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If you aren't living like there's a living God, you had better be right.
Or, as Blitzen Trapper sing in the song Furr "You better be sure if you're making God a liar."

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My personal vision statement
I am in ministry for The Lord; not ordained, with a heart for Christian leadership, teaching, and encouragement of seekers after truth. I envisage a time when love for Jesus is the norm, and religious divisions are a thing of the past.

Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through
Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death.
- Rom 8:1-2

It's June 19, 1984, QPR stadium, London. I am here with thousands to see Luis Palau, evangelist. Ten years before I was a convinced atheist - certain there was no God and anyone who believed otherwise was in fantasy land. Luis's message of redemption in Christ convicted me. His cool logic appealed to my engineer's brain. I now wanted to do something with my new faith. Actually it was God who laid His hand on me that night. Luis was His agent.

How wonderful it is that so many people believe in God. If you believe, what could be more important in the universe than He, since He made it? If you knew someone was in danger, but didn't do anything to save them, how would you feel? If you know Jesus, but not how to show others how important he is, are you being true to yourself? Don't just have a nominal belief in God. Find out more! Your whole future depends on it. By the way, a good start to finding out about these things is The Alpha course. Check it out.


The Billy Graham Mission to Ottawa took place June 25 - 28, 1998. For many, and certainly for me, life will not be the same from then on. I commend all activity of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

In 1997 I took the Alpha course at Trinity Presbyterian, Kanata. Wow! Am I glad I joined Alpha. Here's a good description. I then helped as a group leader at the next Trinity Alpha course in February 1998, and in Nov / Dec 98 co-led the first Alpha at Glen Cairn United Church. Do Alpha, whatever step of the faith ladder you are on. It will really make a difference in your life.

The Heart of Ottawa Mission, Sept 16 - 20, 2000, brought Affinity Group Evangelism to Ottawa led by evangelists Leighton Ford and Lon Allison. This was a rare chance to invite pre-Christian friends to any of the Common interest groups. I had joined the Christian Businessmen's Committee earlier in the year and my suggestion to host an affinity group with Lon Allison as speaker was followed through.

After convinced atheism in my 20's, (following on from a Christian childhood) God found me around 1975, and started me on my Faith Journey beginning with a jolt in the area of prophecy, and culminating with Luis Palau's Mission to London, which I first visited 19 June 1984. It was from Luis that I received the basic grounding in my beliefs today. He undertook another mission in UK in 1998.

I am Church of England (= Anglican) and since coming to Canada in 1987 have worshipped mainly in the United Church of Canada, until June 2002. Laurie-Ann, my wife, is an evangelical charismatic, worshipping before our June 1999 marriage mainly in Woodbridge Presbyterian Church, Vaughan, near Toronto. She has previous background in the United Church, Baptist and Vineyard.

I held the chairs of Worship and also of Stewardship at Glen Cairn United Church, Kanata, and was webmaster. I occasionally preached when the minister was away. Laurie-Ann worshipped at GCUC for a year and helped introduce contemporary music very occasional. Sheila Currie-Alder originally suggested I set up an IP Area on Freenet, and this grew first into "Kanata Churches," following which I developed the GCUC web site, also on NCF.

The then moderator of the United Church of Canada, Rt. Revd. Bill Phipps, caused a stir November '97 here in Ottawa when he elaborated publicly about his personal faith - or lack of it - in some of the traditional beliefs of Christianity such as the virgin birth, the resurrection and the full divinity of Christ. This sparked a national discussion both inside and outside church circles, and fired with my enthusiasm from the Alpha course, I set up the Moderator Web Site to chronicle the debate, which attracted a fair amount of feedback.

As a delayed reaction to the Phipps effect and the influence of freemasonry in GCUC I decided to leave the United Church in 2002 and after a telephone survey of most of the Kanata churches decided to come home to my roots and join Laurie-Ann at St. Paul's Anglican. June 9th was the first time we had driven to our regular church together in two years. It was a warm feeling, though I have very fond memories of the folk at GCUC.

