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Hours Bank Canada Public Social Insurance Across the Generations Defending your Charter rights to life, liberty and security of the person
Your new public pillar of Canadian Social Security Help someone in need. Bank your hours. Receive help later in life.
Social Security Across the Generations fz514 (at) ncf.ca
As Canadians, we care. Give the Gift of Help.
Seniors without money can’t hire someone. Alone, no one shows up to help. An entire generation of young Canadians, just starting life, now caught between low wages and impossible expenses, also facing a grim future. Who is helping them? This is life insecurity, and we can certainly solve it.
Help People Volunteer Get help Help someone Bank your Hours Help Nature Food gardens Plant trees, flowers Restore ecosystems Bank your EcoHours Help Yourself Start a low carbon, green care venture Connect with others Bank your VentureHours
Social Security Across the Generations
YouthWorks A parent-directed permanent pool of work for each new generation. FarmHelp Our critical core of life security. Do work. Propose projects. Secure life. SeniorsCare It’s time to show up and help. Plant food & flower gardens. Fix & repair. Care.
Two engaging exercises for realistic decision-making in life: One. Imagine a scenario of survival. What will you need, and in what order? What is most often forgotten? Land you have rights to be on. A place to exist. Right now, an entire new generation is locked out and will never earn enough money to buy land. Denied tiny homes. Denied the chance to start. Where are your inheritance rights? Two. Imagine what it takes to create a pioneer village. The right to build a shelter for yourself, of your design and choice. A place to work and a place to grow food. A place to make things and sell what you’ve made. You’ve lost your Pioneer Rights, the right to build a life for yourself by the labour of your own hands. Why are we not free to live? For more information, read the most important document in world history determining the fate of nations, the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity at the Alliance of World Scientists
The Supreme Court of Canada backs your right to decide how you want to live, ruling that the purpose of recognizing equal rights and freedoms under Sections 1 and 7 Charter law is to allow individuals and families to make fundamental decisions of profound importance to their lives free from extreme State interference.
From food banks to basic life insecurity and unaffordable rent causing a massive humanitarian crisis of tent cities and homelessness. Does your city need a Crisis Response Command Center coordinating UN-style relief tents and a work-housing-food life security program? This is Canada. We can do this.
Please donate directly to UNocha.org to support OCHA, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs or to CrisisRelief.un.org
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