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Climate Kids
Here, the Hours Bank directors act as caring parents by tackling and solving the issues our kids face. We will tackle banking, land use, housing and everything our kids need to live a secure, safe, stable life that empowers them to tackle and solve every issues that impacts their lives and threatens their future. Right now an entire generation is aware of the huge risk we face, this threat to their very existence. And equally aware that an entire generation of adults is doing nothing of significance about it. Specifically, they have never heard a politician speak in their defence, much less do anything about real issues. We get engineering projects but there is no interest in strengthening our social infrastructure because the actual working policy is to isolate people to fracture and control essential human needs, money and resources by top-down dictation. This is not care and defence of people and we know it. If we want it done right, we have to do it ourselves. Doing what government refuses to do, representing people of all ages by directly tackling these greatest threats to our lives, the Hours Bank is designed to be a very solid and defensible pillar of Canadian social security throughout the non-economic sector of our society. It cannot be yet another costly useless government program controlled by those with monetary interests alone. Constantly shouting 'growth' is not a vision we can get behind, not when it simply means the continued plunder of our lives and pushing our kids to certain destruction. At best, we say the Hours Bank is a public-government partnership using the best Ministry directives. In reality, it must be distinctly protected from the poorest players in government content with driving our lives and planet to destruction. The Hours Bank works at the Constitutional level of parents legally exerting their Section 52 Charter rights to say no, keep your hands off my children.
This is one of our brands. We see no need for separate organizations for each of our many activities. This one is for underage kids wanting to do what they can to save the planet, we have Climate Kids Canada. Anyone can join, start an activity, download logos, badges, forms and flyers, fundraising plans. We want to make it easy to use, easy to unleash creativity. Any sort of fundraiser or healthy activity can be undertaken within Climate Kids by the members. Members can vote on the issues they face and see as threats to their future, and vote in Canadian elections to make their choices and voices heard. Parents as legal guardians are obliged to represent and defend their kids using the principles and practises of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as with whatever other law is available and applicable. In this way, their voices can be heard.
Hours Bank
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Climate Kids