I was introduced to some of the research being done on apparent subliminal coding in the Bible though a program on 100 Huntley Street when the Grant Jeffrey, the author of "The Signature of God" was interviewed. Dr Jeffrey Satinover and others have further researched this, some refuting the previous claims. The movie The Omega Code on the same subject is already the most successful Christian movie ever. L-A and I watched it on our first night on our New Orleans holiday on 6 April 2001 where it was in the timeshare video library. We have since viewed "Megiddo" - Omega Code II - on DVD in March 2002, available from your local video store, and enjoyed it a lot. Interesting to compare these with "Left Behind" another very successful end times film which we had seen on DVD, and was the first of the "Left Behind" series of books by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

The most common objection I face when speaking to non-believers is that to quote the Bible to them makes no sense. They don't believe in the Bible. So it seemed to me that in my own personal defence of the truth of Christianity I should avoid basing my arguments on what the Bible says. Maybe my words would then be more acceptable. Later, when people want to know more detail, we introduce them to the incredible riches that make up the old and new testaments. I have use the medium of literary criticism to develop my logical arguments fot the truth of Christianity, although of course it can never be scientfically proved. Firstly I criticised the book The Truth Seeker, which came out in 2012, and is written by my son James. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Read my criticism here. In discussion with James as I read his book and suggested I might review it, he bargained that I should watch the Bill Mahar documentary Religulous. So I did, and have also reviewed it here. These reviews will extend and improve as I receive other insights.

Have you tapped into the incredible power of prayer?

I love Christian music, traditional and modern, from hymns via gospel to Christian contemporary pop and rock. CHRI-FM 99.1 here in Ottawa has really boosted my love for this genre.

I took the Ottawa Pastoral Care Course in 1994, and served as a Pastoral Care Team member at St. Paul's Anglican Church, Kanata.

Something new and exciting! Marketplace of Dallas places chaplains in companies and businesses in many cities, including Ottawa. Chaplains spend several hours a week chatting to staff on their concerns, helping them with stress, and providing a Christian perspective if appropriate. Military chaplains have been doing this forever. Industry is catching on. This bucks the trends for faith symbols and practices to be removed from society.

I want to commend the vital work of Dr. Laura Schlessinger, whom you can hear most days on hundreds of North American radio stations. She visited Ottawa on Sunday May 3, 1998. I have listen to Dr. Laura's phone-in program frequently, and believe that single handedly she's doing the work of churches (all churches/synagogues; she's Jewish) for the majority of today's generation, who didn't have the privilege of growing up in a religious environment, and she's doing a good job teaching morality.
Thank God for Dr. Laura. A generation of children should. Her phone in number is 1-800-375-2882, and her fax is 1-213-487-6678.

Links to items of renewal, evangelism, faith, etc

Disclaimer: Although the sites below are selected because their content seems to me to me based on pure Christianity, some links could conceivably lead to less savoury destinations. Should you find such a link that is not helpful, I would appreciate your feedback.


  • Renewal Ministries - multi-denominational
  • Prophecy
  • Rev. Don Anderson's Site and The Petition to UCCAN re "Bearing Faithful Witness."
  • The (previous) Moderator
  • Renewal Groups of the United Church of Canada - Laurie-Ann Zachar
  • The Moderator Controversy - Laurie-Ann Zachar
  • Petition to preserve the Bible
  • Christianity in UK not in the dumps - by Cannon Michael Green
  • Opus Dei - Roman Catholic
  • towards forgiveness between denominations

