Freemasonry: character-building brotherhood,
or demonic cult?

by Tony Copple

If you are not a mason, you, like myself, may have had only a vague idea about freemasonry. Yet this is a cult that all should be aware of, in view of its considerable infiltration into society at all levels and through the centuries. Your life is probably influenced by masonic doctrines whether or not you are aware of it. Masons look after their own, capable of believing themselves above the law.

It is as a Christian however that my main concerns are voiced on this page. Freemasonry has proved itself attractive to believers in many religions or no religion. There are bishops who are masons. It is my belief that there is no way a serious Christian can reconcile freemasonry with Christanity unless he has been hoodwinked. Some of today's liberals within the Christian umbrella are working along a parallel course with masonry; indeed liberalism in the church could have arisen partly through the influence of freemasonry.

Rat poison is 98% food, but the 2% kills rats. The majority of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree masons are not bad people; they have been deceived. It is almost impossible for them to understand this (that they are deceived). The design of the system is deliberate so that they, appearing and believing themselves innocent will attract others to the lodge.

Masons are not permitted to practise Christianity openly in their lodges or promote the lordship of Jesus. They must give equal weight to all religions in the overall scheme of things. Masonry is not so much a cult (ie something masquerading as Christianity but using a modified Bible) as a pagan religion. What they do practise in the lodge is a series of rather revolting initiation rites for each level that frankly no rational human being should be subjected to - yet they do it.

The Church of England has declared freemasonry heretical. Freemasonry has been exposed by many, and today the Internet offers a platform accessible to all to state such views. This web page repeats a selection of statements made by Christians who have come into contact with masonry, particularly Jack Harris, whose book "Freemasonry: the invisible cult in our midst", (ISBN 088368-231-1) published in 1983, is an excellent source, Harris having risen to be "Worshipful Master" of a masonic lodge, but who finally separated himself from freemasonry when its contradictions with Christianity became too much for him to bear. Selwyn Stephens' booklet "Unmasking Freemasonry" is an excellent resource to explain freemasonry to people considering joining, and to practising masons (who may well be ignorant of the unsavoury elements of freemasonry). "Unmasking Freemasonry" is available from Jubilee Resources (see link below).

Although a list of quotes is hardly a detailed exposé, it is my hope that these statements by Christians, and the additional links below to other anti-freemasonry sites, may assist any who are currently considering freemasonry.

My main motivation is to reach Christians to warn them not to be be influenced by the misguided yet good and true pillars of society who have become masons, and believe masonry to be compatible with their Christian beliefs.

"You shall know them by their fruits" -
The fruits of freemasonry include pride; self righteousness (they tend to believe themselves to be a cut above the rest of us); idolatry (Gaotu is not the God of the Bible) and members are required to bow down together with others who worship other gods; deceit, dishonesty and corruption (initiates are deliberately not told about the more detailed and satanic elements of masonry); false concept of God (Jesus and Lucifer seen as two sides of the same deity); secrecy (they cannot discuss what goes on in the lodge even with their wives); swearing oaths - one phrase at a time, so that they are required to swear before being told the full extent of the oath that they MUST obey; greed/self advancement (the main reason many of them join); false assurance of salvation (all masons are offered immortality); false resurrection (ceremonial "killing" and "resurrection" of candidates).
Are these characteristics that you would want to foster?

Freemasonry is a series of ritually systematic demonization procedures. It is a successor of the ancient mysteries religions: the secret worship rites of Pagan Gods.

Every masonic lodge is a temple of religion and its teachings are instruction in religion.

Freemasonry acknowledges a series of gods to be worshipped:

    T.G.A.O.T.U., the Great Architect of the Universe.
    JAHBULON: a revelation of the real name of God:
      JAH: the God of the Israelites.
      BUL: (=Baal) - the god of the Syrians.
      ON: Egyptian god OSIRIS of the underworld.
    AHURA-MAZDA - spirit of light: a nature god of Zoroastrianism worshipped in Persia (Iran) with fire.
    AUM of the Hindus: (Brahma - Vishna - Shiva).
    ALLAH: God of Arab, Muslim and Mohammedan.
    LUCIFER = the Devil, Satan.

    This last is the most worrying, in that it would appear that Satan has indeed been at work in his guise as Light-bearer, marshalling the forces of evil.

