Another three events pointing towards
Revival in Ottawa - Praise Our Lord!

Ottawa a Centre for Prayer,
Fri May 26, Sat May 27, Sat June 10, 2000

Pictures of the Ottawa March
Marchers Celebrate their Faith - Dave Mullington, Ottawa Citizen, reports on the event.
Global March for Jesus - ends with likely record involvement.

March for Jesus is not about "marching", nor is it a "parade". It is an extravagant expression of prayer, praise and proclamation. It centres on the one thing all Christians agree on: that Jesus is Lord and is worthy of our worship and praise. It takes church from behind the walls and displays our worship on the streets of the city. It occurred at Pentecost and around the globe on "Jesus Day" Christians will again burst into praise in public places "declaring the wonders of God in their own tongues"as they did at the beginning. But this year more Christians will openly worship Jesus that day than on any day in the history of the earth. Plan to join us and bring your whole church.


Canada in
Patriotism blends with prayer - Bob Harvey, Ottawa Citizen, reports on the event.

The original call:
Prayer networks across Canada are calling the whole nation to a 'Canadian Prayer Assembly' in Ottawa on Friday, May 26th, from 6:30 - 11:00 pm. The vision is for a representative body of at least 10,000 Christians to assemble on the Friday night in an act of worship, repentance and reconciliation before the Living God. There will also be important meetings for 400 specially invited Christian Ministry Leaders prior to the event. This national event has been convened with wide support from believers all across Canada.

We are sending out a CLARION CALL to INTERCESSORS because we are in urgent need of your prayers at this critical time of opportunity. We believe that we are on the verge of an historic moment, when Canada could be transformed by the power of God. We are therefore inviting you to be part of Canada's first ever SWAT team, (Strategic Warfare Advance Team) in advance of the Canadian Prayer Assembly. Please come to Ottawa by:

9:00 am, Wednesday morning, May 24th, at 'The Life Centre', 2214 Innes Road, Gloucester, (Ottawa)

Join with scores of intercessors from all over Canada for two days of intensive prayer with local Ottawa prayer leaders. We are planning to prayer walk in Ottawa/Hull and cry out to God for our Nation and for the upcoming Prayer Assembly. On Wednesday evening there will be a city wide Concert of Prayer that should be significant. On Thursday, May 25th, we will pray again all day.

If you hear this CLARION CALL and know you must come, then please confirm your interest by e-mailing Pastor David Carson at, or by calling or leaving a phone message at Canada In Prayer, 1 - 888 - 320 - 8844 (toll-free). You are welcome to arrive later if you can only manage part of the time, but please let us know when you are arriving.


Promise Keepers Canada
Thousands celebrate Christian 'watershed' - Bob Harvey, Ottawa Citizen, reports on the event.

The original call:
The Vision of PROMISE KEEPERS CANADA is "To challenge every Canadian man to discover the incredible life quest that God has for him as revealed by the life of Christ and the Holy Scriptures."

To address that issue they will join together in a mass rally at the Civic Centre to glorify God and to call men to a deeper walk with Jesus Christ. The "IN HIS IMAGE" mens conference starts at 9 AM May 27 and concludes at 6 PM. Registration and information at and 1-888-901-9700. Phil Downer President of Chritian Businessmens Committee USA is a keynote speaker and other CBMC men are involved.

This is part of several significant initiatives in Ottawa next week. Men and women from many Christian denominations and provinces are coming to our Capital to pray for our nation.

At 6:30 Friday evening the CANADIAN PRAYER ASSEMBLY will conclude several days of prayer in an act of worship, repentance and reconciliation before the Living God entitled "IF MY PEOPLE". In II Chron. 7:14 he promises "... I will heal their land". Additional information is available at and 1-888-320-8844.

A Women's conference hosted by AGLOW CANADA will be held between 9:30 AM to 9 PM Saturday May 27 in the Coliseum. Call 613 825-5396 or Email for information.

Do not miss these first ever events by these national intercessory bodies in Ottawa.

From: ("Wayne Webster")


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