    Evangelism and outreach

  • My talk to Parkwood Presbyterian Church mens' breakfast, 31 Oct 2015
  • Damascus Road - a very special story of conversion. God at work.
  • Canadian Network of Ministry to Muslims - CNMM
  • Which Way America: The Bible or the Qur’an? March 2011 debate between Jay Smith and Khalil Meek
  • First Peoples of Canada - releasing forgiveness
  • The Beatles, the Bible and Beyond - Ken Mansfield found The Way
  • - evangelism in Eastern European countries: church planting, humanitarian aid, Alpha courses
  • Bishop Malcolm Harding - former ARM Ambassador and Missioner
  • New Wine - Local churches changing nations. John Coles, UK
  • Arabic
  • The Arabic Christian Internet Bible Magazine
  • Inuit Mission to Ottawa   October 02   (in-reach)
  • Church Planting Canada
  • New Church
  • Kanata's Let's Go to Church month  Sept 5 - 30, 2001
  • MISSION - including our own mission trips
  • Anglican Military Ordinariate - Bp Peter Coffin
  • 100 Huntley St. Cross-Canada Tour -  1-800-265-3100
  • Amsterdam 2000 Billy Graham Conference July 26 - Aug 6, 2000. Hear webcasts till year end or longer.
  • Carleton (University) Christan Fellowship - CCF
  • Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union - CICCU
  • Ottawa Prays Summer 2000 intercession, March for Jesus, Canadian Prayer Assembly, Promise Keepers
  • Billy Graham mission, June '98, Ottawa
  • Is Billy Graham important to the United Church? You bet!
  • Heart of Ottawa Mission, Sept 16-20,2000, brought Affinity Group Evangelism to Ottawa led by evangelists Leighton Ford and Lon Allison.
  • View the Mission Common interest groups.
  • Quest - Evangelism of youth. Ask for the free DVD Quest training video
  • Y-Jesus - the facts about Jesus
  • Prophecy
  • Catch the Fire - Toronto - formerly Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. Revival Leadership Conference Jan 2017
  • Are we moving towards Revival in Ottawa?
  • - new resource source
  • Acts Ministries Christian Evangelism - Ron Piggott, and the Christian Ministry Directory
  • Why we need to evangelize - and Alpha is so appropriate
  • Virtual Hell A scary ride. Try it!
  • Bring prayer back into school!
  • Patricia King's Extreme Prophetic Web Church
  • First Church of Cyberspace

    Christian events

  • Christian events - accessible from West Ottawa
  • Let's Go To Church Kanata initiative 2003
  • September 8, 2002 march and memorial service for September 11, 2001.   See the pictures and hear the speeches


  • Ways to grow in God by Laurie-Ann
  • Ray Simpson's blog from the Community of Aidan and Hilda, Holy Island of Lindisfarne.
  • Christian Faith Center - Casey Treat
  • Business Men's Fellowship, Canada
  • Girls Night Out
  • Trumpet Call of God online - including letters from God
  • John Scotland Ministries
  • Kingdom Ministries, Ottawa, Tony Delahunty
  • Maurice Vellacott, M.P. Campaigner for traditional marriage


  • Christian contemporary music
  • Oremus Hymnal
  • Resound Worship - UK-based worship song collective with downloads
  • Bryan Moyer Suderman - Christian financial planner and musician
  • Kenosis - our worship band
  • Cliff Richard's The Millennium Prayer - video
  • Solomon's Porch - monthly worship at Arlington Woods Church, Nepean

    Ottawa missions to addicts, low income and homeless

  • Capital City Mission Drop-in, 521 Rideau Street, Tel 613-241-2407
  • Jericho Road Christian Ministries, Box 20045, Ottawa, K1N 9N5, 613-567-5134
  • The Ottawa Mission, 35 Waller Street
  • Ottawa Innercity Ministries
  • Ottawa West End Community Chaplaincy
  • Redemptive Grace Prison Ministries of Ottawa 613-591-1932, Dave and Carol Atkins, fr738(at)
  • Spirit of Freedom Ministries 800-535-6011: Christian intervention for the chemically dependent, available through Bibleway Ministries
  • Urban Christian Outreach - Ottawa

    Marketplace and campus evangelism

  • The Christian Athlete - My Story - testimonies from today's top athletes
  • National Prayer Breakfast - Ottawa. Watch the 2009 event.
  • Annual Faith @ Work Forum - Ottawa.   Poster
  • Campus Alpha
  • Ambassadors for Christ in Canada - Christianity on Campus
  • Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
  • Marketplace - Dallas, places chaplains in companies and businesses.
  • Alpha in the Workplace
  • International Christian Chamber of Commerce - ICCC    ICCC Canada
  • Why good people do bad things - Are we living in an unethical era? By Trevor Cole, U of T magazine, Winter 2004
  • CNCF - "Advisors with Purpose": Canadian National Christian Foundation.
  • CCBF - Canadian Christian Business Federation
  • Chinese Entrepreneur Association
  • CCRI - The Christian Commitment Research Institute
  • Public Service Christian Fellowship - with links to federal departments where PSCF is active
  • Ottawa faith groups in the Federal Government and industry
  • Christianity and financial services