In "Freemasonry: the Invisible cult in our midst", Jack Harris describes the origins and beliefs of freemasonry. Here are just a few statements randomly selected from his book:
    * The humanistic teachings of freemasonry will be a primary catalyst allowing the Antichrist to come to power during the Tribulation period.
    * Freemasonry has penetrated all levels of society including our pulpits and teaching ministries.
    * Freemasonry is one of Satan's master deceptions. Freemasonry builds temples in the hearts of men and nations. But any attempt to construct a spiritual temple can only succeed through the power of the Holy Spirit.
    *In Galations 1, 6-10, Paul pronounces a divine curse on all who would preach any other gospel except that which Christ has given him. Two separate spiritual forces are at work in the world. One is of God; the other is of Satan. Which one of these two spiritual forces controls freemasonry?
    *Many Christians believe they are worshipping God in the lodge room because of clever manipulations of Bible terminology. Instead they are honoring the god of freemasonry - the God of naturism, not the Bible God as revealed in Christ.
    *Masonry most assuredly makes a mockery of God in claiming the Bible as its guide for faith and practice. Masonry's practices, such as bloodcurling oaths and pagan rituals, are anti-Christian. It is a work-oriented cult and faith has nothing to do with its teachings.
    *Freemasonry is Unitarian, not Trinitarian as Christianity is. Christ and the Holy Spirit are not part of worship by freemasons.
    *Masonic funerals require the lodge, rather than any religious group, to take exclusive control of the funeral and the last rites which are the same regardless of whether the deceased is Christian, Jew or Hindoo. The officers present wear pagan jewwls and aprons, white gloves and a high hat.
The initiation rituals associated with becoming a freemason are steeped in unsavoury tradition with pagan overtones. The rituals are both symbols of initiation and reminders of penalties to those who might reveal them and other aspects of masonry. Freemasonry has neen accused of carrying out promises to murder those who would reveal their secrets, and the evidence of those accusations is overwhelming.

Masons' attitudes to sin and crime are coloured by whether other masons are involved in the sin or crime. For example, masons believe that they must not commit adultery with the wives of certain members of the lodge hierarchy; others are fair game. They must not steal from masons (but stealing from non masons is OK). From this follows a whole raft of practices of discrimination in the world by masons in high places. Masons you have come into contact with will never divulge such facts even if they know them.

Captain William Morgan published in 1826 an "Exposition of Masonry." After his murder, it is estimated that 45,000 masons quit masonic lodges, leaving probably less than 10,000. More than 2,000 lodges were disbanded. Two of the murderers eventually made deathbed confessions to drowning him in the Niagara river, having been selected by ballot from lodge members, as recorded in Rev. Charles Finney's book "The Character, Claims, and Practical Workings of Freemasonry, written in 1879.

Need one say more? Is this an oranization that one would consider joining under any circumstance? Compare the above characteristics with those to be found in a church worshipping God through Christ, and make your choice.

Deliverance from the spiritual warfare that is at the heart of this and so many others of the world's ills is not easy. Freemasonry can run through generations and families. Is there freemasonry in your past - or your present? If you realize that you must come to terms with the reality of the battle in progress between the forces of good and evil, you need to seek deliverance - based on the forgiveness that can only come through Jesus.

Your road to deliverance from freemasonry may be a hard one. It will come through the love and prayer of those who can help you. Seek them out. There are some denominations and organizations that refuse to accept masons. You are likely to find help among the renewal groups in your denomination. The Alpha course contains an opportunity for deliverance from spiritual warfare.

Post script
In 2002 I contacted 17 of the 22 Christian churches in the town where I live, in West Ottawa. In most cases I spoke to the pastor. Only one was freemasonry-friendly, and had provided a venue for an annual masonic district divine service. All others, including another in the same denomination as the first, would not allow masons on their church boards, and in some cases (including Lutheran and United Reformed) their denominations had official policies against any masonic activity. At the time of first writing this I was a member of the one mason-friendly church...the catalyst that sent me back to Anglicanism, and a couple of years later their battle with another evil, same-sex blessings. In the summer of 2007, the church I had left in 2002 voted under the local option of the United Church of Canada to perform ceremonies for the marriages of gays and lesbians.

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