MNRF Hunting Regulations Summary

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) Hunting
English - 1800-667-1940
WMU 64A  Kemptville office -  1613-258-8204

MRNF Résumé des règlements de la chasse

Ministère des Richesses naturelles et des Forêtss (MRNF) La chasse
Français - 1800-667-1840

Hunters no longer require the
"Ontario Wild Turkey Education Seminar.

Wild Turkey license and game seal &
Non-resident small game seal(tag) includes hunting license.

A Non-Resident Hunting Outdoors card is required.

License and tags are the responsibility of the hunter
and must be paid for prior to the hunt.

Hunting licence fees for non-residents of Ontario

In WMA 64A to hunt Coyote you only require a Small Game licence tag,
you do not need a wolf / coyote licence / seal

To transport a fur bearing animal (or any part) out of Ontario,
you will need an export permit.
These can be purchased at a local Service Ontario office,
or other designated retailers like Canadian Tire.

Visitor info

Main requirements
to import firearms into Canada

Visitor or Non-Resident Firearms

D'armes à feu pour Visiteur et Non-résident

* Only non-restricted firearms (ordinary rifles and shotguns)
may be imported for hunting or wilderness protection.

* A non-resident must be at least 18 years old to bring a
firearm into Canada.
Minors may use a firearm, only under the direct and
immediate supervision of an adult who is authorized
to possess that firearm.

* Visitors must fill out the form 909 in triplicate
and present it to a customs officer, when they
arrive at their point of entry.
If you bring more than three firearms or on a
subsequent visit bring different firearms, you must
attach form 910 to list the additional firearms.
Non-Resident Firearms Declaration

Déclaration d’armes à feu pour non-résident

This does not apply to visitors that have
registered their guns in Canada and
own a valid Possession and Acquisition License (PAL).

Although the declaration should be filled out
ahead of time to save time at the border, it should not be
signed until the signature can be witnessed by a customs officer.
Once the customs officer has confirmed the declaration,
it serves as a temporary license for the visitor and as a
temporary registration certificate for the firearms listed on it.

A confirmed declaration only authorizes the person who
signs it to have firearms, so although there is no limit on
the number of firearms that can be declared on a declaration,
people who come as a group each need their own declaration
unless they will only be using the firearm under the direct
and immediate supervision of an authorized adult.

A confirmed declaration costs $50 (CDN) regardless of the
number of firearms.
It is valid for 60 days or until the visitor leaves Canada,
whichever comes first.
However, it can be renewed multiple times within a
12 month period at no additional cost.

To renew a declaration on a return visit, you need to show
the original declaration to the customs officer and
get it re-stamped, the fee is waived only if the visit is
completed within 12 months of the initial visit.
To renew a declaration for a prolonged stay,
they can contact the provincial

Chief Firearms Officer (CFO)

or calling 1800-731-4000.

Contrôleur des armes à feu (CAF)

A confirmed declaration will enable a visitor to obtain
ammunition while in Canada.
In addition, up to 250 cartridges may be
imported duty-free for hunting purposes.
Can I bring ammunition with me for a hunting trip in Canada?
List of Authorized Explosives

Liste des explosifs autorisés

Other information and forms can be downloaded from
Canada Border Services Agency

Agence des Services frontaliers du Canada

Canada Firearms Centre

Centre des armes à feu Canada

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