  • Stand for Marriage, Toronto, May 23, 2005 (I was a speaker)
  • March for Marriage, Ottawa, April 9, 2005
  • Couples for Christ - Catholic
  • The Marriage Course - part of Alpha
  • Marriage Encounter - Links page

    Christian Singles

  • Find Singles in Ministry


  • RZIM - Ravi Zacharias International Ministries - Helping the thinker believe; helping the believer think
  • Alpha Course in Northwest One building beginning 16 Jan 2017
  • Alpha Ottawa. Note that this site is now archived. Local Alpha Leaders can access it on request to Tony Copple, 613-591-3903.        Leave your e-mail address.
  • Kanata Community Alpha archive
  • Comments on local Alpha courses by attenders
  • Comments on local prison Alpha courses by inmates
  • How do we know the New Testament is true? by Paul Barnett, from the Lent and Easter 2013 editions of The Anglican Planet
  • Derek Prince on YouTube, and on Wikipedia
  • Dennis Bennett on Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and the ministry of Christian Healing
  • Fire church sermons on line, including Dr Michael L Brown
  • A conversation with philosopher Peter Kreeft
  • Sermons of Richard Wurmbrand 1909-2001. Audios
  • An Advent Sermon by Pat Coulombe, Blackburn Hamlet Community Church, 7 Feb 2014
  • CARM - Interactive apologetics resources
  • Scriptures describing God
  • Emmaus - the way of faith - Evangelism and discipleship course
  • Christianity Explored
  • The Biblical basis for assurance of salvation
  • The Sign of Jonah - Three days and three nights
  • The Christian writings of Rev. Dr. Hildred L Reynolds
  • Dead Sea - Dr. Peter Flint
  • Kenosis - our Lord's glorious humility.
  • Living Faith - DVD course - Tom Wright
  • The Trinity: Irrelevant or Essential? - by Rev. Dr. Andrew Stirling, published in Fellowship Magazine
  • Radical Orthodoxy.
  • Anselm's Cur Deus Homo - 11th century
  • Review of The Truth Seeker - without depending on biblical references
  • Review of Religulous - without depending on biblical references

    Church history

  • George Weigel blogspot - Catholic theologian and commentator.  Evangelical Catholicism - The Agenda, TVO
  • The deaths of the apostles
  • The scathing scholar Khaleel Mohammed says foreign-born imams are a threat to national security - Ottawa Citizen, 6 Feb 06
  • A Crisis of Faith - by Robert Sibley, Ottawa citizen, 22 Dec 2006
  • Fundamentalists, liberal protestants, and evangelicals - (Evangelicals put mark on US foreign policy)
  • Prayer call of 1784 - by Rev R. McRoberts, after Dr. Michael Haykin of the Toronto Baptist Seminary

    Devotional, Bibles

  • My daily devotions
  • Oswald Chambers - My Utmost for His Highest: daily devotionals
  • E-Sword - Bible downloads
  • IBS Daily Manna : Subscribe
  • The Purpose Driven Life - Rick Warren


  • Apostles: Graham Cooke
                       Barry Boucher
  • My Faith Journey
  • One Way Ministries - Ottawa
  • What's so Great abut Christianity?
  • Listen to "Good News in the Morning", 30 minutes program updated every Sunday, from Good News Christian Ministries.
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Archbishop of Canterbury
  • John Stott
  • Blogs 4 God
  • A homily for the Queen's Jubilee - Rt. Rev. Robert Mercer
  • Ottawa Cursillo    musicians(at) listserv
  • Montreal United Church Cursillo
  • ChristiansNet Home Page
  • Promise of God
  • Counselling and Pastoral Care
  • Father's love letter - video
  • Jesus' Top 40
  • Prayer
  • Frontline On-line Early Christian history
  • Focus on the Family
  • The Fore Runner
  • The human spirit
  • The Living Pulpit
  • Miracles
  • The Omega Code - movie to see
  • Global Christian Network
  • Covenant Players
  • Does God exist?
  • Ministries

