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[updated April 11, 2018]

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The Caricaturing of UN Peacekeeping (a reply to Peter MacKay) in Policy Options February 2018
Who's More Dangerous: A Nuclear Kim or an Erratic Trump? in Peace Magazine, Jan-Mar 2018
Does the UN Charter Protect Human Rights? Condensed version is in Mondial, March 2016
Responsibility to Protect and the Anti-interventionists, in ePlomat, April 2015
Improving R2P: Some Modest Proposals, in ePlomat, April 2015
Every Casualty of Armed Conflict Counts, Mondial Dec 2014
Shouldn't UNEPS (UN Emergency Peace Service) Advocacy Be Front and Centre? (in Global Policy online journal, November 2013)
Our Military's Role: Peackeepers? War-makers? (Review of Richler book: What We Talk About When We Talk About War, in Mondial, June 2012) 
Cluster Munitions Treaty: A History (Borrie review), Mondial, December 2011
Security Without Nuclear Weapons (review of  Robert Green Book, Mondial May 2011)
Thinking About Libya, R2P and Regime Change, A WFMC Lessons Learned Discussion Paper, October 2011; on RC page
Putting Nuclear Fuel Cycle into a Multilateral Framework (Mondial, October 2009)
Canada's Disarmament and Security Policies: Common Themes Over Six Decades,
The Antipersonnel Landmine Treaty After Ten Years: A Precursor? Mondial December 2007
Nuclear Non-proliferation and Iran (for Ploughshares Ottawa), October 24, 2006
Tied Campaigns: Cluster Munitions, Explosive Remnants of War and Anti-personnel Landmines, JMA August 2006
related: Mines Action Canada position paper on cluster bombs moratorium (revision 5), March 2001
Unacceptable Risk: Launch on Warning Policy, presentation to Canadian Pugwash Group/S4P Oct 2005
Global Partnership Success is a Stepping Stone to NPT Disarmament Obligations, March 2005
"Blix, not Bombs": Variance in Weapons of Mass Destruction Threat Assessments, April 2004 (pdf)
How Sophisticated is Public Opinion? April 2004 (pdf)
The Dubious Correspondence of U.S. Defence Spending Policy and Public Opinion, March 2004 (pdf)
Canada's "Yes":Canadian Policy Streams and Nuclear Weapons in NATO, January 2004 (pdf file)
Assessing Deference to Authority in Canada and the United States, August 2003 (pdf)
Iraq War 2003: Coalition Intervention into Iraq was Illegal and Illegimate (Communique, page 6, pdf)
Privatization in New Public Management: Assessing its Role and Reception in Tanzania, March 2003
Truth and Consequences: Confronting Perpetrators of Political Repression and Enabling Reconciliation, December 2002
Coercion and Obedience in Political Repression, October 2002
The Emerging Campaign Against Cluster Bombs and Explosive Remnants of War, Ploughshares Monitor, Autumn 2002
Alternative Defence: Transforming Global Security, PEN July-August 2002
Weapons of Mass Destruction and Canada: A Status Report, April 2002
Nato and the Bomb, by Erika Simpson (book review,PEN December 2001)
Peace Community Responses to Terrorism, presentation to NATO-PA Cdn. delegates, October 5, 2001
Abolition of Nuclear Weapons: What's Security Got to do With it? Mondial, July 2001
Canada: Peacemaker or Warmaker? PEN July-August 2000;
(above was a response to this item; Sanders response to mine here)
Iron Giant Review (with Brendan Collins) PEN, Feb2000
Gunder Frank and the External Factor in Southern Development
Choice and Necessity: Influences on the Soviet Approach to Development, Dec1999
Limits of Postmodernism in Addressing Problems of Development in the South, Nov.99
NATO's Pyrrhic Victory PEN, Jul-Aug99
The Y2K Opportunity: Time to Stand-down Nuclear Weapons, PEN April99 (Robin Collins and Alan Phillips)
Possibilities for No First Use Advocacy by Canada? Mar99
Book review: To Walk Without Fear/Knight Errant 1999 (Books in Canada Review)
Landmine Treaty: Lessons for NGOs 1998
Nuclear Energy: Sober Second Thoughts, PEN July-Aug97
Time for Canada to Question NATO Nuclear Policy, PEN July-Aug97

Is a Landmine Ban Treaty Imminent? PEN Oct96
The Tobin Tax as Applied to Landmines, a UNAC-NCRB contribution to landmine campaign Oct 96
Letter: Colourblind Talk, PEN June93
Remembering Canada's Role in Vietnam, PEN November92
Sanctions Debate, Collins PEN, Sept92 (in response to: Camfield)
ould Sanctions Have Worked? PEN June1992
The Return of Ethnic Nationalism PEN May 1992