining, ecology, manufacturing, transportation and communication. We will tackle every aspect of life - water, waste and energy systems, healthcare and instruments, solar and electric, off-grid power tools, ebikes and dune buggies, art, design, architecture, ground heat, energy storage. Physics, chemistry, health and medicine, pharmaceutical manufacturing and every aspect of your household budget, all tied to measures of local and planetary sustainability. If you’re serious, read the Organizers.pdf To do that, we need a variety of directors. Some skilled in programming and internet communications. Others with finance skills and others with people skills. Interests in life and law. Outreach specialists. Dynamic strategists. Care providers and more. All with deep knowledge of existing systems and their problems. That’s too much for one person. We need a team. And to keep it all together we need at least one person who knows how to keep it all together! We need a spokesperson to be the voice and face of our Canadan Hours Bank. We aim to show the world how to do it! Take part in building a Canadian social security network assisting seniors, teaching and training essential life skills to children and youth, mentoring, tutoring, leading. We have a strong self-directed co-investment model for entrepreneurs, also for buying and developing Charter land to meet essential human needs. Join the only non-profit dedicated to meeting Canadian Charter obligations to life, liberty and security of the person. Dedicated to acting as caring parents and saving this generation of Canadian kids from all threats foreign and domestic. Dedicated to doing the job government is not doing, defending the lives and rights of Canadians in distress. We use fair and healthy life practices to meet essential human needs and attain personal and planetary life security for all. This is an all hands on deck moment in Canadian history, a time for inclusion, a time to rise up to the challenge. We are not a top-down organization. We aim to make it easy for people to work together, connect and get new green ventures started. We encourage parental investment in te lives of their kids. We will hand this generation business plans and everything they need to get started. Access to land, tools, skills and techniques. We operate in that vast territory of unpaid free time and volunteer work. Put in venture hours. Put in social security hours. Get help with your venture. Work when you can. All ages all skills welcome. We connect people with related interests to start projects, do work, get established in life. We are actively building our social security infrastructure to tackle the most urgent issues of our time. Together we can build our country and spare our kids a grim future. We can do this. We need you . We will need local directors and national directors. Each will have a Ministry portfolio matching government mandates, essential human needs, all tied to Charter directives and a list of what needs to be done to save the planet. To save this generation of Canadian kids from what looks like a very bleak future. We must act now. We can. We will. We must. Join us in this greatest cause, this greatest issue ever to face humanity. The fight for a future for our kids.
Hi. I’m Dr. David Teertstra. Call me Dave. I know from personal experience it is practically impossible to get anything started in this country. For example, it’s not that hard to make pizza. But try to sell it, and you’ll encounter a government against you. We have no protection. Even a vacant lot starts at a quarter-million. They’ll even attack kids trying to sell lemonade. There’s no place to go to get anything started. An entire generation of Canadian kids is trapped. This is the active and purposeful removal of a fundamental right and freedom. The right to ask for and offer help. I created the Hours Bank to fill this essential social infrastructure critical to green jobs creation and a healthy functioning society. But I need help. There is only so much I can do in a day. I bought a server, but got stuck installing the Linux operating system and the Mediawiki platform. I need this to create the Hours Bank operational wiki. Having your own server is the only way to go. But I need help. I also need help learning how to create forms in Java. I don’t need advice. I need someone more experienced to work with. I don’t have enough time and money. But I have mapped out how to use a server as a business to generate income. Is anyone interested in working with me to get that going? I need some serious outreach for the Hours Bank. Many people are in trouble, even before Covid lockdowns. Absolutely stuck in life as income extremists took over the country. Now we’ve got serious inflation and prices are escalating. It’s on me to do this outreach, but that leaves no time to write the user-engagement wiki - which really should be in place first. Yes, I can create a YouTube channel, and will, but getting immersed in creating and editing videos will take all my time and leave nothing for other types of outreach and response. If I respond personally to all the inquiries, I have not time to do the actual work of getting the programs running. In short, I am encountering what everyone else is encountering. One thing depends on another. It’s exceedingly difficult to get anything going without help. I need help. Not advice, actual work done. Do you have skills? This is worth doing. Contact me at en369 @ncf .ca, thanks.
The 300. That’s all it will take to turn things around for this generation of Canadian kids. We need 300 smart and strong, brave and true, intelligent and educated parents to work together as a unified force to make it happen. That’s similar to the number of Members of Parliament who are currently locking us on course to destruction. Invent Camp. If you take a roomful of recent graduates, pose a question and ask them to provide solutions, within an hour they can do that and present their business plan. Invent Camp is a large acreage where participants build out trails, campsites, cabins and washrooms, Provincial Park style, specifically to solve problems and create solutions. They can build workshops and open stores. But it has to be off-limits to banksters. A permanently protected Charter land trust. (* if you want in on this now, the plan is developed. Email to get on the waiting list. It will cost about $2000 per person but gets you permanent lifetime camping.) The Pioneer Act. We cannot wait for government to do the right thing, to recognize this generation of young Canadians as the most discriminated and threatened group in world history. Deserving and needing urgent Section 15 Charter protection from an older generation demanding their labour and money, trapping them in the worst most destructive systems of the past, unconcerned that they face a grim future they may not survive. Even our pioneers stod a better chance at gaining a foothold in life than our new generation of pioneers does today. We as caring parents will write it. The Plan to Save Our Kids. This is what it has come down to. Their survival. It’s not that hard to write up a list of essential human needs. To assess human activities with respect to the resources of nature and a household budget. Food. Clothing. Shelter. Tools. Transportation. Healthcare and education. Work. Heat. Energy. In every area of life, we’re getting clobbered, degraded, run down. Why do we not have Freedom of Association from those driving our destruction? No, as caring parents, we know what is going on. It’s time for parents to write a plan to invest directly in the lives of their kids to get them set up for life in a healthy social, economical and ecological balance. Car, truck and tool co-own. Need a car sometimes? Use the company car. Five people who co-own a car slash all the expenses (except gas) by 1/5, including insurance. It’s not the solution to going green, but sharing does reduce consumption. Need a tool sometimes? Why not buy in to a set of tools that you use infrequently? You can buy in, use it, and then sell your share. Have you noticed that within companies, people do not charge each other for services? You all use the printer, the parking lot, the offices and buildings. It’s a cash-free society, and you only get taxed on the portion of the labour that generates excess as profit. Here, we invite all Canadians to join one big company for free! We have Climate Kids, a PSW Care for Seniors program, Inner City Orchards creating a permanent protected pool of work for youth called Youth Works, Inner City Food and Flower Gardens helping bees and crops and directly tackling food security. Projects to get bikes and ebikes to kids for summer work. Work in wood, metals, plastics, electronics, batteries, solar, water and energy use, banking, food storage …. you get the picture. Going green in every essential human need. Most come complete with road-tested business plans. The key is connecting people by the Hours Bank.