  • Acts Ministries Christian Evangelism - Ron Piggott
  • Barry - An apostle's blog (my description, not his)
  • Bethesda Renewal Centre.   Holy Land Tour 2003   Video
  • The Bible League, Canada - places Bibles in the hands of those needing them
  • Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform - and Devorah Gilman   Abortion, before and after
  • David Kilgour
  • Education without Boundaries - operating in Africa, run by Bob & Beth Carson, Kanata
  • Ellel Ministries - Locally in Westport ON. International Healing ministry.
  • For Our Lord Jesus Christ web ministry
  • Good News Christian Ministries - responsible for Good News in the Morning on podcast every Sunday
  • International Pastors and Leaders Forum, Ottawa, Canada - web site   Facebook
  • Joni and Friends - Joni Eareckson and Ken Tada. Amazing life story.
  • Kingdom Ministries - Rev. Tony Delahunty
  • The Master's Progam - Develop your Kingdom potential.
  • The News Outreach - Pakistan. Faisal Y. Laurie-Ann Copple is the Canadian representative.
  • One Way Ministries - Ottawa
  • Student Christian Movement - Canada, with an Ottawa chapter.
  • TBNUK Trinity Broadcast Network UK    Word & Spirit with RT Kendal
  • Worcester ministries and resources - Western Cape, South Africa
  • The World Christian Doctors Network and their 2017 conference in St Petersburg.
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators


  • Diocese of Ottawa - Anglican Church of Canada
  • Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC), and the Anglican Gathering of Ottawa (ANiC)
  • Archdiocese of Ottawa - Roman Catholic
  • Presbytery of Ottawa-Presbyterian
  • Ottawa Presbytery - United


  • Christian Heritage Party - Christian principles in government

    Churches and schools

  • Blackburn Hamlet Community Church where I worshipped before our South African mission 2017-2020, and played guitar
  • Kingdom Culture with Shawn and Michelle Gabie
  • Arabic Evangelical Baptist Church, Ottawa 887 Canterbury Ave, 613-219-2324, Pastors Walid and Rimar Bitar
  • Ottawa Theological College - Principal: George Sinclair
  • Living Waters Christian Assembly, with special ministry Revolution 457 - skateboarding! 105 Slack Rd, 613-228-7613
  • Hillsong Ottawa Sunday services 10:00 am and 12 pm, Algonquin Commons Theatre, 1385 Woodroffe Avenue
  • L'Église Évangelique du Salut Révélé - a French / bilingual church in Kanata
  • John Counsell's favourite Ottawa churches
  • St. George and St. Anthony Coptic Orthodox Church 1081 Cadboro Road, Ottawa
  • Britannia Baptist Church Ottawa. Terry Orchard, Pastor.
  • Chinese Christian Church of Ottawa
  • The Village International Mennonite Church Vanier. Pastor Stefan Cherry.
  • Kanata Lakes Fellowship - hibernating.
  • Cedar Grove Baptist Church - Surrey, BC.
  • Tyndale College & Seminary - where my wife Laurie-Ann was when we met.
  • The Portico - Where the 2005 Toronto Alpha Conference will be held
  • St.Simon's Anglican, ACiC, Vancouver...Rector: Ed Hird
  • Augustine College, Inauguration Sept 6, 1997 (I attended, to meet Dr David Jeffrey)
  • St. Timothy's Classical Academy - Primary school, Ottawa
  • Memories of GCUC
  • Kanata and Stittsville church listing
  • Ottawa churches with web sites
  • Ottawa churches
  • Ottawa Archdiocese RC churches
  • Lift Jesus Higher - Charismatic Roman Catholic church, Ottawa
  • Times Square Church, pastor Carter Conlon
  • Presbyterian churches in Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec
  • Church of Fools - cyber church, out of UK
  • Grace Catheral (streaming audio sermons)
  • Sign of the times
  • Vatican virtual tour - hold left mouse button down and move slowly.
  • Willow Creek Community Church, Chicago
    South Africa

    Spiritual Warfare, and Evil: demonic and human

  • Pornography
  • The Sinkhole Syndrome by Donald S. Whitney. Why believers fall from grace.
  • In cults, a darker side of 1960s rebellion by Jayanti Tamm, Washington Post, 9 Aug 2009
  • The Men's Project - healing male victims of sexual abuse. This Ottawa organization is a model for the world.
  • Abortion - speech by Laura Welch in New York, 23 Feb 2009.   See also this, by a 12-year old.
  • DRGs - Dangerous religious groups
  • Freemasonry: an exposé
  • Carl Jung and the Gnostic Reconciliation of Gender Opposites Lecture by Ed Hird at the CWiPPTHINK 09 conference, 4 Feb 2009
  • Living the Questions - a dangerous course, not recommended by this writer.
  • My take on the homosexual debate.
  • Same-sex Blessings - recording the debate
  • Elmhurst Committee on Human Sexuality Ottawa Anglican renewal group against same-sex blessings
  • "Jesus Factor" is the key to successful drug programs
  • Labyrinths and Winter Solstice
  • New age
  • Woof ‘n Worship? Seriously? -, 9 November 2009
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  • Setting Captives Free - on-line courses in release from addictions
  • Pamela Paul’s Pornified - Book review
  • Religion Watch - James Beverley
  • Spiritual Counterfeits
  • Muslims
  • Traditional Values Coalition

    Stewardship, economics

  • The Freedom Initiative. Listen to David Van Noppen on Over my Head, broadcast on CKCU 14 April 2013
  • The Open Table, sponsor of Shane Claiborne's visit to Ottawa 19 March 2010
  • Gifting to your church and other charities
  • Charities I like
  • "Teach and you shall receive"
  • The Shepherd's Guide - Ottawa and E. Ontario
  • Cancel Third World debt, churches urge.
  • Can't buy me love
  • Camels, needles and a Biblical approach to managing your money
    - my talk to the Carleton University Navigators 27 March 2008.
  • Christian media: - Magazines, Movies, TV, Radio, Web

  • First Things, America's most influential journal of religion and public life
  • Charisma magazine
  • The Passion of the Christ - movie   My thoughts
  • John Counsell of The Bikers' Church, and Ask the Pastor of 580 CFRA
  • The Miracle Channel - Christian TV
  • ChristianWeek
  • The Western Standard
  • - The Christian Broadcasting Network
  • I am a member.
  • Christianity Today
  • Cross Canada Search for Canadian Christian links and information
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  • Christian - Christian dating service (worldwide)
  • Chrisian seasons calendar
  • Cross Talk - Magazine of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa
  • - Where life meets faith
  • Deborah Gyapong Blogspot
  • Jesus
  • Jerry's Christian Page - includes the NIV Bible on line, and Christian MIDIs
  • Faith Today
  • Faith in a Digital World - TodRadio, CBC
  • Charisma Christian News Service
  • Shepherd's Guide (Tel 613-726-1545, Phil & Sherry Nash, Ottawa area)
  • Christian chat rooms - for young people
  • Best of the Christian Web
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  • Netmenders Christian Links
  • The Prince of Egypt - review
  • Christian Sites - lots!

    Christian Bookstore - Ottawa

  • Liturgica, 602-1260 Old Innes Rd, 613-745-1537
  • Kingdom Culture Church, 888-749-8361, offers a small selection.


  • Katharine Hayhoe - Putting faith into climate science, TVO, The Agenda, 19 Jan 2016
  • Francis S. Collins at the US National Prayer Breakfast 2007
  • Embryonic stem cell research - US follows Canada in legalization
  • Louie Giglio - How Great is our God
  • Creation
  • Physics and God
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